Samsung DLP TV Lamp BP96-00224C Replacement How-To Guide

Do you have a Samsung DLP TV with a busted lamp? This is a Do-It-Yourself guide for replacing your Samsung DLP lamp, it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes to replace!

All you need is a Philips screw driver and a pair of pliers.

Tools required for installation

Step 1: Remove the pull out handle on the lamp enclosure. Just squeeze one end of the handle in and it will come loose.

The back of the lamp enclosure

Here is it removed:

Pulling the handle off first

Step 2: Remove the two screws holding the metal lamp enclosure. One screw on either side (one side is
circled in the photo below).

Remove screws from the case

Now pull the metal enclosure straight up (or back in this case 🙂

Pull the metal case apart from the plastic case

Step 3: Remove the six screws show in the picture below:

Remove interior screws from the lamp brackets

Don’t forget the nut right in the middle (blue arrow)…you should be able to unscrew this with your fingers:

Remove ballast wires

Step 4: Pull out the lamp. Be careful not to loose the washer under the nut. Here is the lamp enclosure
dis-assembled..that’s was simple, right ?!?

Disassembled, it should look like this

Step 5: Now just swap out the lamp! Here is the original lamp…

Remove the original lamp

Original lamp again with the spacers separated

Pieces separated

The original lamp is on the left side…our new Samsung part is on the right. Both made by Philips.

Exchange Philips lamps. Philips is the OEM.

Here is another picture of the lamps side by side…you can’t tell which one is new and which one is defective.
Be careful not to accidentally replace your old lamp with your old lamp!

Another look at the front of the lamp

Step 6: Assemble in reverse order. First screw these two to hold the spacers in place…

Work backwords to install the lamp

Now screw in the rest. Don’t forget the most important one…put the washer on the bottom and the
nut on top…

The nut must be hand tight

The location of the lamp connectors, relative to the enclosure is not important…notice the first picture above
compared to the picture below. The first picture has the outer connector on the left side of the enclosure
whereas now the connector is on the right side of the enclosure.

Screw the terminal screw gently

Now place the metal cover back on after tighening all the screws, tighten the two screws on the metal enclosure, pop in the pull out tray…and you’re done! 🙂

Replace the cover and you're finished!

It took me about 5 minutes from enclosure removal to enclosure re-install… it might take an inexperienced user 10-15 mins.

IMPORTANT: The bulb should be handled with a clean cloth to avoid any dirt or oil. Our hands are naturally oily… this is a no-no for these lamps. It doesn’t hurt to do a final wipe with a clean, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth before reinstalling your lamp. Alternatively, you can wear a pair of latex gloves!

If you have any questions leave a comment!


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98 comments on “Samsung DLP TV Lamp BP96-00224C Replacement How-To Guide
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  1. avatar George Levy says:

    Can you post instuctions like these for the new smaller phillips lamp with adapter?

  2. avatar George Levy says:

    Not sure what you mean?

  3. avatar Alvis L. Gross says:

    My thanks to to the person responsible for this tutorial! It sure was a blessing. An instruction booklet from the Manufacturer couldn’t have done a better job!
    Keep up the good work people.

  4. avatar admin says:

    Thanks for the feedback Alvis! If anyone has any suggestions on additional tutorials, send them our way! 🙂

  5. avatar ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ says:

    Thanks a lot for these forums. It seems that there are two different bulb models, one square one round. Does anybody know if the bulb replacement procedure is the same or different for the DLPs with square bulbs?

    One more question, My DLP (ST43L2HD) is making a noticeble noise like a loud electrical buzz, can this noise be made by the light bulb or maybe by the fan cooler? is it easily fixeable? if it is, how can I do it?

    thanks a million


  6. avatar Omar Sanchez says:

    The noise you are referring to could be caused by a bad Color Wheel. The part generally costs $150-$200.. It is a ball bearing wheel that gyrates inside your TV giving the picture its colors. I would recommend taking off the back cover and dusting the fans first to see if they are the cause of the problem. If not, you might want to purchase the color wheel. Should not be too difficult to install.

  7. avatar Roger says:

    Just bought a lamp for my HLM and I was told I need a Ballast as well. Do you know what that is?

  8. avatar Cord says:

    Pictures aren’t showing up?

