How do I reset my lamp timer / counter of my JVC TV TS-CL110UAA (TS-CL110U) lamp after replacing my lamp?

How do I reset my JVC D-ILA lamp counter? How do I clear the lamp warning message? How do I get rid of the annonying Lamp replacement message on my TV screen? Why is this “Replace your lamp” message on my JVC TV set?

If you’ve got a JVC TV, or even another D-ILA or DLP TV and you’re getting a similar message, chances are it’s as simple as reseting the TV lamp hour counter.

Per the JVC Manual, its very simple to reset the lamp counter from any TV using the JVC TS-CL110UAA (TS-CL110U) lamp.

1) Press the Menu button
2) Scroll down to the LAMP TIMER RESET option, scroll right to enter
3) Confirm that it is OK to reset the lamp timer by hitting the OK button.
4) The on-screen menu should confirm the lamp was reset correctly

Below is a snapshot from a JVC Manual (Click to Enlarge):


Why is this warning message in place? JVC, and other manufactures know the mean average life of these consumable lamps. Just as your car has a mileage meter that sometimes gets activated for tuneups and service calls at certain mileages, JVC wants to give its consumers a “heads” up, that you lamp has just about reached it’s average life span. This translates to, it’s a good idea to have a spare back up lamp because this sucker might blow up any second now! So in case you get this message, make sure you have a spare lamp on hand and go ahead and reset the lamp counter to get rid of the annoying message. Once your lamp JVC TS-CL110UAA (TS-CL110U or PK-CL120U) finally goes out and you put in a new lamp, you want to reset your counter again.

15 comments on “How do I reset my lamp timer / counter of my JVC TV TS-CL110UAA (TS-CL110U) lamp after replacing my lamp?
  1. avatar Jack Willis says:

    Where can i get a remote for my JVC projection TV? Anyone know?

  2. Jack,

    JVC RM-C15G1H Remote Control

    The JVC Remote Control for D-ILA Projection TVs are all the same..The part number is: RM-C15G-1H (variations could be: RM-C15G or RMC15G1H or RM-C15G1H or RMC15G-1H)

    You can purchase this remote at a significant discount by click here:

    This JVC Remote is compatible with:
    52" D-ILA TVs

    55" D-ILA TVs

    56" D-ILA TVs

    61" D-ILA TVs

    70" D-ILA TVs

  3. avatar April says:

    I believe my lamp went out on my 56″ JVC DLP model number HD-56G787. Do you have directions on how to replace it? I heard a pop, then crackle and now there is no picture. I never got a warning message…is that normal?



  4. avatar Arthur says:

    That has heppened to me for the last 2 years. I have been replacing the bulb every six months now and it realy sucks.

  5. avatar Brooks says:

    My JVC TV has a flashing red light above the reset/program button and the pwer button is red and constantly blink blue…..can anyone help

  6. avatar Andrew says:

    I am having the same problem with my JVC as Brooks Model HDZ56RX5. I am guessing its the lamp as i did have a warning message but cant seem to locate a place to buy the lamp for it…let alone a guide as to how to replace it. Relatively handy and willing to give it a crack any advice tips tricks and location/price of a new lamp would be GREATLY appreciated. Cheers. P.S My 3 yr old will love you to death if you can help me fix it..he is missing playschool.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. avatar Milt956 says:

    My JVC 56G-787 tv had the power and lamp led’s blinking rapidly and simultaneously. I ordered an original replacement lamp and just finished installing it. When I pulled the old lamp out I could see that it had shattered inside. The lamp did not burn out. I got no warning message that the lamp would soon need to be replaced. The tv works fine now. Hopefully for another 3 years.

    • avatar Alicia says:

      How did you hit ok to confirm the reset? I don’t have my remote anymore.

      • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

        Hi Alicia,
        The initial research I’ve done indicates that you need the remote in order to reset. Try visiting to find the remote that fits yours TV. You can also try joining our forum to talk to our experts over there. I’ve also asked our in-house expert for his advice. Stay in touch and let me know how things are going.

  8. avatar Jamie ALspach says:

    My JVC HD-61Z886 has had 2 bulbs replaced and worked fine for about a year, then the trouble started! I have sound but the picture is full of neon green lines. Can anyone help me please?

  9. avatar Scott Slawinski says:

    I have a 60 inch jvc projection tv. I had to replace the bulb. now it wants me to reset the timer. I lost the manual so I’m in the dark with this. Any help would be helpful – thank you, Scott

  10. avatar Cheryl says:

    I have a 51in JVC projection TV, I replaced the bulb and when I turned the TV on all I’m getting is a green screen. How do I correct that problem?

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