Resetting Your Samsung DLP Lamp Hour Meter, Counter, or Lamp Timer

Samsung DLP TV This is a quick reference guide to show you how to reset your Samsung DLP TV’s lamp hour meter or hour counter.

Step 1: Buy authentic

It’s important that you install an OEM lamp and avoid a generic, compatible lamp.

Knock-off, compatible generic lamps may seem like a bargain in the beginning. They actually cost more in the long run since they can damage the color wheel and ballast mechanisms in your RPTV. They also give off poor light, are prone to messy explosions and actually have a shorter life.

There are also health concerns associated with these lamps. Generic lamps are made with toxic substances that can compromise your family’s health. Read more about the dangers of Krypton-85.

When you purchase an OEM replacement lamps you’re guaranteed the best lamp for your RPTV.

We recommend purchasing from an Authorized Philips dealer such as to insure that you are receiving a genuine Philips brand replacement lamp. Beware of knock-off and counterfeit Philips lamps floating around in the market.

Step 2: Resetting the counter

Once you have installed your OEM replacement lamp, resetting the counter is a very simple procedure:
• Begin with the TV powered off.
• Point your remote towards your TV.
• Press:
• Menu + 1 + 8 + 2 + Power.
• Your TV set should now say “Loading Factory”.
• Browse down to “Option” then press Enter (or the right cursor button).

To exit the service menu, hit press the EXIT button or just turn off your TV (remember not to turn on your TV immediately afterward!).

NOTE: The Mute+1+8+2 buttons needs to be pressed down consecutively and fairly quickly. If your TV does not enter the service menu after using this combination, you can substitute MENU instead of MUTE. This seems to work for some sets. Also, the right cursor arrow also acts as the ENTER button, so try it if you’re having difficulty with the ENTER button.

Advantages of OEM lamps

Brilliant brightness and luminosity: Your OEM lamps has been built to work in harmony with every component in your RPTV. Keep the optics, power supply, electronics and processing algorithms in sync to provide the best image possible – the reason who invested in an RPTV.
Color: Genuine lamps have the correct technology to give the correct optical alignment of your color wheel and give consistent color across the whole screen.
Safety: Your RPTV operates at extremely high temperatures. The quartz, glass and wires in your lamp have to be able to withstand the high pressure heat. Scruplous OEM manufacturers lamps have tested their lamps for safety. Generic manufacturers have not.
Lamp Life: Only OEM lamps have the durability to work for their entire lifespan. Only genuine lamps give you the guaranty of full life performance along with a money back guarantee. Installing a generic knock-off lamp will void your warranty and should any damage be done to your RPTV you’re on your on for repairs. Why threaten the investment you’ve made in your RPTV to sake a few dollars?

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358 comments on “Resetting Your Samsung DLP Lamp Hour Meter, Counter, or Lamp Timer
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  1. avatar Orlando says:

    Thanks for the info. I thought I was doing something wrong when it wouldn’t work for me. I found in another site that the TV has to be ‘Off’ before pressing the buttons.

    2336 hours on my lamp before it died. However, I re-installed the same lamp and it worked! I had read in another forum that that worked for another guy, so I thought I’d try it. Now, I’ll have to see how long it will last, this time.

  2. avatar admin says:

    Orlando, I just edited my first post. 2,336 hours, while like anywhere close to the expected 5,000 is not bad. You wouldn’t have pictures of your lamp enclosure and inside and outside of your TV would you? Most of the ones we see come in with a lot of dust and dirt covering the TV!

    Another common problem, especially the Samsung DLPs is the lamp enclosure cover sensor. If this sensor is not depressed all the way, your TV set thinks the cover is missing and you will get the lamp error code too! We’ve seen this on a handful of TVs! Of course, like in your situation, it’s not always the lamp itself!

  3. avatar Jason Weathers says:

    I’ve been looking everywhere for this information. Worked on the first try.


  4. avatar woody says:

    Thanks for the info. I have a set made in 2003 for the Korean market and these codes worked fine. I got 4770 hours.

  5. avatar arden says:

    Bought new buld and adapter from Discount-M… Picked up same day from Borderline Elect… very happy with price and service. Went home cleaned inside ,not that dirty, installed new buld and reset meter…. This set is 2003 50″ samsung owned since new…total on hour meter 14,070 on original equip. bulb… Thanks Arden

  6. avatar John Wall says:

    How do you check the lamp hours? I have a Samsung HLP 5663W. My lamp went down and I just ordered the new lamp with the new housing from Direct They had the best price I could find. I reinstalled the old lamp and it seems to be working ok. I will store the new lamp as a backup if there are no more problems. Thanks

  7. avatar John Wall says:

    I was able to get to the options screen. I had to press the right arrow button on options rather than the enter. Lamp Life 7807. I guess that is what I was looking for? Thanks

  8. avatar Brad Van Elderen says:

    I just did the switch after 10922 hours. Thanks for the help.

  9. avatar CHARLES J. WALSH says:

    Have two Samsung remotes. Tried your set-up with each, one “off” the other “on” and both “off” nothing seems to work. My model is an HLN507W. Any ideas?



  10. avatar Tom Sanders says:

    My old bulb went dead and I just installed new bulb I ordered Monday. Very quick 2-day delivery. I installed new bulb and seems fine. I went through the procedures to reset bulb. It reads on lamplife 7910 hours. Is this the hours I used on the original/old bulb, or is this telling me how many hours on the new bulb I just installed? I have yet to do any reset.

  11. avatar Silvia says:

    My lamp life was 9019 and still hasn’t gone out. We switched to a new lamp to see if the tv would be brighter as it seemed to be not as vibrant as it was in the beginning. I am keeping the old one as a backup for whenever this one goes out. I can’t believe it lasted that long and still hasn’t gone out. Sad to say tho that my color wheel went out on my Samsung HLR6167W TV. Guess there is a flaw in the color wheels on this model. Anyways, happy with the life of my lamp.

  12. avatar Mike says:

    9092 Hours and then a complete blowout. Purchased new bulb and replaced for hopefully another 9000 hrs

  13. avatar JC says:

    Unbelievably 17,964 hours on the original HLN507 bulb. Had the color wheel replaced soon after my purchase, but the bulb lasted a LONG time. Use it 99% of the time as a DVI monitor for my desktop.

    JC (San Diego)

  14. avatar admin says:

    JC, wow! That’s the longest I’ve heard from a customer…tell us about it…how do you (if at all) maintain the TV. Do you clean it? Is it in a dust free area? Do you leave it on all day and overnight? How often do you cycle on and off? Do you have it connected through a surge protector? etc. etc.

    all in all…amazing! How long have you owned your set?

  15. avatar admin says:

    Tom, what you’re seeing is the counter for the old lamp…7,000 is very respectable. Expected MEAN life is 5000-6000, so you are above average 😉

  16. avatar admin says:

    Do you have the original DLP Remote or just a generic Samsung Remote? has original replacement remotes from Samsung DLPs for about $25 or so…very reasonable. Call them if you need one! 619-710-2637 x203

  17. avatar Vincent says:

    I got an old Samsung SP43J6HP, bought and successfully installed a new lamp, but the trick MUTE+1+8+2+POWER does not work… I get flashing 3 LED’s all the time…
    I tried the DISPLAY+P.STD+MUTE+POWER too, no hidden menu…
    Any ideas? :o(

  18. avatar jak says:

    i just recieved a hln437w from a friend who decided to upgrade. curious about the tv itself i started looking around on the web and came across this site. nice site by the way, very helpful. anyways i checked the counter after reading the life of the lamps was around 5000 hours. 13090 is what the counter is at. which leads me to my question. will replacing the lamp make the tv brighter? actually will it have any effect at all? any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  19. avatar shane myers says:

    17,142 and at about half that time I got a dark border on the right hand side only about 1 inch wide. Took about 10 trys to get the option menu to pop up though with the menu 182 power. |Will a new lamp help the picture much like on some of the other tvs?
    typical use but i avoid turning it on if I am not going to actually watch it.

  20. avatar Tony says:

    Just a quick question. I think the instructions here might have a little mistake or maybe my tv is a little strange I am not sure but for me the Mute + 1 + 8 + 2 + power did not work… however I tried the menu + 1 + 8 + 2 + power and that did the trick.. so with er my TV is wierd or the instruction should read menu instead of mute

  21. avatar Tim says:

    I just replaced my bulb, BP96-00608A, with a replacement BP96-00826A.
    10809 hours on the original.
    I do have a white light above the power button about 4-5 inches long rising from above the switch. Is this something to be worried about? I have seen this on other DLP’s as well. I have a HLP5063W

  22. avatar NSS says:

    I just changed my lamp, thanks to your great instructions. It went very well! The number in the lamp hours was 2812850, I checked it after an hour it is now 2812851! I know this can’t be right, since I can’t reset the lamp hours. Any suggestions on how to reset? This has been more complicated than changing the lamp.

    Thanks for your help!

  23. avatar Joe says:

    I got 7400 hrs on my lamp on my Samsung HLR5078WWX/XAA

  24. avatar Cord says:

    Just replaced the lamp with one I purchased from direct-merchant, they were great to work with and had the best price I could find to boot, now I am trying to reset the lamp hours. I can get into the menu just fine and scroll down to “options” but when I hit enter nothing happens. It’s like it is locked out from adjusting any settings or something. I tried several other selections under the menu and I can’t select anything. Anyone go through this or have any idea what is going on?

  25. avatar Cord says:

    Finally got the menu figured out. I had to use the right arrow instead of enter to open up the options tab. Anyway 8010 hours on the lamp.

  26. avatar James says:

    2,392 hours on mine. I think it is still good though. I did not try to put it back in. Good luck to all.

  27. avatar Terry says:

    Thanks alot for the instructions on how to replace the bulb & reset the counter. It was really simple, took about 10 mins. I got 8308 hours out of my first bulb. I’ll see how long the 2nd last…

    Thanks again.

  28. avatar Jake says:

    Just had a power outage. Now I got a dead HL-R4667W. Once power was restored I got the LAMP light flashing on the power button and a very dim light from the TV. Lamp light flashed for about 30 seconds then quit. The fan kept running for a while then quit and then just the red Tv set off/standby light came on. I tried again this morning (uplugged all night) and got no light from the TV set and the same Lamp flashing as before. Is this just a bad lamp? All other home electronics and computers are OK. Its Lamp Code sticker says BP96-00823A(0) but when I go to it was superceded by BP96-01403A.

  29. avatar pat bono says:

    I have a 3″ dark (not black)vertical band on the far left side of the picture on a Samgsung 56″ DLP purchased a year ago. This occures on all source feeds, any thoughts? Lamp has 6054 hours, rest of picture is great.


  30. avatar JOHN says:

    anyone think heat is a factor in lamp life? I just purchased a 50in DLP, I may put a small computer fan on the outside of lamp access door, “exhausting” warm air and that may extend lamp life.

    • avatar Mike66 says:

      Yes heat is an issue with any bulb. The other thing would be vibration. You might not feel it but bulbs are very sensitive to vibration when hot.

  31. avatar Dick Moore says:

    Just checked my bulb hours as I have had the Samsung 50 inch DLP for 3 years, reading was 10,790 hours.
    I turn it on in the morning and leave it on most of the day, maybe that is better than turning on and off many times. As related above after reaching OPTIONS I had to use right arrow button on remote to get the hours.
    Great site —Keep up the good work.
    I had the 3 Year extended service from Sears, they will clean you TV once a year free during the extended service.
    My TV has shut itself down a few times, only a few, after my final cleaning, the technician left me a new bulb, I have not used it as the TV has not shut itself down since last cleaning.

  32. avatar Peter Chaleumchai says:

    I try to reset the lamp meter hours for my Samsung HL-P5674W some how it don’t work with mute+1+8+2+power
    Is there any others option available?
    Thank you, Peter
    San Diego

  33. avatar Van Ho says:


    I have Samsung HLN617WX, and lamp code is BP96-00224E(P). The lamp goes out dead. I just bought two lamps using BP96-00224J which is a new replacement for BP96-00224E. I did a reset showing 5252 hours. However the color is not as clear as original lamp. Do you know why? Hope that I can get some advice or input from you. Thanks.

  34. avatar PECK says:

    i tried the trick didnt work…. do u hold mute+1+8+2+power all together one at a time!!!!!!

  35. avatar seth says:

    Whew! I was worried! Thanks for the info. it worked first try thank you so much!!


  36. avatar Rose says:

    Mute-1-8-2-power works. Thanks! Lamp life 11,734. I just replaced the lamp. How do I reset it? My options are “lamp clear” and “user reset”. Any advice….

  37. avatar Rose says:

    If anyone else has the same question, I chose “Lamp Clear” and it reset my lamp hours to 0.

  38. avatar Susan says:

    13720 hours. Purchased 3 yrs ago-was original factory lamp. Thanks for the info!

  39. avatar Dawn says:

    My color wheel just died and I’d like to now check for the lamp hours already used on my 4 1/2 year old Samsung 50″ HLN5065W TV. I have a Sound system hooked up and I only use the Samsung remote to turn TV on or off, everything else is controlled with the VCR remote. What would be the procedure for checking the used hours without replacing the bulb at this time? I’m still waiting for the color wheel (back order) is it OK to turn TV on while it’s making that horrible noise; will it do any further damage? Thanks for your help

  40. avatar Ron says:

    It worked for me too. I am a bit slow and tried holding all the buttons down at once…then realized you are suppose to press them sequentially. I got 7K+ hours from the original factory bulb. Thanks for the hand. Greatly appreciated. BTW I installed the newer and smaller lamp using the adapter ring and installation was a breeze.

