Original or Aftermarket? We like original TS-CL110UAA TS-CL110U

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Should you buy an original lamp or a generic replacement lamp for your JVC D-ILA TV? The choice is clearly up to the consumer, but we like the original lamps for a few reasons:

1. Engineered by JVC for JVC. Your D-ILA is a fine-tuned TV when running properly, capable of amazing colors and resolution…why degrade it for a few dollars in difference?! Our partner site, Discount-Merchant.com has these original lamps available for $160. This is $40 less than the retail price of a generic, brand LTI lamp.

2. According to JVC, they have corrected issues with their initial lamp design which was prone to premature failure. The new lamp is redesigned and a more reliable lamp. Although the part number and model numbers are the same, these lamps should be rolling out to most dealers right now. It’s important that whoever you purchase your replacement lamp from knows about this revision or they can assure you of these “new batch” lamps. Don’t get stuck with someone’s old inventory!

*** Edited 02/21/2008 ***
Although we’ve supported this theory from JVC, in the last year and half, we have seen very little improvement in the quality of these lamps. Matsushita (Panasonic) has been really struggling with the R&D of UHP Technology and evidence is readily available…just talk to any Panasonic DLP owner from the last 4 years! There is a class action lawsuit against Panasonic right now! Conclusion? Purchase Philips UHP Lamps as a replacement…due to demand, Philips just release this lamp for all JVC TVs!!


3. It all comes down to quality. Why would a customer choose the engineering of a third party company versus that of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)? Why would anyone think a third party company has the capacity to do Research and Development (R&D) better than an OEM? Bottom line, generic companies cannot make this claim…and we should not expect them to! With that said, how can we expect third party lamps to “meet or exceed” original…this is another fallacy!

Everyday we receive emails questioning whether we promote and/or sell aftermarket lamps. The clear question is NO. If you want to purchase generic, third party lamps, we’re willing to refer you to reputable online venders…but why 😉 !?! Philips is the world wide leader in UHP lamps…they are the innovator of the technology…and they have more dedicated R&D than the next 5 companies combined! To purchase a truly superior replacement lamp for your JVC, click here Anyway, the important info…how do you know if you have an originial lamp or a generic? From our understanding, LTI is the biggest vender of aftermarket lamps. We have taken pictures of both original and an LTI bulb below (click to enlarge):

JVC Original Lamp TS-CL110UAA TS-CL110U D-ILA Lamp #2JVC Original Lamp TS-CL110UAA TS-CL110U D-ILA Lamp #2
JVC Original Lamp TS-CL110UAA TS-CL110U D-ILA Lamp #2
JVC Original Lamp TS-CL110UAA TS-CL110U D-ILA Lamp #2
JVC Original Lamp TS-CL110UAA TS-CL110U D-ILA Lamp #2

The original JVC is very difficult to photograph, but you know you have an original if it says:

Made in Japan

The generic lamp is fabricated by LTI and approperiately says LTI on the lamp housing
The new Philips lamp is rated for 6,000 hours and should last you at least 2-3 years. Remember, as always, buy from a reliable source as generics and aftermarkets,
and counterfeit lamps are flooding the marketplaces!

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13 comments on “Original or Aftermarket? We like original TS-CL110UAA TS-CL110U
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  1. avatar James Lee says:

    What S/N starts the re-design? I purchased a bulb off of Ebay that lasted 4 months. It has the JVC part number but it must have been old stock

  2. avatar admin says:


    We see this all the time…This is exactly why customers should choose a reputable dealer who is familiar with what they are selling.

    We’re not sure of a serial number cut off, but I can confirm all the lamps being sold on http://www.Discount-Merchant.com are of the new revision.

    One thing we constantly see:

    (Click to Enlarge)




    To avoid having your next lamp implode like this, invest in a ionic air purifier ($50-$100). You can get them at a local Walmart, Bestbuy, etc. These do wonders by attracting dust particles to themselves and away from your TV set!

  3. avatar Jack Willis says:

    I had the same problem James… I bought a lamp off of some guy from ebay last year.. failed after 35 days. The guy refused to refund me for a defective or possibly used lamp. Some of those guys sell used lamps that they pull from their tv’s as new… Buy from a reputable source!

    I bought my next one from http://www.discount-merchant.com/ and it has lasted me 7 months with no problems and my TV is on about 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    I’ll never make the untrusted ebay mistake again!

  4. avatar Pam Z says:

    On Jan. 31, 2007 I bought the first replacement bulb directly from JVC and a little more than one year later the bulb needs replacing again! If I knew I would have to spend $200 every year so I can watch my TV I wouldn’t have bought it, NO WAY JVC! I called the OEM this morning and they will only give a 90 day warrenty on the bulb but yet they say the life of the bulb is 4K-6K hours. We watch a lot of TV in the evening but no way are we watching 11-17 hours of TV per day. I just found out by reading these message boards about the bad bulbs, funny they never offer a replacement for those bad bulbs. Good Luck, I’d buy something else next time.

  5. avatar Paul in Las Vegas says:

    Thanks for the great advice… Mine just blew and I was searching around for where to buy a new bulb and came across all of this great info.

  6. avatar Steve says:

    I purchaised from http://www.discount-merchant.com/ and expected to get a 6000 hr ts-clu110uaa from philips but noticed that the confermation e-mail stated the bulb was a Philips UHP 110W 1.0 P21
    when I googled this I found a Philipd PDF document the specs stated this P21 bulb had a life of only 2000 hs
    Who is correct 2000Hr or 6000hr Did I buy an infirior bulb from discount-merchant only time will tell!

    • Steve, that is an incorrect datasheet for the application of this lamp. That datasheet represents an older P21 lamp with similar wattage for a front projection application and not a RPTV application. If you look at all of the newer datasheets, you’ll find that the lamps will get > 6,000 hours.

  7. This is true…the lamp will last at least 6,000 hours. MCM is using a spec sheet designed and tested with a EUC-132T/00 ballast (as shown at the bottom of the spec page). This is not the same ballast controlling the JVC D-ILA TVs – Philips has been using that lamp as a front projector application for some time now (since 2007).

  8. avatar Francis says:

    The old pdf is published on May 2009. If there is a newer pdf data sheet, it be great interest for everyone to see it. could you post it?

  9. avatar Francis says:

    No documentation to say it is 6000hrs…

  10. avatar Francis says:

    thx for the info.

  11. avatar Duncan says:

    My Mrs works at Phillips so I am going to get her to pick the lamp up for nothing and test drive it’s life and see what happens. Mine died on Wed so when I get the new 1 and see what happens I will up date. Great info on this site. Cheers for everyone’s comments and help 🍻👍

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