  9. avatar possible customer says:

    Pictures still aren’t showing up, won’t buy until I can figure out if I can do it or not.

  10. avatar Gary says:

    Thinking about trying this, but the photos do not load in this post.

  11. avatar Cesar reyes says:

    Hello, as Alejandro I have an ST43L2HD with Colour wheel troubles, can you help me to locate the P/N ? I have been unable to locate it for this particular model (

    Thank you

  12. avatar DENN says:

    dear sirs pictures r great and instructions r easyyyyy.PS HOW MANY HOURS R THE NEW LAMPS GOOD FOR ?????? MINE HAS 9100 HRS IS IT TIME 2 REPLACE IT ???/

  13. avatar Perkins says:

    I have a samsung DLP. The blub went out. I did look at the element and it was blown. I ordered a new one. With the encloser. I replaced it and it blew again within 2 hours. What could cause this? I hate to buy another bulb and it blow again that quick.

  14. Denn! That’s a lot of hours. Your lamp is good. You can always buy a second lamp in case the first one goes out. Always good to have a spare.

    Perkins, it could be a problem with your ballast or power supply (leaning toward a ballast problem). Make sure the lamp you purchased was an OEM lamp. Most Sammys use the Philips UHP lamp. If you purchased your lamp from a dealer that sells generic for Samsung and calls it OEM, get your money back!

  15. avatar dcoffing says:

    Denn- I have had to replace my Samsung HLN507W lamp twice now. The total lamp hours for the first two Toshiba brand lamps was 11,715. So you can see my ave life time was right around 6,000. Thank goodness you can’t get these poor quality Toshiba’s anymore. I have just installed the Osram brand.

    I got my bulb from at a slightly higher cost than but with a full one year warranty instead of the typical 90 days. I have also had the color wheel replaced once at around 5,000 hours but it has been good ever since.

    Perkins – I wish I knew a way to test the lamp for “failure” without seeing if it turns on. Like it was said I think the ballast problem is likely if indeed the buld is still good. Also I wonder if your bulb fan is working properly and the heat build up is causing the premature failure? Can you verify that your is fan functioning and nothing is blocking that vents?

  16. avatar dcoffing says:

    I love these instructions but I think step 14 where it says “Now screw in the rest. Don’t forget the most important one… put the washer on the bottom and the nut on top… ” may be backwards?

    Functionally either way works but with if you don’t install the locknut washer directly under the nut you defeat the purpose of the locknut washer to prevent the nut from coming loose over time due to heat contraction and expansion. I just received my replacement bulb with a preinstalled Phillips style wiring harness and it has the wire terminal, locknut washer then nut.

  17. I don’t think a lot of people know this, but Discount-Merchant has an extended warranty program. For that extended warranty up to 1 year, it’s the exact same price as DLP lamp Express (including priority shipping) of $145.. and Discount-Merchant has been around a hell of a lot longer than the other company! (we’re probably biased though because pays for our site :). The lamps sold at both companies are both OEM and generic. DLX will call it “OEM Replacement” which doesn’t necessarily mean OEM. lists exactly which lamp comes in your television and their recommended pick for the best compatibility.

  18. avatar Perkins says:

    I received my new lamp, I switched it out and let it run for 12 hours. It seems like I had a defective lamp. Now I have another issue. I have developed the “shadows” on the side. Does this cost alot to replace on a 65 inch samsung? Where are instructions for changing this myself?

  19. avatar Eddie says:

    That sounds like a collapsed light tunnel.. it’s costly and probably you’re better off buying a new TV. Plus, if the lamp came on and ran for 12 hours, I don’t think the lamp is defective! You might have a bad ballast.

  20. avatar Rick says:

    I have a HL-R 6178W TV with a 4 inch shadow on the left side of he screen. I’ve heard its a light tunnel collapse. I can get one at SS parts dot com. How do I replace it? thanks

  21. is a great resource of authorized parts, but repairing something like a light tunnel shouldn’t be attempted lightly. There’s no quick guide we can put up to help you in your quest. Perhaps if a member wants to try to build a guide, you can submit it to us here!

  22. avatar Min says:

    I have an HLM507W (that’s 2002/2003 era) and am getting the 3 blinking lights. The set still turns on after a long while, but I’m sure the bulb will die soon. Samsung doesn’t recommend changing the bulb yourself for my model whereas it does for other models. Will these instructions work for this model?