  41. avatar Vince says:

    Hey all,
    I just checked my hours using the above procedure and am happy to say I have 7,736 hours on my 2003 HLN467. The picture looks fine, just maybe a tad bit dark which I am only aware of since reading these postings. Though I am experiencing a high pitched humming/whine until about 3 minutes after the picture comes up. Any ideas?

    Vince Stanley San Diego

  42. avatar Mike Lentini says:

    Samsung 4674W
    5283 hours on old lamp.
    it would shut off randomly, then work for a few weeks, then do it all over again. Replaced the bulb with new small philips and it works fine for now. It’s hard to trust this thing after reading all the posts. Next time I will buy the 5 year warranty for 300 bucks!!
    Thanks for the help everyone.

  43. avatar Carl LeVake says:

    I have a dumn question. When you say mute +1+8+2+power what is the plus? Is that a button your supposed to push? I tried using the enter button but still couldnt get it to work. I have a HLP6163W

    I did read about putting the bulb back in if it wasnt working and that did work.

  44. avatar Dennis M says:

    Thx a lot for all the inputs from this site. From lamp code, to installation through lamp counter and resetting it as well. So educational!!! I think, I now have closer relationship with my hlp5085w. Replaced the old lamp with 10433 hrs on it and now enjoying the new lamp.
    Discount-Merchant, you guys are awesome. Cheapest compare to what I’ve seen and quick delivery, as promised. Thanks again. Good Life everyone.

  45. avatar Dawn says:

    I’ve had the color wheel replaced by a TV Tech (costly$425) the picture doesn’t seem as sharp as it had been prior to the wheel burn out. From your instructions it seems easy to change the bulb. I notice on comments there are variations to the instructions. I have 50″ HLN5065W with a side sticker showing SVC Model: HLN5065WX/XAA Made in Mexico, Ser. #3CFW800964K. Do you have specific instructions for that model? Also what bulb part number do I order? thanks for your help

  46. avatar Dominick laforgia says:

    Hello to all, just replaced by lamp , as it was going dark from time to time, unit is a samsung hl 5067w over 32 months old, since i work from home , it on all the time. lamp counter was 12,587 hours!!!! u read right, C.City tech was overwelmed, he was thinking i was over exaggerating when i mention it must be over 11,000 hour, and flip when he checked the counter

  47. avatar Dawn says:

    I’d like to try to replace the bulb on HLN5065W. I have a Panasonic Theatre sound system hooked to it. I only use the Samsung remote to turn TV on & off. The Panasonic remote is used for everything else. Will I be able to use the Samsung remote to key in functions for this bulb change? Which is the correct starting point to reset bulb hours; mute or menu + 1 + 8 +2 + power? Thanks for your help.

  48. avatar greg says:


    I just replaced my bulb and my lamp comes on but my screen is still black. any ideas?


  49. avatar John says:

    Checked yesterday and had 8295 hours on original lamp.8 hours later it blew.I have to wait on one to be shipped and it sucks with the superbowl being this weekend.I have a Samsung HLR5667W.

  50. avatar Tom says:

    I have a HLR4266W, and experienced the on/off scenario for about 2 weeks. Took the back cover off and removed the bulb, and blew low PSI compressed air over the circuit boards, fans, bulb, and plastic covers. There was quite a bit of dust that blew out. Put it all back together, and the TV works great.

  51. I have a samsung HLP5063w 50″ 3 years old i have twin boys that are 7yrs. old so the tv was on all the time. the bulb went in Jan.08 got a new one from it lasted 28 days now i need to send it back to get another one. BS if you ask me.I was told after i bought the after market bulb to only PHILIPS bulbs in my tv ever heard of this? Help me please

    Thanks HJ

  52. avatar melissa says:

    HJ, Just so you know, the OEM lamps by Philips are the best replacement parts for your television. The OSRAMS and other after markets aren’t as reliable. has some good prices for lamps. Looking at your TV’s model number, I can tell that you need an BP96-00826a. Those come in two sizes; the newer, better lamp E22h size bulb or the older, rounder E23 size bulb. From my experience, the newer is the better and should last about 8000 hours.

  53. avatar J. Bolus says:

    I have a Samsung HLN617 I purchased the set in July of 2004. It is about time to replace the bulb for the second time. My problem is with the s-video, regular composite video and cable hookups. When using these video hookups as the source I get black lines on the screen. The picture is great otherwise. The HD/DVI hookups do not have the lines. Any ideas what is the problem? Is it possible that some dirt or some dust could be causing this. Thanks

  54. avatar Dorothee says:

    I have a Samsung HLP5067wx just bought the Philips e22 lamp, had to wait another day for the adapter that was not included and replaced it but it only runs about 20 minutes with funky looking color then shuts tv off…. is this a lamp problem or do I now have a TV problem too? What’s a color wheel and how do you tell if it’s bad?

  55. avatar admin says:

    J. Bolus-

    It sounds like your problem could either be the video board or the composite cable itself. You may need new composite inputs on the board.

  56. avatar Flo Bradley says:

    OK, I have 5145 hours on my lamp. Put in a new one. How do I get the counter back to 0?

  57. avatar annabelle says:

    Check the color wheel. This part gives color to the picture from the DMD. If you hear any loud whirling or whizzing sounds, its probably the color wheel. Also look to see if the colors on the wheel have faded.

    This is an example of how the color wheel looks:

  58. avatar Steve says:

    I just replaced the dlp bulb on my Samsung HL-R5688W HDTV and now the lower right corner of the screen is 1/2 inch lower than the right. I went back into the service menu to see if there was a tilt function but all I found were Horizontal and Vertical adjustements. Anyone know how to fix this?

  59. Tom,

    You really should be careful “blowing” compressed air INSIDE your TV Set…generally this is a bad idea because you’re really just smearing the dust and dirt all over the place. If you’re unlucky, you might be left with some dust particles on the screen or even inside the optics!

    The general idea is to remove any dust that’s inside the TV with a suction tool (like your vacuum cleaner!) Some work better than others, but that’s the general idea.

    What may have happened in your case– When you opened and closed the TV, you might have accidentlly placed the blue little sensor that’s on the back of your enclosure cover back in its correct position. If this blue sensor is not activated, your TV will not work. This problem seems to be about 5% of all Samsung issues. One way or another that sensor stops functioning and it needs adjustment.

  60. John,

    Always keep a SPARE!!! ALWAYS!! These TVs work in mysterious ways…and it’s not worth risking your mom (or gf), or buddies, or whoever…being disappointed because the TV does not work. Turn that sad moment into one that makes you look good. I’m sure it would have been nice if you could have just popped in a spare and within 5 minutes the game would be game on…so to say…

    Everyone, buy TWO lamps!! I don’t know if the promotion is still good by the time you guys read this, but is offering free shipping with a two lamp purchase…you can’t go wrong with that!

  61. HJ,

    Looks like Melissa is right on the ball. Since you have a BP96-00826A Enclosure, you want to make sure to replace your original Philips lamp with a Philips replacement lamp. There is a lot of literature on this that you can read on here or directly from Philips themselves. The main reasons why you want to stick with the Original Philips are:

    1) Philips is the innovator of UHP Technology. Their lamps have more R&D in them than anything else on the market
    2) You Samsung’s optics was engineered by Samsung and Philips engineers. The Philips e22 lamp (what you have inside your TV), was designed exclusively for the optics inside your set. Not to mention, the Philips e22 lamp is matched with the lamp driver, often referred to as the BALLAST. The lamp driver and lamp with hand in hand to provide the absolute picture. You do not want to subsitute a lower quality lamp or lower quality ballast in there! That’s just silly..
    3) Philips lamps last longer. Their filaments are the most durable and long lasting in the industry. To ne honest, I’m not surprised you got a bunk lamp…it happens all the time with the aftermarket bulbs….get a Philips. Here’s a link if you’re lazy!

  62. avatar Jeff says:

    Just replaced lamp with genuine philips replacement for my Samsung HLR4266w and it works perfect,just like new! Ordered from discount-merchant and received in just a few days. Perfect cuz i missed my tv! Connected to enclosure with guide online to be certain i did it right and it was so easy….used gloves too. 10,484 hours on original bulb,not bad. Didnt order 2 cuz i hadnt used DM before but would get 2 if i did it over again! Great deal and quality hardware and service!Saved me about 2 hundred bucks too

  63. avatar Sandi says:

    HELP!!! My TV turns itself off then on then off then on etc.. when it does turn itself on there is no picture. at first we thought it was the bulb however then it will work fine for a day or few days (just enough for us to think the problem is over) then it starts again! It has been down now for 3 days with no luck at getting it back on (continually) and with a picture of any kind.

  64. avatar Emil says:

    Thanks for telling me how to clear my hours but what I need the code telling me how many hours i have on my current bulb.

  65. avatar HJ says:

    Sandi, i am having the same problem. 1st back in Feb. the bulb went, so i just bought one on line 165.00 all was well for 20 days then the tv would come on , stay on for 2min. then turn off with the lamp & timer and the stand by light. If anyone can help us please my twin boys are hurtin for the TV.

  66. avatar HJ says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to whoever runs this site it has been a great help.Now with that said my tv still does not work. Does anyone know how to change a Balist or what it looks like.I have a samsung HLP5063w 50″i am the guy with the twin boys that cant afford the TV repair person.

  67. avatar Aron says:

    I just replaced my lamp after the screen went dark and would not come back on. I checked the total lamp hours and it was just 2,497. That seems very low. The dlp was purchased in 06 and is a Samsung HLS4676S. Does anyone know if this is a common problem?

  68. avatar Jared says:

    I have the same problem as Sandy. I have a Samsung HLS-5086WX/XAA. I checked the bulb hours and it was only around 3,400. My tv turns off sporadically. I am probably going to change the bulb but I’m wondering if this is what’s wrong? 3,400 hours doesn’t seem like very many. I have always had a slight problem with the picture and sound being in sync. Sometimes the picture comes faster than the sound and it requires a reset of the tv (turn on and off). Can someone give me advice please?

  69. avatar admin says:


    Thanks for the compliments. We’ve been doing this for a long time and with the help of Annabelle, we’ve been getting more popular amongst the search engines, but the effort doesn’t stop there! Please help promote the site!

    We have a ballast guide for a certain model of Samsung DLP TV, so you can look at it at Familiarize yourself with how its done before you try anything, and try and make sure it is the ballast before replacing it–asking a TV tech is certainly the best thing to do in your case!

    Good luck!

  70. avatar admin says:


    Lamps have a finicky lift expectancy. Most of the newer Sammys can get anywhere from 3000 to 8000 hours. While 2500 hours seems a bit low, it could have something to do with your television watching habits, or the lamp could have just gone out. Go to for a new lamp. They’re the best on the Internet (not just because they sponsor us, but because we believe they are the best choice for the average guy).

  71. avatar admin says:


    Having two people post in the same day is highly suspect! The syncing of the audio may be caused by your cable box. Again, the lamp life depends on usage, though a bad ballast may be to blame. You’ll learn from reading the site that the most common parts to go out are the lamp, ballast, or color wheel.

    Good luck!

  72. avatar Aron says:

    Thanks for the Info I had actually bought my lamp through and thats how I came across your site. The info on here is great and hopefully I will get a few more hours out of this lamp.

  73. avatar admin says:

    Good luck Aron! Let us know how you fair with installing the new lamp!

  74. avatar Jared says:


    Thanks for your fast response. In your opinion, would a new bulb really stop my tv from turning on its own? I understand it could be the ballast or color wheel as well… is there any way that I can tell. My bulb has about 3500 hours on it.

    Also, do you think the syncing of audio would be resolved with different HDMI cables? The picture is great so I’m confused as to why this is happening?

    Thanks for your help!

  75. Jared,

    The audio synch problem could definitely be HMDI issues…to confirm, I would try regular RCA video/audio cables, or even component cables. If the audio is ok, it might be an incompatibility issues (HDMI standards are finally becoming universal!).

    RE: turning off on its own.
    It definitely sounds like a lamp issue to my Jared. With only 3,400 hours, it is a bit premature, but… Great an original Philips replacement lamp from and see what happens.

  76. HJ,

    While we don’t have the guide online (YET!) for your particular ballast, they are all pretty much the same. Here is a link to a similar ballast:

    Your ballast replacement might actually be a bit simpler than this guide so I wouldn’t be too alarmed!

    Good luck!

  77. Sandi,

    To me it sounds like a bulb…or if you just changed the bulb, did you change it with a generic one…cause those are the symptoms for a generic lamp replacement. Buy the original Philips from an authorized Philips lamp distributor…

  78. avatar Al says:

    My Samsung HP-P5063W I replaced the lamp, no go lamp lights still flashing, Any suggestions? I really appreciate it!!

  79. avatar Eddie says:

    Close the back cover, make sure all the connections are connected.. did you replace just the bulb or the whole enclosure/housing? The common problems can be the ballast or lamp… try it again. If it’s the lamp, call the place you bought it from.

  80. avatar Ted says:

    I have a HLN56W7, just replace the buld from and it works great. However, I’m trying to see what the buld life was previously and want to reset it. When I use the Mute+1+8+2+Power, or Menu+1+8+2+Power the tv just turns on. Better than before, but any assistance would be appreciated. I have tried pushing the buttons very fast and just like I would change a channel pace.

    Thank you!

  81. avatar Randy says:

    Ok Guys. I have tried over and over all the combinations and I can’t get into the service menu.

    I have model number HL-R5688W with the Pedestal base.

    There is not much information in the searches on this set. I’m thinking I’m the only one that bought this model. LOL.

    I just replaced the bulb and its working fine now but I would like to know what the bulb hours were on the old bulb.

    Any info would be great.


  82. avatar Randy says:

    Sorry Wwrong link.

  83. avatar wayne says:

    I got into the factory menu to clear hour meter after replacing bulb and now I cannot get out of the factory menu even tried unplugging set (HLN5065W) can’t change channels or inputs stays tuned to local channel with menu on left ????

  84. avatar tony says:

    hi guys i have a hls5687 samsung and i have the problem that when i used it for several hours the screen starts to blink (the image)and the lamp to(on the back of the tv) the color wheel has been replaced but it still doing it what do i have to check??

  85. avatar Captian Dave says:

    Have a HL-T4675S, just replaced the lamp, the standard mute/menu 1 8 2 power does not work on this set. Any suggestions for reset lamp hours or to even see how many on orignal lamp? set is only 7 months old, seems short for lamp replacement already.

    Captain Dave

  86. avatar Alex says:

    The lamps should last a lot longer than that. Was it a floor model or something? Maybe you have an issue with your ballast.

  87. avatar Mark says:

    Did most of you replace just the bulb or the entire housing as well. Seems that many of the companies selling it, sell the whole housing. I really don’t want to do that unless it is really necessary.

  88. avatar Gabriel says:

    Have an HLS4676 that was turning itself off and the three LED lights in front would flash. Samsung technician came for service and replaced the “brains” of the TV and the lamp. Lamp had only 1100 hours. Problem is back again. The new lamp has 1200 hours. I have an extended warranty and the TV is going for repairs today. Anybodu else having this problem of TV shutting down and the lamp being ok or with low hours? Thank you. Great site.

  89. avatar lowell says:

    hi guys. knew i would have to get a bulb soon so shopping led me here. the hl-p4663w/hl shuts off every now and then so i put a fan in the back blowing in on the lamp. big mistake. the intenal fan blows out so it overheated big time. pulled the lamp housing blew the fan, board and vents out put it back together works fine now. will order a lamp anyway mine has 11490. cool huh?

  90. avatar rob says:

    I have a hls5086w. the standby/temp lite is on while the tv is off? Is this normal? how do i turn off? I have 3700 hrs on my original bulb, its finally going out .Is that about average hrs ?

  91. Rob, it always depends on your usage of the television. Those lamps can last for years. 3700 sounds kind of low, but not uncommon. The standby light means the television is ready to be powered on.

  92. Gabriel,

    I haven’t heard of that problem before. Make sure you take FULL advantage of that extended warranty! Good luck!

    11,900 hours?! Wow, that’s a lot!

  93. avatar Jake says:

    Please advise. I just replaced my lamp using discount merchant. TV worked great. In-fact I played Xbox for nearly two hours. Turned TV off, went to work next day, came home excited to play some video games. Tried turning the television on, immediatly I got the three indicator lights flashing indicating lamp replacment…? Does this sound like a ballast problem? I have looked every where for replacment ballast, and can’t find anything. Any idea what the cost associated with this part would be?

  94. avatar michelle says:

    i have a HLR4667 that is acting odd.

    my daughter accidentally pushed the power button on the front after the set had only been on about a minute.

    the tv is powering off and on by itself with no picture. when i unplug and plug back in after several minutes, the set automatically powers on and the same instance occurs: on/off repeatedly by itself.

    not every time, but sometimes, the 3 LED lights flash repeatedly, which according to the the manual i should replace the bulb.

    i haven’t tried the above-mentioned code sequence on the remote because my tv won’t stay on because of the automatic on/off i just described.

    any kind of fix before i spend a couple hundred dollars on a new lamp? your suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you.

  95. avatar Lance says:

    Just replaced the lamp on my HLP 5063 WX, had almost 8,700 hours! It was still working, but my TV would shut off intermittently, so after reading through this website, I decided it was time to replace it.

    The step by step instructions I found here were super helpful, it took a little longer than 15 minutes, but I’m just slow; if I can do this, anyone can!

    By the way, I ordered from late on Tuesday night and received Friday afternoon, very impressive!

  96. avatar Chuck says:

    I replaced the lamp and the TV still does not turn on. Replaced the lamp, plugged in the power cord, and no difference.

  97. avatar Chuck says:

    How do you know if the new lamp is fine or not?

  98. avatar Ted says:

    I think I got really lucky on lamp hours. Mine read 18379.

    This was the original bulb on an HLN 5065W from 2003. It’s been through 2 moves and no cleaning. Fan was replaced in first 6 months from squealing. I feel like the people who drive without an oil change for 5 years…. Replacement costs were right at $200 for the whole unit (not just bulb)


  99. Chuck, we helped to create a new guide that will help you troubleshoot if its the lamp or not. That’s always the biggest problem. Sometimes it isn’t the lamp and other components can go bad! A big indicator is if the lamp looks flawless, or you put in a brand new lamp and it still doesn’t work. Most people will blame the lamp, but it usually isn’t the lamp at all.

  100. Ted, that’s amazing. It’s rare to see lamps last over 6000 or 7000 hours. Some people are unlucky and their lamps only last 3000 hours.

  101. Michelle, that doesn’t sound like a lamp issue. Maybe make sure there isn’t a button stuck or check to see if the lamp cover is secure before buying a new lamp or calling out a technician!

  102. avatar Lee says:

    I originally had an Osram lamp, but just replaced it with a Phillips lamp from DM. Should I change the lamp type in the service menu to Phillips?

  103. Lee, which television did you purchase a lamp for? Philips works well in most newer televisions, but if you had a Mitsubishi or older Samsung with a BP96-0224A or BP96-0224B lamp code, you might want to stick with Osram!

  104. avatar Lee says:

    I have a Samsung HLR4667w. My lamp code was BP96-00823A(O)

  105. If it was for Samsung, I’d definitely go with Philips.

  106. avatar Troy says:

    I have tried resetting my lamp hours and neither with the tv powered on and/or off worked. any other solutions?

  107. avatar Miranda says:

    Hey. I have a hlp5063wx/xaa Samsung DLP. It has the BIG bulb and the tv is @4 yrs old. Is there a hours/counter on it? Where?
    I thought i might need a bulb b/c the picture would blur and enlarge on the sides. It looks stretched.
    I went in and was looking at picture. I changed it from panarama to wide and the pic ‘cleared’. What is the problem here?
    Does this likely show a need for a new bulb or what else could be the problem? Thanks so much.

  108. avatar Nick says:

    reset or display your lamp counter for sp models . press dispaly then menu then mute then power to get into the service menu .. reset lamp was in options. then power off and do the same to get out of the service menu. the diplay button was my info button.

  109. avatar William says:

    I just replaced my old fading lamp on my Samsung DLP. The improved picture was great until I tried to reset the lamp timer. After I got through the menu into “other” I was trying to navigate to the lamp hour meter and inadvertently set of some other type of reset. The picture went out and won’t come back on. I still have sound, but no pic. When I turn the TV off I can tell there is some sort of light as the gray screen gets black, but when I turn it back on still no pic. Any ideas??

  110. avatar William says:

    Ok, I can stop sounding the alarm. Just as I was going to unplug the tv to take out the new lamp and put the old back in I had the idea to unplug the TV to “reset” it. I have to do this from time to time with my Direct TV DVRs. Anyway (much to my shock) it worked. Crystal clear picture back. So bright I have to adjust my picture mode to cinema to dim it a little.

  111. avatar Rick DeBay says:

    Just replaced the bulb on my HLP-5674W thanks to, hopefully this one will last another 10,236 hours.
    We have the set on a correctly sized UPS, so during power outages (about a half dozen) the bulb fan can continue to run.

  112. avatar Peter North says:

    8583 hours on my HL-R6164W just replaced it…

  113. avatar Kraphty says:

    Just a note I have a HL-S5687WX\XA and the Mute\Menu+1+8+2+power did work for me. I tried both but now I can’t remember which one worked. Anyway the service menu did not appear immediately it took a second or two. Lamp life was around 4700. The TV was bought Feb 2007 and it was manufactured Jan 31 2007 according to Samsungs product registration website.

  114. avatar Linda says:

    I finally got the nerve to change the bulb on my HL-T4675S. Seems to have worked fine. In trying to reset the lamp counter, I scroll down to the lamp life but see no “reset” option. Do I select the “User Reset” option? Afraid of messing up other things.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  115. avatar jim says:

    i have a hln47wx. the original lamp lasted for year but I just replaced it this past april and now the new one (philips but not freom DM) seems to have gone out … several question – could I have something else wrong, or did I just get a bum bulb? anyone use the adapter they advertise? also my lamp enclosure had a tab at the top where the connectors are that I broke off puting the replace in … I don’t think I could have avoided it but I doubt it had anything to do with the sort bulb life … and thanks for the tip onfinding bulb life, if I can get a picture back I will try it.

  116. avatar Giovanni says:

    Hi, I own a Samsung SP40J5HA (year 2000!!!) and yesterday the lamp “died”… I guess. The lamp had more than 9000 hours, yesterday the image become very dark (before green … then gray). I remove the lamp to check the lamp type (UHP 100W E0 SC/001 made in belgium) in order to buy a new one. After that, I re-insert the old lamp in the TV but I got no image at all: black screen (only audio). What happened? The fans are working, I can see (from rear) that there is light from the lamp. Is it normal that there is still “some light”?
    I have the TV three front leds flashing (what does it mean?).
    Last question: After buying a new lamp, I just should put it inside and switch on the TV? In other posts, I read that is necessary to change a fuse (I did not find any fuse!).
    Ok, I hope you got “my English” eh eh eh … I would really appreciate if you could give me any suggestion.
    Giovanni, Rome-Italy

  117. avatar Tony says:

    My Samsung 5063 was humming and then went out. I bought a new lamp with the attachment and used the same enclosure. I have checked both fans and they work.
    The problem is that the new lamp will not turn on. I get a loud humming sound, dialog from my cable box, no picture. Then the noise will intermittently rev up and down, then the tv will shut off with the standby/temp light coming on…then turn back on again…then off….then on…and then all 3 lights start blinking again.
    I’ve studied this site for two days now and have used it as a reference but to no avail.
    What to do? Thanks.

    • avatar Barb T says:

      we got the same problem after installing the new lamp. we can’t get the tv to turn on to set the timer on the lamp because of this constant wining and led’s flashing on and off. what now?

      • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

        Hi Barb,
        There was a typo in the instructions and it sound read MENU instead of MUTE. I corrected that mistake. Try resetting the timer with the TV turned off since when it’s on it will think the lamp is still out of life. Try these instructions again:
        Once you have installed your OEM replacement lamp, resetting the counter is a very simple procedure:
        • Begin with the TV powered off.
        • Point your remote towards your TV.
        • Press:
        • Menu + 1 + 8 + 2 + Power.
        • Your TV set should now say “Loading Factory”.
        • Browse down to “Option” then press Enter (or the right cursor button).
        Please let me know if they work and if you are still having trouble.

  118. avatar Kirk Bowlby says:

    Checked my lamp counter, 11,500 hours ans still going although the tv turns itself off once in a while.Ordered a new lamp from Discount Merchant just to be safe, great service and very informative site. Thanks for the tips…

  119. avatar Paul Cobey says:

    I have A Samsung DLP model # HLR5688W pedestal base – beautiful, expensive TV. Bulb is acting up and TV won’t activate. Having trouble getting original Lamp #BP96-01074A with enclosure. Is there another perfect fitting compatable top quality Phillips replacement lamp with enclosure that I can buy that will fit my TV?
    I think discount-merchant recommends BP96-01415A with enclosure, while another site said BP96-01073A with enclosure. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF EITHER OF THESE LAMPS AND ENCLOSURES REALLY FIT, SO I CAN BUY THE RIGHT ONE. Also, is there a return policy if the bulb and enclosure do not fit? Thank you very much for your responce.

  120. avatar Brenden says:

    I am having a problem with my HLR 5667. I think it is a lamp problem so I’ve ordered a new one from discount-merchant. Is it normal when the lamp goes out for the set to do nothing at all, no sound? When I try to turn the set on I get no sound, it will try 3 or 4 times to power up and then all I get is the lamp/timer/standby flashing lights. I just would like to know if this is sounds like a lamp problem or if I’m barking up the wrong tree.
    Thanks for any responses.

  121. avatar Allan says:

    I own a Samsung HLN-5065W. I replaced the lamp about 2 years ago. All went well. About a week ago, I started getting a “buzzing” or ” circular saw” sound. I again replaced the lamp, but the buzzing is still there. I don’t think it’s the fan because when I turn off the TV, the video and audio shutdown after a few seconds, and the fan continues to run for about 30 seconds to cool the lamp. There is no noise during the cooling period. do I have a bad color wheel? Ballast? Thanks for your help.

  122. avatar BAHADIR says:

    I have samsung dlp 50L7HX.I can not enter the menu. (lamp hour meter)Mute+1+8+2+Power doesn’t work also “Menu” instead of Mute.I need help, thank you.

  123. avatar Warren says:

    I have replaced my lamp twice in 3 1/2 years… Now I have a loud buzzing noise that will Not go away… I do not knoiw what it is from..Ballast? Internal something? TV goes on, but noise is so disturbing that I turn it off and start again in hopes the noise will disappear..No Luck..No kidding..It worked for awhile with me slamming my hand on the back of the set, but now the sound of buzzing is all the time..PLEASE HELP!