  23. avatar Lou says:

    How do you check the hours on your Samsung DLP lamp. Samsung Model No. HLB 467WX/XAA Thanks, Lou

  24. avatar Frank Kader says:

    replaced my bulb and I’m hearing a grinding noise…what do u think is the problem?

  25. Sounds like a color wheel, Frank.

  26. avatar Aaron says:

    I have a Samsung DLP HLS5065WX/XAA. it will only come on for a minute then shut itself off with all the front lights flashing. I have already replaced the lamp but it is still doing it. any suggestions???

  27. avatar Benny Mac says:

    My Samsung DLP bulb blew up about a month ago. I purchased the new and improved lamp from Discount Merchant about a month ago. I replaced it and it worked great for a few weeks. The TV is now making a humming sound that varries in volume when I first turn the tv on in the evening. It usually goes away when I turn the TV off for 10 minutes or so and doesnt make the sound again when I turn the tv back on (most of the time anyways). From reading these earlier post, it sounds like the color wheel. Why all of a sudden is the color wheel bad after I replace with this new bulb? Just a huge coincidence? This new bulb from phillips appears to have a higher watts than the old bulb. Could that have caused my tv buzzing?

  28. avatar Diane says:

    I’ve been looking and reading all forums and have not been able to
    find a solution for my problem. I have a HLR4266WX/XAA…about 3 yrs
    old now. It began turning itself off….once every great once in a while
    and now it almost every time I turn it on. Sometimes I can’t get it
    to turn on. It’s driving me crazy. No the timer is not set. All plugs seem secure. Any ideas???

  29. avatar adewale says:

    please i need a samsung dlp tv lamp in united arab emirate city dubai .

  30. avatar HENRY says:


  31. avatar Eddie says:

    You can purchase directly from Discount Merchant. They ship all over the globe.

  32. avatar Eddie says:

    Did you try the lamp? What kind of indicator lights are you getting?

  33. avatar Eddie says:

    No. The lamp receives the power from the ballast. If you’re hearing a buzz or hum, the color wheel could have gone bad at the same time as the lamp. Sometimes with Sammys, the color wheel and the lamp or the lamp and the ballast can go out at once. One thing to check of is your picture. Is it off color? Are skin tones pinker or redder, or even green?

  34. avatar Eddie says:

    Ballast or color wheel. Check for noises or call a technician.

  35. avatar Eddie says:

    It’s most likely a color wheel

  36. avatar Eddie says:

    You can change the bulb out of every DLP model Samsung makes. Just because they don’t recommend it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

  37. avatar Eddie says:

    If I have a spare DLP laying around, I can do a guide.

  38. avatar RLPerez says:

    Take a vaccum hose and clean off all the dust from the cooling fan. Your TV is turning off due to overhating.

  39. avatar Keith says:

    I just replaced my bulb with the Phillips replacement bulb in the housing. Now the light for temp and bulb are flashing and the tv will not power up. What do you think is wrong?

  40. avatar Keith says:

    The tv is a HLM61W

  41. avatar john pagano says:

    Every time i turn on my dlp tv the fan makes a buzing sound until i turn it off.

  42. avatar Dean says:

    I have a HL-P6163W that had a BP96-00608A lamp. Because it is no longer made the replacement is BP96-00826A. I noticed the new lamp has vents on the side that are open to the air, and the old bulb was completely enclosed. There is no dust filter leading to the lamp in my TV. Am I going to have a problem with dust entering the lamp?

  43. avatar Rich says:

    My tv does not turn on. I pulled the bulb and it looks fine. How do I check the ballast? Where is it?

  44. avatar MIKE S says:

    I have a HL-P5085W model type AT50L7. Problem is vertical black lines every half inch or so. Is this something I can fix and how. Thanks

  45. avatar MIKE S says:

    btw This is when my cable is hooked up. Not happening with home theater is hooked up to HDMI cable. Other tvs not having this problem on cable hook up.