  124. avatar Warren says:

    i have a HLP5067WX/XAA Samsung

  125. avatar Irena says:

    just a belated thank you to your site (and links). Our Samsung HLN4743 series had multiple issues at the same time…bulb, color wheel & ballast. But with ‘your’ help, made all the repairs myself!!! My husband was pretty impressed too!! By the way, my lamp counter was at 14,568 before resetting. One last thing, Discount Merchant is very helpful whether ‘live’ on line or by phone and can answer most if not all of your parts questions.

    Thanks again.

  126. avatar jj lacroix says:

    My lamp a BP96-01073A(p) has started to get dim and I am in need of replacing it after 11516 hours of operation. Any suggestions for a place with good quality and prices. I am in Canada

  127. avatar Brian S says:

    i’m having the same issue as michelle in post #95. same model. as soon as i plug the tv in it turns on then shuts off over and over with no end. i know it’s not the lamp because i have a replacement which had sitting around. i noticed that when it cycles on and off i could hear a switch or something going off behind the connections panel. i had a problem before where half my screen was discolored for the longest time and i thought it was the lamp. after replacing the lamp the issue was still there. at the point, i reconnected my connections in the back and my problem went away (even after going back to my original lamp). this power cycling issue started when the colors malfunctioned again so i attempted to reconnect the inputs. now it just power cycles. michelle, have you been able to fix your issue? or can anyone else with input help me out? thanks.

  128. avatar Jeff says:

    I have a Samsung HLR5067w and ordered my bulb from Discount Merchant on a Thursday and it arrived Saturday via USPS, very impressive. The first indication the bulb was going out was that the picture was getting dimmer. Then one night my daughter turned it on and it made this loud popping sound followed by a series of grinding, very loud, and no picture. So I did some research and the grinding sound was something in common with the color wheel failing, so I ordered one of those as well. When I opened up the back and pulled the bulb out I noticed glass from the bulb all over, so I figured the loud popping sound we were hearing was the filament arching. I replaced the bulb, replaced back cover and the picture was perfect. So I didn’t need the color wheel but, I’ll keep for a spare just in case. I checked the hour meter and had 10,277 hours on the original Phillips bulb.

  129. avatar JTR says:

    Just replaced my original bulb today. I’ve had the TV for about 5 years now and the filament in the original bulb actually shattered inside the bulb. Replaced the bulb and went to reset the lamp counter and it had just under 17800 hours. Guess I should consider myself quite lucky. Ordered the new one from MI Technologies(Discount Merchant) on Fri. and they had it at the door on Mon. without me even having to pay for overnite shipping. I also noticed they sent the new smaller bulb replacement with the adapter. Hopefully that is a good thing. Just wanted to share my experience. Love the set by the way.

  130. avatar TonyC says:

    Just replaced my big bulb with one of your small bulbs with the adapter on my Samsung HLP6163W DLP TV. 10 minutes and that included resetting the lamp hour meter! It is up and running fine! Old bulb had 7177 hours on it.

    Thanks Discount Merchant! Best prices and great service! Lamp arrived in two days!


  131. avatar Alonzo says:

    i have a samsung dlp 50′ hlr5067wax. it is 2 years old.

    when i plug in the tv in the socket, the source button flashes ‘lamp’. then, the tv flashes on and off non stop with no indication on the source button.

    i am not sure to replace the lamp, reset the lamp hours, or replace the colorwheel.

    thank you for your cooperation.



  132. avatar Jimmy from Queens, NY says:


    Many thanks for your good advice! I was able to replace the bulb in my Samsung DLP and saved money by keeping the original housing.

    Question: Since I have replaced the bulb, the television turns on but has turned itself off three times in the past 24 hours. It was not on excessively before this happened and turns back on when I press the power button. I have NOT reset the lamp timer – would this be the problem?

    Color is fine, no whirring noise is heard. But it’s frustrating when I watch television and unconsciously fear that the tv will turn itself off. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

  133. avatar William Smith says:

    I have a Samsung DLP Model # HL-R4266W. A couple of weeks ago I went to turn the TV on and the timer and standby/temperature lights started flashing. After a min or so they stop flashing and the standby/temperature light stays solid red.

    I have replaced the lamp as well as the ballast and still get the same results. Does anyone have any idea what I can try next to get this TV to turn on again?

    Please reply here or email me at I really need some advice!

    Thank you.

  134. avatar LiveLifeLearn says:

    I’m trying to check the life of the bulb on my Samsung 5663w. John Wall posted earlier on this topic but that didn’t make much sense. Can anyone give me a break down on how to check the Bulb Life? I ordered my new lamp from Samsungparts and it clearly was an old housing unit for the lamp and i’m wondering if the lamp is new also. I’ve heard shady things about parts coming from Samsung and I’d like to check the hours on this lamp. BTW I reset the Lamp status before I put the new bulb in.

  135. avatar Mark MacQ says:

    My 3 yr old Samsung DLP HL-R5678W power button had all lights flashing and no screen indicating a bad bulb. It also had a loud buzzing noise. I called my extended warranty company (NSI) and finally received a bulb after 2 weeks. The original lampcode is BP96-01074A(P) and the replacement I just received is BP96-01415A(P120W). I just saw a reference on saying… the original Samsung Lamp BP96-01074A was actually replaced by enclosure number BP96-01415A. I don’t understand how the new replacement could be a differnet size, shape and the male/female connectors are not aligned. Any ideas on this? Also,is the buzzing associated with the bad bulb or is it poosibly the fan? I performed the reset by holding the Mute (or Menu button) + 1 + 8 + 2 + power and I didn”t think it worked becasuse there was no utility screen or # of hours shown. The TV did start working although the picture is dull, flickers and I’ve still got the loud buzzing sound. Any help would be apreciated. Sorry this post is so long. Mark

  136. avatar Phil Seery says:

    HI – Samsung HL-R5678W. Manual says that when the three indicators on the power button are blinking, it’s the bulb. However I can press the button to clear the blinking lights, and turn it right back on again. Bulb works great…for about 5-10 minutes, then the machine shuts off with the three blinking lights. I’m VERY confused – anyone have a clue?

  137. avatar Eddie says:

    I’ve always had good experiences with them, though I don’t know how good that lamp adapter is.

  138. avatar Eddie says:

    I’d try the lamp first. It’s the cheapest and easiest solution since the lamp usually goes out first.

  139. avatar Eddie says:

    Well, most companies recycle the lamp housings or enclosures. That’s nothing new. The lamp is the only thing that goes bad. Also, the TV can’t keep track of how long a lamp’s been on.. it’s like replacing the engine in your car. Your odometer isn’t going to be able to tell how many miles the new engine has–there’s no internal counter for the lamp.

  140. avatar Eddie says:

    That’s a color wheel. If it’s buzzing from the lamp area, it could be the ballast. The buzz or hum noise can be either. Samsung has some crazy part numbers that don’t make sense. Discount Merchant just sells the lamps.

  141. avatar Eddie says:

    Well, if the lamp is working, most likely it’s another failed part. Ballast or color wheel!

  142. avatar Elena says:

    Please help- I am going insane! My Samsung DLP turns off on it’s own (quite a few times before it will stay on for awhile- and then it will stay on for hours)… after reading many forums, I’m assuming it’s the lamp or ballast- but how do I know which? When it turns off, the standby/temp and lamp indicators flash (not the timer light), and the manual says all three flash when the lamp needs to be replaced. And the picture is fine, so those things lead me to think it’s not the lamp. I’d rather not spend a ton of money getting a tech out here if I don’t have to. Any thoughts? Thanks- I truly appreciate your time.

  143. avatar karen says:

    I just replaced my lamp after the screen went dark and would not come back on. I checked the total lamp hours and it was just 2,497. That seems very low. The dlp was purchased in 06 and is a Samsung HLS4676S. Does anyone know if this is a common problem?

  144. avatar Miller says:

    Hello and Help;
    I have a Samsung HL-R4266W DLP TV that is working fine except that where it should be displaying black it instead displays red!… I’m thinking that it might be the color wheel but it’s not making any noise.
    It happened ‘all-of-a-sudden’ while my son was playing a video game and won’t go away.
    Any Ideas? I hate to play swaptronics and get it wrong.

  145. avatar Bruce says:

    I also have now replaced the lamp, ballast, and power board for the Samsung 5063. The TV still turns on and off. I did check my color wheel and it looked fine. I have also cleaned out the TV with compressed air. If anyone has any further assistance I would really like to hear it. My TV have now cost me approc $300 for the spare parts to no avail. Needless to say i will never buy another Samsung.

  146. avatar ken says:

    i have a 60 inch lcd zenith what is the reset code for the lamp , thanks please help

  147. avatar Toni says:

    Thanks to everyone who have contributed to this discussion! Our Samsung HL-S5086W has been doing this intermittently for a year, yet it would stop doing it after a day or so. However, it powers down so often now that I brace myself while watching a show! Our house is 50 years old, so we thought that it was power surges or a bad connection causing it.

    Perhaps I’m overlooking it, but I haven’t found anything about lamp replacement in our product manual and had no idea that it was meant to be changed after a certain amount of lamp hours. We’re almost at 5,000h (found the menu thanks to you all) and it looks like this is the problem. *Ironically, it just shut off again*

  148. avatar Dennis says:

    I have HLN437W and have been very lucky so far. My lamp seemed to get darker so I had previously ordered one from people that were holding my warranty from Circuit City. Weird as it may sound my original lamp seemed to recover from getting darker and I adjusted tv to compensate. It also use to cut off automatically once in awhile. Then I had system, Direct TV, upgraded satelite and receiver installed and now it is even better as I get beautiful picture from just DVI cable. Mysteriously the TV stopped shutting off by itself for over 2 years now and only lately

    I had to replace lamp. So I installed lamp that was sent to me under warranty and it lasted about 3 weeks. I took good look at it and the casing was cheaper than my original one that was in TV. So I kept original lamp, as it was not dead yet and installed that one. Beautiful until about 6 hours later that blew. However, I think the lamp that was sent to me through warranty plan was an aftermarket lamp.

    So I decided to play it safe and ordered new lamp from and ballast from the as ballast looked the same as one on samsung parts.

    Well they both arrived. Samsung lamp looks just like original Philips lamp and casing. Ballast arrived same day. I installed both, and “walla” everything is beautiful again. I really don’t think ballast was bad but did not want to take a chance. I noticed that ballast and lamp are both upgraded models and probably work better together anyway.

    By the way, I went to reset lamp and noticed I had over 13,000 hours on original lamp. Had this TV for over 4 years and have noticed like others, noise from color wheel 2 years into owning TV, but that, strangely enough, has quieted down and does not make noise anymore. Maybe these TV’s have to break in bearings or something. I could replace color wheel but color is great and wheel has quieted doen.

    So the moral of the story is “if it is not surely broke, don’t fix it”. leave that damn color wheel alone unless it contiuosly makes noise, and don’t ever pasy for an extended warranty as they send you crappy replacements.

    By the way a technician wanted over 550.00 to troubleshoot and fix lamp and ballast problem as I am now out of warranty. It only cost me 250.00 to fix myself.

  149. avatar Josh says:

    you are wrong my friend …. the TV does keep track of the lamp life with a counter and can be reset when you replace the bulb .

    I just replaced my bulb and reset the timer on my HLR5067W .. Does any body have anything good to say about the Osram brand of bulbs ? I know Phillups is the factory bulb but I just got the Osram from
    witch they say is a oem replacment ?? good thing with this site is they had the best price I could find , very fast shipping(recieved bulb 1 day after ordering), and came with a 1 year warranty ….

    • avatar LOU says:

      Yep!! fist youll see lamp life and below clear lamp click on clear lamp then rigth arrow on remote.
      the mute-1-8-2 code works fine just be patien guys.

  150. avatar Cags says:

    Seem to be in the same boat as yourself..we have a HLN 5065WX..bulb hours are 19,129.
    While the pic is faded a bit,my main concern is the scrolling/flickering lines our set has been having for the the past 6 months.(right after warranty expired)
    Just ordered a new lamp(2 actually)….
    We’ve had the color wheel replaced under warranty,so hoping the bulb is our issue and not the board or something more expensive.

  151. avatar clay says:

    well my samsung HLN617W went out the other day, i replaced the lamp and nothing, so i looked in behind and the color wheel was busted into many pieces. Ordered new color wheel,installed and still the lamp wont turn on. question#1- will the lamp turn on if color wheel is inoperatable? Question#2-how to test either lamp or lamp ballist using a volt meter? Question#3-what would make color wheel break into many pieces? why would this effect the lamp or ballist? I can see the color wheel spinning when i start tv with no lamp in it. Need help in trouble shooting this Thanks in advance Clay

  152. avatar tuan tran says:

    Balist it very easy.
    1) remove the lamp
    2) use philip screw driver one screw each side
    unscrew and unplug wire.
    3) Balist about 6″ long 2″ wilth
    4) make sure mark all wire before unplug.
    them put new back in check all wire in place put
    all the cover back them turn it on
    hope you injoy it

  153. avatar tuan tran says:

    you need replace balist too.

  154. avatar Ken says:

    I have replaced the lamp on my Samsung and got to the menu to reset the lamp hours. How do I reset the hours. Pressed enter and nothing happend the hours are still at 9,684. How do I clear the hours and reset to zero. How important is this? Thanks.

  155. avatar Ken says:

    After installing the new lamp, I got to the menu to reset the lamp hours. But there weren’t any instructions on how to do it. I tried several things but the hours stayed the same. Could you provide that information please. Also how important is it to reset the hours.

  156. avatar Terry says:

    How do you check the lamp meter/counter for hours?

  157. avatar Tom says:

    I have a HLN5065W purchased in October, 2003. When the set was about 1 year old, it developed a horrible sound that I assumed were bad bearings on the light wheel. Service replaced the entire “light generator package”. At the time, I was told that this was the “whole light package which included the wheel”. They told me it cost over $1,500. My original light suddenly and finally went out last week. Three blinking lights. I ordered a new OEM replacement lamp and within minutes had the lamp replaced in the housing and installed in the set. I turned the power back on the set. The lamp and picture came on but there was a very loud humming sound. It appears that the fan is running. Cound this be the bearings on the light wheel? Why would this start now? I have tried re-installing the light package several times thinking something might be binding, but this did no good. I left the power on and it shut itself off. What should my next step be? It appears that I can replace my set for the cost of repairing the light wheel. Please help.

  158. avatar Kyle says:

    Hey all. Have a Samsung dlp HLR5067. Over the last few months have had the problem of the tv freezing with the sound. Tried fixing it by “Jimmying” the blue lamp door switch/censor in the up position with no luck. When i get the TV on now the entire screen is covered with green, white, and black squares. Tv was purchased in Jan. 06 (last financial aid check, figured go big)without the 400 dollar extended warranty. Lamp has 4421 hours on it. Not look into dropping over 1000 dollars to try and fix when i could by a new tv for that price. Any help would be great. Oh yeah, closest authorized Samsung tech is 3 hours away.
    Thanks for the help

  159. It sounds like it might be a light engine issue, which will be very expensive to fix. See if you can take some photos and post them up on the forums. Someone might be able to help you fix it.

  160. Sounds like a color wheel. There is no “light wheel” — the horrible sound was probably the color wheel originally. Some places that replace the light engine also replace the color wheel since it sits in the light engine. If they had the engine without a color wheel, they would have used your original wheel, which was still faulty. Color wheels run $100-150 dollars and take about 3 hours to replace.

  161. avatar Mike G. says:

    I have a Samsung 46″ DLP ( HL- S4676S ) I am actually on hold with Samsung as I write you this. I purchased this TV Nov. 25, 2006. My 3rd bulb has gone on the TV and I am in need of a 4th. I have another family member who has had the same bulb still going after 4.5 years. I am really frustrated being that Samsung had someone look at the TV while it was still under warranty and it was just probably a bad bulb, or a fluke. Well, obviously I’m not thinking it is a fluke anymore. Was wondering if you have any suggestions? The Tv has never been moved since purchase, and I’m well aware that once you turn off a dlp it should not be turned back on for at least 5 minutes. Also the tv is about 12″ from the wall which I feel is well ventilated. Just really frustrated and disappointed. Plus the fan does run if wondering, and removed the bulb which looks ok, but lights are flashing as if bulb went. Please Help if can!!

  162. avatar ziggy says:

    I have Samsung DLP HL P4663W. Last winter it was shutting off by it self once in while. I tought it may because it was cooler in the room. That problem went away and it was good untill now when it shut down and it can not be turn ON. When press with remote control only “timer” is flashing and nothing happend.
    Please help How to start with this?

    Thank you for any advices

  163. avatar ziggy says:

    I have reset the lamp hours by pressing mute,1, 8, 2 power.
    The TV is ON now. What to do now. How do I check lamp hours, shuld I replace lamp? The Tv is 4 years old.

    Thank you

  164. avatar ziggy says:

    The lamp has 7000 hours.

  165. avatar Kyle says:

    It’s Kyle again, i have been dealing with samsung about the screen freeze problem and am starting to feel like they are just going to give me the run-a-round. I talked to the Authorized samsung tech (who is about three hours away) and he said he’s seen about 50 of these samsung dlp’s and said that all have been digital boards. Now im stuck with the decision of scrapping my 2000 dollar investment with only 4400 hours on it, or dropping another 500 into it(at least). And i would venture to guess that with 4400 hours on the lamp it will need replacing in the near future at another couple of hundred bucks). Anybody fix this problem on the cheap or have any other advice?

  166. avatar Rawn says:

    I have a HL-P5663W set. It is making a screeming noise and the screen is black for a while and then comes on. Once on if the screeming starts again the colors become very wierd. It sounds like the color wheel dies that sound right? Also I can not get the lamp counter to work does this set have a different code?

    Thanks for any help this site is great.

  167. avatar Jim says:

    Ziggy – Sorry for the late reply but I have the same model as you and experienced the same problem – shutting off by itself. Mine also appeared to “fix” itself but after about 3 or 4 months it got worse. As it was under warranty, I called the tech and they came out and replaced the bulb. No charge but it would have cost $195 for the bulb and assembly and $150 labor. That was a month shy of 2 years ago. Of course, my warranty now is up and the picture was getting darker and darker and then the bulb just blew. I ordered a new bulb from Discount-Merchant for $110 4 days ago and just installed it. Great picture now and no problems (knock on wood).

  168. avatar Rick says:

    Bought a Samsung DLP 61″ in oct 05. Lamp has not yet burned out. Already reached 12818 hours lifespan on original bulb. Also was bought off showroom floor as GoodGuys was going out of business.

  169. avatar Phil says:

    I purchased my Samsung HR-L5067 in January of 2006 and I now have just over 9440 hours on my lamp. 3 months ago, the tv began to flicker whenever there was a bright white background or dynamic picture. It has gotten progressively worse and is now almost unwatchable. Can you tell me if this is the bulb or something else. There is no noise (like a fan or color wheel) just the flickering and blue screen displaying the message “Not Supported Mode”. Any help would be appreciated.

  170. avatar Tommy says:

    I accidentally cleared the lamp hours before I actually saw where it was displayed… Anyway to retrieve that? Not sure if these things have logs or not… Probably out of luck but figured I’d ask you!


  171. avatar John says:

    Mine did that, and it was the color wheel.

  172. avatar John says:

    A tech just replaced my color wheel. He took out a 12×12 inch tray and popped in the new color wheel – Took about 15 minutes. Why was that so fast compared with all the other posts / sites I see about it taking several hours and being tedious? Thanks

  173. avatar fasteddie47 says:

    i just got a samsung hlp5674 and replace the lamp blow up after two days. i dont know if i got a bad one or if its my TV, i dont want to go get a new one if it just going to blow that one up to. i was thinking maybe the fan is not going on to keep the lamp cool and it blow up . are there any test i can do to find out whats going on ?

  174. avatar Brandy says:

    I have replaced my bulb after 3 1/2 years with a lot of television viewing time. When the light TV is on, there are no lights on the TV button. I just wanted to make sure this is correct. I couldn’t remember if the TV green light used to stay on continuously. Also, if it’s not on, am I doing something wrong? The tv works fine. When the tv is off, the red standby light is on. (which is correct) of course, i cant find my owners manual. Thanks. And be kind. I’m a woman. LOL

  175. avatar Brandy says:

    In case I confused anyone, I meant when the TV is ON, there are no lights on the TV button. When it is off, the red standby light is on. When the TV first turns on, the standby/temp, and green lamp button flashes 3 times and then goes completley out. The TV is working fine. I just replaced the bulb. Maybe is because I didn’t replace the timer? Thanks.

  176. avatar jodi says:

    I talked w/ support….most likely bulb problem had samsung tv 60 inch for 4 yrs. purchased bulb…..used fed-ex 2 day…. followed online instructions from this site for installation…VERY EASY….i am a simple housewife… replaced..cleared hours (4818hours)….would use them again…..

  177. avatar Brandy says:

    I replace the bulb, but the lamp on green light wont come on. It flashes 3 times and then goes off(the green light, not tv) The tv is working fine. Does the bulb hours need to be reset or do I need to be worried about the lamp on green button not coming on?


  178. avatar Bruce says:

    Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit against Samsung for selling this shoddy product?

  179. avatar Brandy says:

    Okay. The TV stayed on for about 1 week. Now it wont come on at all. All 3 lights are now flashing, but I just replaced the bulb. I have no idea what to do. I’m not sure if I want to take it to a TV repair shop and spend up to 600 for repairs or get a different type of television. Any advice?

  180. avatar lynntho says:

    After reading about the problems people are having with their Samsung DLP televisions, I wanted to write something positive about the brand. I’ve had my 46″ Samsung since 2004. I checked the projection lamp hours today…9099. After almost 5 years of service the color wheel is starting to fail. Like TVs of old and automobiles of today, tube fail and parts wear out. I’ll have the color wheel replaced. But a new lamp when necessary and I’ll expect my Samsung to provide the same excellent picture quality for five more years. I’ve not seen a set with better picture quality and ease of operation than this one. I think it’s a winner!!

  181. avatar sherry says:

    I doubt you are still reading the forum here, but if you are we are having the exact issue as you and we have the exact model. Please tell us what you have found out! We will check back here to see if you have answered. Sherry & Bernie

  182. avatar Bruce says:

    I have just found this site and was hoping to get some help. I have a HLN5065W it is 5 yrs old. Recently the picture will start to flicker and jump around after the tv has been on for about 10 mins. Shortly after this begins to happen the set will shut off with all three lights flashing. Picture quality is still great until the flickering begins. I am leary to replace the lamp which is the original just to find out that it is something else. Don’t want it to become a money pit. Any ideas or solutions would be appreciated.

  183. avatar Nate says:

    You will need to replace your hyperboard caps and also check your ballast.

  184. avatar sash says:

    i dont know who i can reset my lamp timer after changing the lamp,my tv is the Samsung tantus SP-40J5HA…can anyone help me please ???

  185. avatar Donnell says:

    I am having the same exact problem with my HLP4663W and I don’t know what to do either

  186. avatar Donny says:

    hello, It seems like I’m now having the same problem with my Samsung.
    I bought a new lamp assembly thinking that was going to fix my problems but the TV still won’t turn on and also has a loud sound coming from the back fan area. Was just wondering what it was that was wrong with yours…

  187. avatar Marcus says:

    I have a samsung hls7646, bought in January ’07. First bulb blew in August ’08. Purchased replacement bulb, it blew in Jan. 09. I am installing my third bulb when I get home today. Is there any truth to the internet rumor of the “dynamic” picture setting lessening the bulb life? I’m tired of having problems. Is there a bigger problem that is causing the bulbs to blow?

  188. avatar Brent says:

    I have a samsung hl-r4226w, bought in August 06. Just replaced first bulb. Now I am having another problem. Sometimes the picture gets pixels all over the screen or half the screen . The problem comes and goes. It clears up if I tap on the bottom of TV or tilt it. Please advise. Thanks

  189. avatar Brian says:

    On the bright side… Last night I began getting the whirring/buzzing sound on my HL-R5067W. I believe the color wheel needs replacing. I ran the factory settings menu, checked my lamp hours and it told me an unbelievable 11,296hrs. I am an avid gamer obviously… and I will happily replace my lamp and color wheel for another 3 years and 11,000hrs of play. This is a great TV and to be honest I never expected to get this much life from it. I will order my parts today and will keep you posted on the results of the surgery.

  190. avatar Brian says:

    What did you end up getting? As that is the same bulb I will be looking for any info would help.

  191. avatar Long says:

    How do you look up how many hours are on the lamp?

  192. avatar Roman Masek says:

    Make sure all your cables are in good working order and properly connected without any oxidation. It looks like some type of cold solder or loose connector inside. If you have some mechanical experience I would take the back cover off and slightly tap with the handle of a screwdriver on cables/connectors and boards trying to get as close as possible to the source of the problem you are describing but you have to know what you are doing and where you are tapping to make sure you don’t do more harm to the injured already plus watch for 120 voltage.

  193. avatar julie says:

    i have a 5 yr old 62 samsung dlp hl-p6163w. last night it sounded like something popped, picture went out and is making a loud humming noise. we have replaced the lamp last year and the lamp looks ok. please help!

  194. avatar Knute says:

    I have a Samsung HL-R6167W about 5 years old. It has worked great, never replaced the lamp. All of a sudden it is acting very strangely. It will not respond to the remote or on set controls other that to first freeze the picture, then go blank for a couple of seconds, then come back on with sound and then go silent. I have to unplug to turn off. It will not change channels. I thinkthis is more than a lamp problem.

  195. avatar duane says:

    I have Samsung HL-P6163W That I purchased over four years ago. I have noticed in the past month that the picture has started to dim and in the last week or so, it has been hard to watch during the daytime. I used the procedure above to check my hour meter. I was not really surprised (I watch alot of tv) to see that the hour meter had reached over 10000 hours on the original bulb. I am happy with that lifetime and think that it is time for a new bulb.

    As for extending the bulb life, I say don’t turn it off unless you are not going to be watching it for a while. Heat cycling the bulb reduces the life of the bulb.

  196. Impressive Duane…6K-7K is the mean, so you’re either lucky or you’re doing something right! In any case, it’s always a good idea to keep a spare on hand, you never know when these things might go out!

  197. WOW, that’s got to be up there on the longest living lamps… 🙂

  198. avatar Christina says:

    I’m having the buzzing/humming problem with my DLP also. I’m not convinced that it is the color wheel though… it only makes the noise when the input comes from my cable box or pc. If the signal is from the antenna or DVD there is no humming at all. I have checked the connections, tried different cables, even got a new cable box from the cable company. I have tried switching the cables from Component 1 to Component 2, but still get the buzzing. I just keep thinking if it was the color wheel, it would always make the noise. It stops as I switch from one type of input to another and is totally silent when it is on the antenna input.