  46. avatar Jerry says:

    Ok, I have a good idea that my dlp has an lamp issue, just need verification to make sure:
    I have a Samsung 56 Inch DLP Model # HLR5667W, This morning i put on a dvd movie for my son to watch, the TV turned on just fine ran for about a minute to a minute and a half, turned itself off, and just keeps doing that,the TV is exactly 3 years old to the day 11/7/2008 go figure! any the picture is awsome when it comes on, no flurries, mis-colorazation none of that, just when I turn it on, it turns itself off about a minute later, and does not varie from that time frame, so is it the lamp or could it be something much more simple, I have checked the Timers everything external, so is it internal?, when it turns off I get all 3 lights on the power button flashing

  47. avatar movinggreen says:

    There is a switch for the lamp cover. If you have the cover off, the tv will power up and work just fine, but only for a minute and then it will shut itself off. Try removing the cover and replacing it, or just hold the switch and turn it on. Could be a bad switch.

  48. avatar movinggreen says:

    I figured this out by taking my rear panel off a few times to try to get my HLR4667 to come on, I think I have a bad connection, because sometimes if I wiggle the ballast, it comes on. Anyone have a reliable source for a ballast?

  49. avatar Shawn says:

    I have a 50″ Samsung DLP, Model # HLS5065WX/XAA, its almost 2 years old, when i turn it on i get no picture or sound, the timer light on the front blinks once, then the lamp light blinks for awhile then it shuts down after a few minutes and the Standby/Temp light comes on, I can see the lamp is on through the back of the TV, any ideas what might be wrong, and can i fix it myself?

  50. Shawn,

    Definitely sounds like the lamp. I would pull it out to confirm it’s imploded. If the lamp is obviously damaged, then you know your problem. If the lamp looks good, I would still say you’ve got a 90% it’s the lamp unless you hear any weird noises, like a humming or a buzzing sound. I would also look at the troubleshooting tutorial available here:

    Let us know if you have any more information, otherwise, I would anticipate you purchase a lamp 🙂

  51. avatar Shawn says:

    The lamp seems to be working fine, i can see it coming on when i turn the power on the the TV, i also pulled the lamp out and it looks fine, so i don’t think its the lamp, any other ideas?

  52. Maybe it’s a color wheel. Do you hear any strange sounds? The noises coming from the TV are really important.

  53. avatar Lance Lorenzen says:

    i had a simaler problem which i solved by vacueming out all of the air vents on the back of the tv

  54. avatar pam says:

    I have a samsung hl-p5085w….got home the other night and the tv was stuck on…lights flash with the fan on it and the temperature light…then goes into the exclamation point and the light bulb shows…there is no picture and it is black with no power…any suggestions….?

  55. avatar pam says:

    how hard is the bulb to change if this is the problem????

  56. avatar pam says:

    and what bulb number should I buy?????

  57. avatar Steve N says:

    The bulb number is located on the side of the bulb chassi. You need to order the exact one from or Samsung, etc.

  58. avatar Michael says:

    We have a 46 Samsung HL-P4667W DLP at work. Currently we are having an issue with the picture menus come up looking perfectly clear but tv signals and what not are now green flickering squares almost like a static. The sound is fine. Any suggestions?

  59. avatar Shawn says:

    No there are no strange sounds, i thought about the color wheel but i’m not hearing the clicking or buzzing sound, it starts up like it always has but there is no picture or sound

  60. avatar COREY says:

    i replaced a lamp tv worked for 2 days i woke up and turned it on and picture was dim and then went out 15-20 seconds later. please help

  61. avatar Albert says:

    I have the HL-S5687W T.V. When i turn it on, it works for approximately 1 minute or so, then the bulb in the back goes out, and picture goes out, but sound continues to play for another 10 seconds or so, then T.V. shuts off completely, and all 3 lights are flasing. According to the book, this indicates a lamp issue. However, when i pulled te lamp out there were no discernable markings to indicarte a burn-out, or any other damage of failings of the bulb. I belkieve it to be the bulb based on the facts as stated above, but i do hear a slight buzzing sound when the bulb goes out, and the picture concurrently. Do most of you agree this is a “replace the lamp” issue?

  62. avatar Albert says:

    Also neglected to mention, i heard a click, but when the t.v. stays on for the brief period it does, the picture and colors are immaculate. This leads me away from a color-wheel issue, or anyhting else. colors and picture good, light keeps going out, and sound stays on while t.v. remains on for a brief time after picture failure. Thnx for any help you can give me.

  63. avatar Albert says:

    Ok, one more question to add to my list: I see i can buy the lamp, or the encasement, or both. Can i save money by simply buying the lamp, and placing it in the encasement myself? Any thoughts on this? This is all dependent on whether you guys think it is in=fact the lamp, ofcourse.