    Thanks for any ideas in advance!


  199. avatar Rey says:

    Did you ever get your tv to work. I have the same problem.

  200. avatar leo says:

    do you know how to check the hours on the lamp?

  201. avatar Luis says:

    I have a 61″ Samsung DLP I purchased in Jul 2004. I has worked fine until now. The 1st lamp went out Feb 2008, It was replaced under warranty, but that lamp went out a month later, the filament sahttered. The 3rd bulb just went out yesterday (the lamp seems OK but the lamp light keeps flashing and the TV won’t turn on) Does anyone may knows why the lamps keeps going out? the lamp code is BP96-0024J (P)

  202. avatar Chris says:

    I had the same thing happening, Color Wheel fixed it for me.

  203. avatar Dave says:

    Have the same set and have had color wheel replaced twice after making same sounds. I would bet thats your problem. It will get worse as time passes.

  204. avatar Randy says:

    Did you get this resolved? I’d like to know, my set is doing the
    exact same thing.

  205. avatar Luis says:

    Thanks, it was the color wheel.

  206. avatar jarrett says:

    i have the same exact problem with my tv as you did yours. My samsung 67 inch from 2005 sounds like a buz saw but the bulb is still good. i think. what fixed it? I appreciate your time.

    • avatar Dave says:

      That is your color wheel screaming for attention. The buzz saw noise is the motor. I had the same thing – it got so loud you could hear it over the programs.

      Replace your color wheel and it will be nice an quiet!

      • avatar Rick says:

        I replaced bulb on Samsung DLP 4667w and at first everthing fine. Then tv shut off on its own. I put an external fan on the tv an seemed to be fine; also kept it two feet from wall.
        Today I read the comments decided to reset the lamp hours. Crap!!! used your guide to reset lamp; pushed “mute 1 8 2 power” got the guide and went to option. I selected user reset and pressed enter on remote. tv went out and wen turned on a few minutes later, it said no signal. I check cable box and hdmi cable, all were fine. I checked the source several times but no picture on tv and still says no signal. Then when I turned the tv off, there is a red light on the “on” button saying “stand by temp” What do I do now

        • avatar guy says:

          did you ever figure out the problem because i’m going through the same thing with mine. any suggestions, other than buy a new tv

  207. avatar Beverly says:

    Have a Samsung DLP HL-S5687W. The TV was shutting off and all three lights were blinking, so we replaced the lamp. Now the TV is still shutting off and if you try to turn it back on it makes a high pitched beeping noise and won’t turn back on for awhile. Any ideas?

  208. avatar Chad says:

    I have a 56 inch Samsung DLP that I bought in late 2006. It has worked great up until last weekend. I turn it on, it comes on normally (with no odd sounds), runs for about 30-40 seconds, and then turns off. About 10-15 seconds later the fans shut off, and the 3 lights start blinking on the front. I understand from surfing around that this is probably a sign that I need a new lamp – that’s fine, and I’m going to order one here tonight regardless. My main questions are: If the lamp is done, why does it come on and work great for a while first? Why can’t I just run the thing until it dies? Will it literally explode? How does the TV know that the lamp is almost out? Does it measure wattage? Is it total hours used? If so, would resetting the usage hours be a short-term fix, while waiting for the new bulb? Who is John Galt?

    Like I said, I’m replacing the bulb regardless, but I want to understand what’s driving this. Thanks.

    • avatar Gene says:

      Chad did you ever get your question answered? I read your blog and I am having the same exact problem with my HL-P4663W. The longer I have the TV off, the longer it stays on. The more I use it, the sooner it turns of etc. Here is the weird part, I can see the lamp itself is still on?
      Now I bought the TV used about a year ago, worked great and then a couple months ago started to turn off, sound on, lamp on but no picture. I have asked so many people and half of them want money to give an answer. I have had 3 different possibilities, but none of them said it is the lamp.

      I appreciate it if you let me know if you question was answered and if you found a resolution finally…

      Thanks a lot.

  209. avatar Edward says:

    I have a Samsung DLP SP-67L6HX I recently changed the lamp. One day the TV just turned off, it would turn it self on then off and then off and finally all 3 LED lights would start blinking. Since I’ve bought the new Lamp I’m having trouble resetting the counter. I’ve tried Mute+1+8+2+Power and also Menu+1+8+2+Power with no luck. Are there any other suggestions.

  210. avatar jewel says:

    help please just replaced bulb in a samsung model hlt5075sx-axx.all three lights flashing tried the mute 1-8-2power stays on for a few seconds and then goes back to flashing again hepl please

  211. avatar Rob says:

    Thanks for the info on how to rest the lamp hour on my 47″Samsung DLP…14,683 hours on first bulb. Hope this one last as long.

  212. avatar Leeann says:

    I have a Samsung HL-T5076S DLP TV. Just the other night the tv shut off by itself. The tv is 18months old. The lamp light and sensor temp light are flashing. Then all three began flashing. Is this the Lamp possibly? Thank you

    • avatar bryan says:

      I had this same problem with it shutting down on it’s own. the reason it does this is that the bulb gets to hot, it’s most likely the back of your unit is full of dust. you need to take the back cover off and use an air can to blow it out, but make sure it is cooled down first so the cold air wont explode your hot lamp

  213. avatar Dave says:

    I just replaced the lamp on our hlt 5075sx/xaa and reset the hour meter afterwards thanks to the earlier posts. The original had 6539 hrs. on it and the dust was pretty bad, but lighter than I expected. I had never tried any internal cleaning before the lamp died. I would warn others replacing their lamps to clean as much dust off with the tv unplugged before removing the lamp fixture and then be careful that the remaining dust clumps don’t get into the color wheel assembly. It could explain color wheel failures shortly after replacing a lamp. Just a heads up. From what I could see my color wheel assembly was really clean still.

  214. avatar Jim says:

    Install new lanp for HLP 5663w the TV just recycles on and of between lamp & standby/temp flashing. Make a screching noise! Any help would be welcomed!

    Thank You!

  215. avatar bigdog says:

    Just wanted to comment that for me to be able to enter the service menu I had dis connect all the inputs if not the menu would come up but only for 5 seconds and then the TV would display what ever input was last used. Other than this the codes worked fine.

  216. avatar Claude says:

    Our 50 in Sampsung DLP has in intermittent problem. It will work for days, maybe weeks, then it cycles-first the sound stops, then 10 seconds later the picture also drops out, then it resets itself. After about 5 minutes, it repeats. No lights on the front blink, no melody sound. Unplugging it and replugging it in, stops the problem for days. I guess I will trying cleaning the light fixture, and fan to see it it helps. Symptoms don’t see exactly as described above. Any thoughts? I will also look at the lamp lifetime. This problem started 6 months ago, then after messing with the ac plugs, it disappeared for several months. Wierd.

  217. avatar bobt says:

    I ahve been reading all the notes from everyone…Thanks good stuff!!!! our HLN5065WX intermittently will not turn on… I have used all the tricks from unplugging the set, resetting the memory and resetting the lamp counter. When the picture does come on it is clear, sharp and has great sound. I don’t like replacing parts for parts that appear to be working. i have vacumned and dusted the set. As long as I unplug the set after every use, we have a 50-50 chance it will turn on. Can anyone share a thought or should we just wait for something to fail hard… fyi i had 6104 hrs on the lamp when I reset the meter.

  218. avatar Josh says:

    I thought my lamp was bad in my dlp but dont forgett about the little hidden pannel switch located down in the bottom right corner in back. check the switch before you do anything. hold the little blue switch and push power simultanioussly. tada

  219. avatar Josh says:

    the switch is a sensor that lets it know if the lamp pannel is removed. the screen will not come on untill you activate the switch. its a safety device built in so you dont get zapped.

  220. avatar Josh says:

    Im pretty sure all samsung tantus DLP 2003 and newer have the sensor.

    • avatar Wendie says:

      The sensor you are talking about, is it on the left side of the tv if you were facing it? Like a circle with a little piece that can pop out…. I have done the code given and nothing so far but I remember someone toching that circle part yesterday before the problems started…

  221. avatar Jim says:

    My Samsung HLR5667W was just getting too dark while watching SciFi shows during daylight. The picture was set to Movie mode. I changed it to Enhanced mode and the picture came back to life. Less than 8 hours later the lamp literally exploded. I guess that this, the original lamp, lasted as long as it had because I got a setup DVD and tweaked the correct brightness and colors with that. I had heard that using the Enhanced mode would cost more in electricity than a proper setup. I believe now that it (the Enhanced mode) burns up the lamp faster.

  222. avatar Jim says:

    BTW: I bought the big 4 year warranty ($400) and except for some initial adjustment problems and a color wheel replacement up front (there would have been handled by the factory warranty), I never had any problems. The warranty ran out less than 4 months ago and the lamp burned out.

  223. avatar Javi says:

    Need help we replaced lamp on 50 in DLP and still not working all three things blinking now what else could be wrong.

  224. avatar ED says:

    Samsung DLP TV HCM4216W

    Sometimes comes on for awhile- then shuts off.
    how to increase cooling? As i see that is a common problem

  225. avatar Genaro says:

    I have a Samsung R5688W……..After watching TV for a while the right side of the screen goes black (exactly half of screen). No wierd noises or blinking lights or anything like that.

    Turn the set off and back on after powering down and it works fine again…..sometimes for a couple minutes and sometimes for hours before I get half a black screen again.

    Is it the lamp, color wheel, or balast?………Please Help!

    • avatar Steve Ida says:

      I am having the same problem with my samsung Hlr6768 did you ever find out what the problem was.your help would be appreciated.Thanks

  226. avatar John Elliott says:

    I have a Samsung 56 inch TV, Purchaced in 2005, the bulb went out in 2008. Ordered on line. Paied around $280.00 or so. I did not have to reset factory timer. Seems to be working just fine. Why would I do this operation? Thanks, Jack Elliott

  227. avatar Dan Nible says:

    Our TV was shutting down pretty often.It had the evil red and green flashing lights. Anyway I replaced the lamp and large cooling fan and it has been running fine with no issues now for a week. The old fan seemed to be running fine and it may not have been the issue, but its a pretty cheap part.

  228. avatar Mandi says:

    Hi! I have a samsung model HLS4266WX/XAA and this morning when my daughter turned it on it was fine for about 2 minutes then the screen went black all the lights blinked (lamp, timer, standby and temp) then turned off. This is all it will do now. I am a single mother and have NO CLUE how to handle this. Is this something fixable or do I need to just go ahead and start scraping up some money to buy another tv? I have had this tv for almost 3 years and never had any problems with it. Any help would be great!

  229. avatar jeff says:

    If you read the first few pages of your manual, you’ll see the LED “blink” codes. Mine was doing the same thing…..all LEDs blinking at turn-on… means your bulb needs to be replaced. It’s easy, you can do it yourself, and they cost about $120 right here on this site. Let’s see all those LCD and Plasma owners renew their sets so easily when their backlights and powersupplies go bad! 🙂

    I could email you the Service Manual too, if you want…which tells you how to zero the hours-counter for the bulb, when you do change it. I just googled “sm-hls4676s” and found a guy posting the service manual. And for all you “white spot” people, it shows how to replace the DMD chip too, if you’re willing.

  230. avatar Mary Miranda says:

    Purhase Samsun 56″ HL-T56755 about 3 years ago. 18 months later lamp burned out. Purchased 5 year warranty so lamp was covered. About 9 months later, lamp burned out. Warranty will only cover one lamp. Purchased lamp and service changed out another part. Several months later, lamp burned out. This part cost approximately $280.00. Samsung would not extend warranty so I am not able to watch TV that I still have 2 year warranty on. If these TV’s are defective why isn’t Samsung helping?

  231. avatar Eliza says:

    I have a 42 inch. I replaced the bulb in Feb 09 and I hardly ever watch TV because I work on the internet mostly. My TV started going out again and I knew I only had no more than 50 hours on it so it shouldn’t be the bulb. I read everything here and on other sites, so I did the mute 1 8 2 thing and I reset the timer and other things but it was still turning off. I finally decided that when I did the mute 1 8 2 thing to go ahead and do the FACTORY RESET. Well that worked! It reset my timer again, and I have now successfully watched 3 hours straight of TV tonight – LOST’s season premiere – without going black. I know all of us have different situations but this worked for me thank goodness.

  232. avatar david says:

    how do reset the service menu to factory settings. i was checking the hours on the bulb and i think some other setting my have got changed. so can i reset the service menu to factory or what should the color boost setting be. help thanks

  233. avatar Pamela says:

    My lamp light on my 46″ Samsung DLP began to blink after the TV shut off. I took it out of the plug for 15 minutes and that solved the problem. I had problems with the TV cutting off before because there is no outlet by that TV. I bought a power strip and plugged everything else into it. Then I plugged the TV into the remaining outlet using a heavy duty extension cord. To permanently fix the problem I will have to have another electric outlet installed. These TV’s are not supposed to be hooked up to power strips or extension cords.

  234. avatar Robert says:

    OMG thank you thank you thank you, I can’t say thanks enough. Replaced my bulb, and just got done resetting my time, very very cool!! Mute+1+8+2+power. 14782 hours on the factory Osram Bulb. I’m not going to lie the service menu is kind of intimidating, but I did it. It automatically went to the menu when I entered the code. I just powered off the set waiting for a few minutes and will turn it back on when I’m done here. Thanks again everyone!!