  64. avatar Albert says:

    O.K., i guess no-one even read my comments/questions. So this is probably a waste of time on this site, but i’ll say it anyway; I simply replaced the lamp into the old lamp housing, and the issue is fixed now; t.v currently been up and runnign withou problem for 35-45 minutes, as opposed to the 45seconds-1 minute it would stay on before shutting down.

  65. avatar April says:

    Can someone help me with this problem I am having with my Samsung DLP? The model # is HLN617WX
    When I press any button on the remote ONLY the timer light blinks on the tv. I am unable to turn the tv on, unless I unplug it from the outlet and plug it back in. Then I can turn it on using the remote. The picture is fine and there are no sounds (such as what might suggest a bad color wheel) coming from the tv. The fans and bulb are working. Any suggestions why the tv is doing this ? Thanks for any help.

  66. avatar Jay says:

    I have a dlp Samsung. It buzzes very loud. Also, the picture flickers so much that it’s becoming impossible. It doesn’t flicker much at all on hi def. How annoying!

  67. avatar Marc says:

    My screen freezes on my Sammy HLN5065WX/XAA. The color is good and there is no noise. I replaced the color wheel an year earlier and had no issues since then. I’ve want to check the bulb life but I don’t have a service manual in how to get access to the service menu. I’ve seen comments on other blogs on how to do so but my remote has n o INFO button. The remote model is BP59-00016. 1) What may be the cause of the freeze screen issue?; 2) How do I get acces to the service menu to reset or check bulb hours?

  68. avatar robin says:

    my akai dlp has a dark line at the top you can see image thru it so it is not totally dark. Is it the bulb

  69. avatar Scott says:

    I replaced the color wheel on my samsung hlp6163wx about two weeks ago. I went into the service menu and set as many of the settings as i could to the specs that came with the new color wheel. there were more settings available than what came with my color wheel specs so i could not change them all. Now certain skintones come out as purple or shadowed. this tends to happen when the face is in a shadow. Most every color looks great. Any suggestions?

    • avatar Phyl says:

      I have a similar problem as posted Feb 2009. I just replaced the color wheel on my Samsung P6163W DLP TV and have similar issue you described. Certain shadowed pictures have a strange look. Described as “Now certain skintones come out as purple or shadowed. this tends to happen when the face is in a shadow. Most every color looks great.” It almost has a negative or oily look. Has anyone had and fixed this problem?

  70. avatar steve says:

    I have a Samsung model #hl-p4674w. it turns on with the lamp indicator blinking, audio but no image.. reboots after about 30 seconds and does that 3 times. after the third time. i have all the lights blinking indicating i have a bum lamp. im just wondering to be sure if its a lamp problem. any info would be great.

  71. avatar Jim says:

    I have a Samsung DLP purchased in Feb of 2006. I am getting the shadow on the left side of the screen. I hear it is the “Light Tunnel Collapse.” I heard that you could fix this on your own if it is something less severe like “glue” coming loose. Someone please email with some help or ideas. Thanks

  72. avatar larry says:

    I just replaced the lamp on my Samsung HL-R6167W and it says I should reset the lamp timer. How is this done?

  73. avatar Robert says:

    FIXYOURDLP.COM is the best!! last month I paid $1083.00 to fix my Pioneer Elite and was not even sure I wanted to but the set cost WAY to much to use as a piece of furniture. last week my samsung 61 inch dlp started sounding like a lawnmower and picture looked terrible, my wife sugested throwing it away, almost put it out on the curb for a neighbor or??? a co worker told me to check FIXYOURDLP.COM $368.00 later LOOKING GOOD!!!!! THANK YOU FOLKS

  74. avatar Joe says:

    Best fix for bad Samsung TV. Go get a Sony.

  75. avatar Sam says:

    My Samsung HLR4266W is not projecting the color green. I have tried the settings, but green will not show. The set is whisper quiet, no bearing issue with the color wheel. Brightness has not diminished, so I suspect the lamp is fine. Picture is crisp, as always, just no green. Any ideas?

    • Sam,
      Most likely it is your color wheel. It may just be dirty or dusty so I would try and look it over before ordering a new one. Is everything else working properly on your TV except the color green?

  76. avatar glenn hime says:

    need to replace lamp on my samsung hlp 5063

    • Glenn,
      Go to and enter you TV brand and model number or lamp part number in the search area. Some videos will come up and they will show you how to replace your lamp. Good luck.

  77. avatar nick says:

    i have HLP4663wx/xaa. when i turn it on vertical lines appear across the screen. and unit turns off by itself. What should i do

  78. avatar Eliot says:

    I have the Samsung DLP HLR5667W for 3-4 years now. I’ve reset the lamp timer once within the last year. It has worked fine since. Lately the picture would dim and then come back to full brightness. Now the tv will not turn display a picture. I hit the power button and get the lamp light blinking and a loud scratchy, gurgling, crunching sound from the back left for several seconds, then it goes away and repeats the sound until I unplug the power cord. Where should I start? Lamp, color wheel, basalt? Thanks in advance.

    • Eliot,

      It could be your ballast or color wheel. If your handy you can open up the back of your TV. If it’s your color wheel you will be able to notice. I think it may be your ballsat that’s causing your problem. If you have any more information get back to me.

  79. avatar Alan says:

    I just replaced the lamp and color wheel, all is good except that there is a black strip on the sides, top and bottom of the screen. Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

  80. avatar wayne weathersby says:

    whirring sound in hln507w, what is the part # for the color wheel, i know i need to change bulb too. or is it cheaper to buy a new set?

  81. avatar wayne weathersby says:

    email me at for hln507w issues, screen goes negative or white pixels freezes image in black and has a whirring sound

  82. avatar lisa says:

    We just replaced the lamp on our HL=R6167w but all three lights in the front still blink… any suggestions

  83. avatar Ida Garcia says:

    want to know why the stand by temperature and the lamp light are blinking?

  84. avatar Ruben says:

    I have a HLT5055WX/XAA DLP TV which has “Glare” spots in different areas of colors, sometimes on the faces, other times in the sky or grass. Is this a bad Lamp?
    If it is the lamp, I have searched for lamps but get different replacement part number. Which is right for mine?

  85. avatar Fred says:

    DLP 61 in Samsung, factory date 3/3/2003 purchased 7/30/2003, new bulb purchased here.. 6955 hrs on the old blownout bulb. No problems since the replacement today..

  86. avatar Bernie says:

    Have a Samsung DLP HL-S5087W that is really dim. However, there is a tapered strip on the far right that is brighter than the rest of the screen. The brigher strip is triangle shaped, and is about 2″ at the top and goes all the way down to the bottom. Weird that it is not straight up and down. No noise at all on the unit. I replaced the bulb, but that only made the bright strip even brighter. If this is a light pipe issue, what “buzz word” should I use with Samsung techs?

  87. avatar will says:

    I just replace the lamp and im getting stand by/temp

  88. avatar Jon Trelfa says:

    Where is the lamp timer on a Samsung HLP5085W DLP TV? And how do I reset it?

  89. avatar Kathy says:

    My HLP4663WX/XAA picture just stopped. There was a row of green up and down lines in the top left corner of the tv – about 1/3 of the way over. The lines were about 3-4inches long. This lasted for several days. Then the tv started to work.
    My remote for my cable box would not work. I went to turn the box before calling the cable company, and the entire tv went out. It says AV1 in top left corner, No signal in the center of the tv. I have a new remote from the cable company. Working with the cable company, everything is connected where it should be. Is there something wrong with my tv or is it in their cable box? I could not reprogram the tv to play directly with the cable skipping the black box. The cable directly to the tv still hows No Signal. I do not have my owner’s manual. What could the problem be. Cable company is coming by in 2 days.

  90. avatar fred says:

    I just bought a samsung 42″ DLP TV, used…the previous owner said that the lamp was replaced 6 months ago, but who knows.
    I am experiencing the following:
    1) when first the TV is turned on, green “LAMP” light flashes, then it goes away.
    2) when watching TV or movies, the screen goes darker than usual and it takes a few minutes before brightening again.
    anu syggestions

  91. avatar Jim Fitz says:

    Thanks for your concise instructions with excellent pictures to go along. My pea size brain couldn’t figure out how to pull the metal lamp enclosure apart until I found your website. Popping the pull handle off did the trick! Picture is now much brighter. Thanks again!

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