  235. avatar Hall says:

    HELP!!! I have a 50 inch DLP and replaced the color wheel; it worked fine for 24 hours, the next day it would not light up. So I replaced the lamp, did not work. So I check the power to the ballast, the power to the ballast was fine, the power to the lamp was not working, so I replaced the ballast, still lamp is not working. Then I noticed the new color wheel is not turning. Does any one have any other suggestion?

    • Please post problems in the forum. We don’t really answer questions anymore on the blog because it gets really cumbersome to do so! Thanks!

      To help you with your question: There are two different voltages to your lamp. You can’t test for it with a standard multimeter, so I suspect your lamp and ballast are fine and it’s your color wheel that’s the problem… but let’s backtrack because a misdiagnosis early on could have messed up that set of yours.

      Where did you get the color wheel, and how did you first come to that conclusion?

  236. avatar Myron says:

    My set wouldn’t come on. No sound or pic. I bought a new lamp from this site and it worked for about 4 hours and then it went back to the blinking lights. There are no odd sounds like the color wheel. i have tried resetting the bulb timer but I can’t get the screen to come on. I’ve tried mute 182 and menu 182 and nothing. Help!

  237. avatar Harry says:

    just checked lamp hours on phillips bp96-0082a for samsung hlr-5667w out of curiosity. 16487 hours. picture started getting dim about a week ago. brightness control not working very well. there are no popping noises or lights flashing. still a good set. time to buy another bulb i guess.

  238. avatar manny says:

    my tv wont turn on i just put new lamp but dont fix the problem hlr6167wax/xaa samsung

  239. avatar Michael says:

    I hav a Samsung Model; HLS426wx/xaa Serial;B19v3cel700483h. Problem tv shuts off 5-20seconds after turning on. Any suggestions?

  240. avatar aaron says:

    Michael, symptons are of a bug lamp hour counter.
    to reset the lamp hours by pressing mute,1,8,2,power in quick succession to access a service screen.
    scroll down the service menu to options.
    scroll over to the lamp reset option, press enter or right.

  241. avatar Kenny says:

    Samsung HL-s5686w. Noticed the picture getting dim so I replaced the bulb. WOW what a difference…..for about 30 seconds. Then the three dreaded lights. Made no headway troubleshooting, the lamp would never stay on more than 30 seconds. So I re-installed the old bulb. Set worked fine. Ordered new ballast. Old bulb went out two days later. Installed new bulb and new ballast. Back to the set turning off after 30 seconds max. then the three blinking lights. BTW lamp timer was at 15550!
    Reset that too. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

    • avatar Kenny says:

      UPDATE: Figured that the lamp had to be the culprit so I bought a new one and the set is now staying on. However I think I may need a new color wheel because after an hour or so I started seeing color shifting. Oh well. Still cheaper than a new set.

  242. avatar Ndstein says:

    Went into options and see where lamplife is 4329 hours. Do not see where you can reset. I do however see that the second selection from the top is EER RESET. Is that the problem? Also now there is just snow on the screen. Any suggestions?

  243. avatar cue says:

    i put new color wheel in but i can’t seem to adjust the color. Any suggestions?

  244. avatar ray says:

    Replaced lamp in my 50 DLP with 18345 hours on the meter. Thanks to this site, I did not have to pay a tech to do the work!

  245. avatar Emilia says:

    Hi, my husband just replaced the lamp in our DLP-TV. Model # HL-S5086W. It works fine now after it was shutting off by itself and blinking Standby/Temp, Timer, Lamp all at once. Now the tv buzzes loud. It wasn’t buzzing before. Any advice?

  246. avatar rob says:

    My tv stopped being color correct about 2 months ago…lots of green where should be blue.

    It would also make a loud spinning/ratcheting noise….

    Now it just stopped showing a picture. Still screen comes on…sometimes balck…sometimes bright white…sometimes with little color dots…

    Do i need to replace the lamp? the color wheel…something else?

  247. avatar steve says:

    My 42inch dlps picture seems to be losing its brightness I turned up the brightness control all the way
    not as bright as it used to be it’s 4yrs old.could it be the bulb?

  248. avatar Ben says:

    I have a 50 inch samsung dlp. I have already replaced the color wheel. I have a new proplem now though. Now after watching the tv for about an hour the right half of the screen goes completely black. The left side still works just fine and the sound is fine. If I turn the tv off for a bit then turn it back on it is ok for a few minutes then the right side goes black again. Does anyone know whats wrong?

  249. avatar Elton says:

    For those who are having a problem with their tv shutting off without the blinking bulb lights, i had the same problem and i found it to be the switch to the access door, i just bent the metal tab that holds it, back towards the back off the tv and it worked but be careful not to break it unless you know how to weld.

  250. avatar Caleb says:

    Ive got a Samsung HL56a650. A couple of nights ago i shut off my xbox, the tv went to the no signal screen (which it should), but it wouldnt shut off. Had to pull the plug. Now it will stay on if it is plugged in but without a picture. The lamp is good still and color wheel spins great. The lamp light flashes when it is on just like it always did when booting up. Anybody have any idea?

  251. avatar Tim says:

    For a couple of months my TV’s (46″ HLR4667WAX/XAA) picture has been pausing in the middle of programs. Had my Comcast DVR box restet and the problem went away for a couple of months (not sure if that is related or not). Then one day my TV would not turn on. I replaced the bulb and now the bulb lights up (BRIGHT) but i have no picture or audio. NO, little chime they make when turning on and off either. I cannot see any menu screens or anything. Absolutly nothing from the front of the TV except for a small glow form the bulb. “LAMP” flashes 19 times then pauses for 1-2 seconds, flashes again 11 more times, “LAMP” goes out, the bulb stays lit for some time and then shuts off. The ballast does not seem to be making more than one or two sets of audible clicking noise and the bulb gets BRIGHT!!! I can hear the color wheel stop spinning after the two fans shut off, so I dont think that is my problem, plus when I pulled it all apart the color wheel spun fine and looked perfect. Is it the light engine? If so, should I just get one with the new color wheel (seems like a common problem aswell).

    • avatar Jim says:

      Did you ever get an answer to the problem you were having. My Samsung has the exact same issue and I have not been able to get any answer.

    • avatar Dave says:

      I am having the same problem, I was getting the picture freeze and had to un-plug it since then I get the same systems you described, did you ever get a resolution.

  252. avatar Shawn says:

    Depending on the model you own there may not be a lamp reset prompt. Use the lamp clear prompt instead and the lamp hours will reset to 0. Then you should be good to go. Every other instruction is accurate. I have had the same lamp for 6 years and reset twice. Do not replace the lamp until you try resetting it. The timer obviously does not always (never) reflects the life of the bulb.

  253. avatar uppi says:

    how to reset the Samsung M250 Projector lamp, plz let me knw ASAP

  254. avatar edoctoor says:

    Thanks, worked like a charm.

  255. avatar PAMELA WILLIS says:


  256. avatar Brandon says:

    hey I got to the factory screen but every time I press a button on the remote the tv turns on/off. no matter what button I press. plz help!

  257. avatar Confused says:

    Doesn’t work for me, what did I do wrong 🙁

  258. avatar rhall says:

    Hey, brandon, I was having an issue with this all morning, and i feel a lot of people might, so i’m posting my fix for every button being the power button. If you turn on or off the tv with the front button on the tv, occasionally it sticks, causing it to respond to every other button as the power button

  259. avatar Kim says:

    My samsung tv doesn’t stay on long enough for me to get to the reset lamp hours option, it keeps shutting off

  260. avatar Chris Blackburn says:

    I have had my Samsung DLP for 5 years and have had four lamps. Is there a lawsuite filed?

  261. avatar Goochyyyy says:


  262. avatar Jimmy says:

    What if I don’t have the remote anymore? How do I do a reset then?

  263. avatar Greg O says:

    I have an HLN617W and the tv just went off all of the sudden. when you try to turn on, the green light for “lamp” clicks on, then a click and its off and the tv never turns on. I tried the lamp reset, but the tv does not turn on. The fuse is good, up in arms, hands clinched over my face….

  264. avatar ovadoggvo says:

    Greg O,
    You may want to try a new lamp and if it doesn’t fix the issue, the problem will most likely be the ballast.

    Ballast can be found at website. If you don’t see it, call them an refer to SKU 109512 … The EUC 120 P/11 ballast. It’s around $60 or so and it should keep your TV going bright for years to come!

  265. avatar Daniel says:

    I have a samsung dlp that the bulb has gone out 7 or 8 times in three years. The ballast and some other parts were replaced by a certified tech after the 4th time and still no luck. The bulb only last like 3 months. The store I bought it from said its not a lemon because its just the lamp that goes out. What should i do?

  266. avatar Cogs says:

    4 years ago I got this tv HLN617W, and it needed a new lamp fan. The tv kept turning off and would not go back on unless I pulled the plug for a bit. New fan, it works great! Just be sure to replace the correct one. There are 3-4 of them. Now I have just replaced the color wheel. It was screaming! But the colors were ok. Now tv is soooooo quiet, I don’t have to turn up the volume to hide the sound. This has been a great tv for me. I bought it for $200. With the bad fan. I use this for cable, wii, ps3, TiVo, and watching movies from the computer. Don’t give up people…it is a good tv.

  267. avatar nikki says:

    samsung dlp tv slim line bp68-006334 need help just left it on to go run errands and the timer light and lamp light keep blinking. what to do to trouble shoot. anyone with ideas before i go and buy another tv. tv is only like 4 yrs old i think

  268. avatar Leslie says:

    Please need assistance with my Samsung HLT5675SX/AA because we can not turn it on, we´ve trying to unplug the power supply then plug it again, after many days , till now we can not tur it on. Awaiting kind regards. Leslie Urbina S.

  269. avatar Keith S says:

    I have a samsung tv I replaced the lamp tried to reset timer .
    tv makes a sound one light blinks for 5 sec then three lights comes on
    three blinking lights mean replace lamp.I installed a new one and shut the door.
    still no tv …I need some help please

  270. avatar Jerry W says:

    Having the same problems as all, tv goes off after about 3-5 min with the three lights flashing. Got the lamp reset to work, but still having problems after replacing the lamp..trying the new lamp fan next, will keep you posted..

  271. avatar Todd says:

    Samsung DLP- can not get to the reset lamp screen. Tried the mute+1+8+2+power and it make the tv work again once, then it quit again. now it wont work again. I don’t have the OEM remote. I have one remote that all of the sequence buttons work for the tv, but it doesn’t have a menu button, and another that has a menu button that works for the tv. I have tried using both the menu and the mute button. No luck on getting to the options menu. Any suggestions.

  272. avatar brandon says:

    replaced lamp and cannot get lamp timer reset to work. tried menu and mute and the right cursor button. tv is hlt4675sx/xaa 46″ dlp. it tried 3 times to fire lamp then just flashes all 3 leds. any ideas?

  273. avatar Billy T says:

    I have 61″ Samsung DLP and I am getting sound but not the picture at start up what do you think is wrong and what should I do?

  274. avatar Monica B says:

    I bought a bulb 3 months ago. Tv is blinking all 3 lights so I thought it might be the lamp (AGAIN!) I called where I bought the bulb from and it’s still under warranty, thank goodness, but he wants me to reset my timer but how am I supposed to reset the timer if i can’t turn the tv on???? Can anyone help me please???

  275. avatar izzy says:

    sweet sauce, my last lamp lasted 9000 or so hours, yet it was only rated at 6000 😛 I think it’s because the tv runs all day long (lights usually last longer when they aren’t shut off and on too often).

  276. avatar Randy J Himes says:

    Replaced bulb 4 months ago and bulb went out again lamp was shattered internally. Ordered new lamp from APEX Lamps installed new lamp and it never comes on tv tries lamp icon is blinking after about three attempts it then showes the timer,lamp and standby temp icons are blinking. Both fans work color wheel turns but nothing from the lamp. Please tell me what to try next, a new ballast or a new tv my Samsung was manufactured July 2004. Please help. This has been the fourth bulb since buying the tv new.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Randy,
      Are you installing an authentic lamp? Generic lamps can cause all kinds of problems. I would recommend joining our forum here we have a community of experts who can help you figure out exactly what is happening with your particular model. They will be able to help you figure out the next step and also direct you to the best place to get an authentic lamp (if needed for your model). You can join at

  277. avatar Ron says:

    I have a Samsung HL-T6756W and have just installed a new Lamp. I followed the instructions to the service menu and it worked perfectly, but I can not clear the Lamp Hours. I went through the menu and found the Lamp Clear Icon above the Lamp Hours Icon, but I do not know what button to push to clear the counter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Ron,
      You can find the manual here:
      Usually to activate a service menu you Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select.
      I would suggest joining our forum where there are some TV experts who can help you further:
      The forum is the community to help you out.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Ron,
      Here are what our experts are recommending for your Samsung HL-T6756W: If the menu is not cooperating, you might have to do a hard reset. That is a Factory reset, this involves entering the service menu so please only do so if you feel comfortable with the selections you are pressing during the process. Below is a step by step:

      -Begin with the TV powered off.
      -Point your remote towards your TV.
      -Press: Mute + 1 + 8 + 2 + Power.
      -Your TV set should now say “Loading Factory”.
      -Browse down to “Option” then press Enter (or the right cursor button).

      NOTE: The Mute+1+8+2 buttons needs to be pressed down consecutively and fairly quickly. If your TV does not enter the service menu after using this combination, you can substitute MENU instead of MUTE. This seems to work for some sets. Also, the right cursor arrow also acts as the ENTER button, so try it if you’re having difficulty with the ENTER button.

      To exit the service menu, hit press the EXIT button or just turn off your TV (remember not to turn on your TV immediately afterwards!).

  278. avatar Amber says:

    I have a samsung dlp and I’ve tried both resets and it’s not working it doesn’t have the option lamp reset and the lights are still flashing but I do have to say the tv stays on longer each time

  279. avatar Val Solomon says:

    I have a HL-P6163W. The 3 lights were flashing so we installed a new lamp the pictures came on for 5 mintues then we got some white lines then it went off. We then replaced the ballast we still only had 5 minutes worth of picture. We tested the heat sensor and that’s ok. We also took out the power supply to check for a bulging capasitor and nothing is wrong with it. What could be wrong?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Val,
      I’m not enough of an expert to help you with this problem. Could I suggest you try joining our forum at There is a vast community of experts there who can help you figure out what is happening. It could be the color wheel but, again, I’m not an expert. Good luck.

  280. avatar BG says:

    I have 18750 hours on the original lamp! I’ve owned the TV since new. Cleaned it on the inside a couple of times. Once for one of the fans buzzing, just cleaned and sprayed WD-40 on spline and good as new. I just ordered a new because I noticed it took longer for the picture to shine bright when first turned on, and scenes where it’s showing night or dark rooms I could barely make out what wa happening with the show I was watching. Hopefully my color wheel is still good.

  281. This is my first time go to see at here and i am actually impressed to read all the information.

  282. avatar Michael Noonan says:

    This info saved me from an impulse pre-Black Friday purchase of a 65-inch Samsung 4K UDTV! My 56-inch DLP was made in 2005. I’ve replaced the bulb 5 times. I never knew about the lamp counter reset. Lately the TV was having trouble powering on, would show the lightbulb indicator, even with a new bulb. When I entered the service menu, I found my counter was at 26085 hours, which sounds correct for 8+ years of use. I reset to 0, turned off, waited a few minutes, turned on, powered right up, no more lightbulb indicator!!! Makes me wonder how many of the previous bulb replacements weren’t necessary. Also very disappointed in the local service repair shop that charged me $480 for parts and labor to replace my color wheel, to resolve the lightbulb indicator. When that didn’t work, they wanted another $500 for parts/labor to replace the power supply and ballast. I told them NO THANKS. This appears to have solved the problem, THANK YOU!!!!

  283. avatar dave says:

    Have a Samsung dlp without the remote is there a way to reset bulb timer.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Dave,
      Which model? Most of the Samsung models require the remote to reset the lamp timer. Are you able to bring up any menus on screen using the Menu on the actual equipment. Usually the lamp timer is under Options or Setup. If you can’t bring those menus up on screen then you’ll have to buy a replacement remote.
      Sorry for the bad news. But check out – they have 6300 models on sale and you should be able to find yours there. Good luck!

  284. avatar jw hanner says:

    After I replaced my bulb the 18th worked fine for a couple days now it just hums and the lamp light is flashing. Any ideas??

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi JW,
      It could be a couple of things. If the lamp was counterfeit it may have stopped working. Many counterfeits don’t last very long. Did you reset the lamp timer as well? If you haven’t reset it, your machine may think the lamp is still out of time. What model is it? If you send me the model number, I can ask someone from our forum to look further into the problem. You can also try joining our forum at

  285. avatar Gary Chitwood says:

    How do reset the lamp counter on a Samsung HL72A650C1F Thanks

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Gary,
      After changing the Samsung HL72A650C1F lamp you need to change the picture setting to factory defaults as this will make the lamp timer set back to zero. Follow these steps:
      Resetting the Picture Settings to the Factory Defaults
      1 To select the desired picture mode, follow the Changing the Picture Standard instructions numbers 1 and 2. (see page 24)
      Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select Picture Reset, then press the ENTER button.
      Press the ◄ or ► button to select OK or Cancel then press the ENTER button.
      Press the EXIT button to exit.
      Each mode can be reset.
      You can read more in the online manual:

  286. avatar tim says:

    I have a Samsung 46″ HLN467WX/XAA. A month ago it started intermittently losing picture, which could initially be fixed by unplugging the tv and allowing it to reset. Soon that fix no longer restored the picture so I ordered a replacement lamp since it had been a few years. Appararently the lamp was not the issue because I still get no picture. When the TV is turned on now I get no picture, no sound and a flashing lamp led indicator. The manual says that indicator means the lamp will come on shortly. Both the original and new lamp produce this same result. After about 5 minutes the sound comes in. I’m at a loss as what to do next. Could this be a color wheel issue? Thanks!

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Tim,
      This really does sound like a color wheel issue but I’m not an expert. I would suggest heading over to our forum where there is a whole community of people who can help you figure this out.
      Let me know how things turn out.

  287. avatar Tyeena says:

    I have a Samsung model code HLR6167WX/XAA lamp code BP96-01073A(P) and just out of nowhere my TV’s picture went out and started making a weird noise. Every time I try and turn it back on I hear the start up chime but then start to hear the weird noise. On the power button it is showing “Lamp”. As I was reading the comments I was thinking it could possibly be the lamp but then as I kept reading I thought it could possibly be the color wheel. So I really need help here in figuring out which one it possibly may be.

    Thx Tyeena

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Tyeena,
      How long has the lamp been in use without being changed? You should check the lamplife settings to see if the lamp is reaching end of life. The color wheel would start to show weird colours and sometimes a green ghost on some of the images. The best way to get more expert help is to join out forum where our resident experts can answer your questions and give you more in-depth questions. You can find it at

  288. avatar Mark says:

    I have a HLN467 that I just replaced the lamp in (after 14,410 hrs!).

    The replacement (AuraBeam Samsung HLN467WX TV Replacement Lamp with Housing) is from Exclusivebulbs-CA. Yes it was very cheap but I now have a substantially darker image. “Substantial” in my case is an image that is almost not viewable in daylight (no direct light on the screen though).

    Everything was kept clean (and gently vacuumed out) during the replacement. The brightness is now turned way up but still no joy. Same issue on both component and DVI inputs.

    Service menu doesn’t seem to have any options for bulb intensity … but I don’t have the actual service manual and some of the settings are not obvious in their meaning.

    Any ideas? Mark

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Mark,
      It’s the lamp in this case and not your projector. It you bought a lamp at a really bargain price, it’s 100% likely to be a counterfeit. These lamps can’t be calibrated properly to the TVs optics since they are lacking the correct specifications. The results are a dim lamp. You need to spend a bit more money and buy from an authentic OEM Philips manufacturer. We recommend They are authorized to sell the replacement lamps which are manufactured in North America. They produce a better product. It would get a refund from the other company since the lamp obviously doesn’t function. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  289. avatar Alex says:

    Just replaced the lamp as I could tell it was dimming a tad. The fancy new leds are bright in the showroom and I remembered mine was that bright when I bought it back in 06. I have 19037 hours on original bulb. New one is I’m guessing 20% brighter. Just like new.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Alex,
      New lamps are always much brighter and especially with the newer technology. Glad your installation went well. Happy New Year.

  290. avatar peter says:

    Replaced new lamp bought from discount merchant after my original lamp blew. My old lamp was a Philips made in Belgium. The new lamp I received Philips but made in China 100/120w. Hope the quality is as good as the Belgium one. My old lamp hour is 15499 last 11 years. Lamp is BP96-00608A.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Peter,
      Discount Merchant is a registered Philips manufacturer with its seal of approval. Their lamps are made in North America and follow all the Philips guidelines. They have a good reputation so you should be ok. But if you do run into trouble the company has a hot line and will replace the lamp. Good luck and let us know how everything turned out!

  291. avatar Rod Beers says:

    I feel really good about my Samsung 55″ DPL HL-R6768W. after combing through the above posts, pretty sure my dimming picture is caused by my lamp. I got to the service screen & to my surprise, the tv has 20,041 hours on the lamp & counting. This is the 2nd. bulb for this tv. The 1st. one failed at around 10,500 hours back in 2008. Only problem I’ve had is all the shows we watch lately look like they were filmed in the night time.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Rod,
      Darkened images is one warning sign that your your lamp may need changing. Sounds like this one is long overdue. Let us know if you need any help. Thanks for commenting.

      • avatar Rod Beers says:

        I just put a new lamp in & I have a pic I can see now! This page helped me diagnose the problem & potentially save hundreds! This lamp when replaced showed 20,123 hours! Not bad……Thanks!

        • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

          Hey Rod,
          Glad we could help out! Enjoy the new lamp and great visuals. Just in time for Super Bowl!

  292. avatar David Fountain says:

    Replaced the bulb and it worked for a couple of minutes and then I get the three flashing lights. After that, it will not work again until it has been off for at least 6 hours. Then, a few minutes and off again.
    Tried an original bulb and got the same results.
    Whatchathink? Thank you

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi David,
      Here are a few things to check:
      1. have you reset the lamp timer? If it hasn’t been reset back to zero then the projector will think the lamp has still reached end of life. You can use the menu option to reset the lamp timer.
      2. check the installation. If the screws are too loose or too tight this can signal a problem with the projector.
      3. check your air filters. If they are blocked with dust then the air is not circulating and the machine is over heating. That may cause it to shut down and not turn on until it has cooled down.
      I would suggest joining our forum where there are more experts to ask about this problem.
      Hope this helps.

      • avatar David Fountain says:

        Thank you. I have tried to get to the menu option and cannot get to it. I will try those things and also join the other forum.

        • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

          Hi David,
          I’ve asked the moderator to keep an eye open for you and see if they can help you further. Good luck.

  293. avatar Chris Christopher says:

    I have Samsung SP50L7HX , it’s always rebooting and after doing that for like 15 times it comes up and in less that 2 minutes, the picture goes fading and it’ll just go off, and when it do more of that like 5 times more, it comes up and stay until I power off, pls is there a solution to that, although i have ordered for the Bulb, but I am thinking it’ll be the panel. Can anyone advice on what to do pls?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Chris,
      This is the lamp. It’s reaching end of life and the projector is shutting down to protect itself. Another clue is the faded picture. Good you have ordered a replacement bulb but make sure it’s an authentic lamp from a reputable dealer or you have more problems. Contact Discount Merchants at at 1-800-281-8860. They have reasonably priced, authentic projector lamps.

  294. avatar Joe says:

    Hey I have a universal remote cause I got the TV free due to its not working so my issue is that it has new bulb just no remote the TV turns on and off by itself tried the button method but it’s not working the model of my TV is HL R6178W if any info available please help

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Joe,
      Are you able to bring up an onscreen menu using the buttons? You need to reset the lamp timer on the TV so it goes back to zero. Right now the TV thinks the lamp has reached end of life and so is shutting down to protect itself. Once you have reset the lamp timer it will stop shutting down. Unfortunately the universal remote won’t work for this and you may need to buy an actual specific remote. You should contact because they have a huge inventory of remotes for Sony and will be able to help you find your model. Hope this helps.

      • avatar JOE says:


        • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

          Hi Joe,
          You should try and get it for that specific model so you have access to the menus the reset the lamp timer and other options.

  295. avatar skog says:

    wow, just changed the lamp in my 07 dlp. i had 23,255 hrs on the original lamp. i think i got my moneys worth out of that lamp

  296. avatar Todd Weisman says:

    Just replaced my bulb for the first time and couldn’t believe how much the brightness had gone down over the years. I was just able to reset the lamp timer thanks to your help and found that the original bulb had gotten 19,656 hours of use. For the price of a new Phillips bulb I feel I have gotten a new tv again.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Todd,
      So glad we could help you out. Yes the sticker price does hurt for the new Philips bulbs but they do last much longer that generics and perform better as well. You’ll probably get the same amount of hours with this lamp. The pain will subside after enjoying the new bright screen. Thanks for letting us know we helped you and we are here if you have any other questions. Happy TV viewing.

  297. avatar Tim says:

    I”m replacing the lamp on my Samsung HLS5688W.. which I’ve done before. Only this time, the old lamp is seriously stuck, as in “locked.”

    Any suggestions on how to get it out?


  298. avatar KEITH says:


  299. avatar Janet says:

    Hi, I have a Samsung hlr5067 and I don’t have original remote for it and was wondering how I could universal remote or what are my options. My picture is changing to green and pink color after watching for about an hour. I replaced lamp and it worked for a whole day with no problems. If I turn TV off it will go through a cycling process and after it comes back on the color is back for about an hour and it goes out again. Please help me, I’m loosing my mind.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Janet,
      Sometimes buying a new HDMI cable solves this green and pink problem. The other thing to check is that the brightness and contrast adjustments are not misalighed, which can happen after changing the lamp. But try the HDMI cable because sometimes when it gets old the signals for the colours get scrambled. Hope this helps.

  300. avatar alissa says:

    hello. is there any way to reset the lamp timer without using the remote? i only have a comcast remote and this method doesn’t seem to be working.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Alissa,
      Does your comcast remote have a Split key on it? You can try turning on the TV, pressing the Power on, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button on the TV and the SPLIT key on the remote together for over 5 seconds. You should see a display showing the lamp hour has been reset to 0. This is the only wat to reset the remote that I have been able to find. If you need to find a replacement remote control check out
      Hope this helps.

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