Samsung BP96-01472A P132W Original Replacement 132W Philips Lamp Enclosure

Pictures below are of the BP96-01472A Lamp Assembly. The lamp is a 132 Watt Philips UHP (K2, PHILIPS 132W, HD5) Lamp. To purchase this lamp, click here for the absolute lowest price anywhere. The our knowledge, the following TVs use this enclosure & lamp combination:

42″, 46″, 50″

56″ DLP TVs

61″, 67″, 71″
and other DLP TVs

HLS4265W, HLS4266W, HLS4666W, HLS4666WX, HLS4666WXXAA, HLS5065W, HLS5066W, HLS5066WX, HLS5086W, HLS5087W, HLS5088W, HLS5088WX, HLT5055W, HL-S4265W, HL-S4266W, HL-S4666W, HL-S4666WX, HL-S4666WXXAA, HL-S5065W, HL-S5066W, HL-S5066WX, HL-S5086W, HL-S5087W, HL-S5088W, HL-S5088WX, HL-T5055WHLS5666W, HLS5686W, HLS5687W, HLS5687WX, HLS5687W/XAA, HLS5688W, HLS5688WX, HL-S5666W, HL-S5686W, HL-S5687W, HL-S5687WX, HL-S5687W/XAA, HL-S5688W, HL-S5688WXHLS6165W, HLS6165WX, HLS6166W, HLS6167W, HLS6167WS, HLS6186W, HLS6186WWX/XAA, HLS6187W, HLS6188W, HLS6188WX/XAA, HLS6767W, HLS7178W, HLT6756W, HLS7178, PT50DL24, PT61DL34, RPT50V24D, HL-S6165W, HL-S6165WX, HL-S6166W, HL-S6167W, HL-S6167WS, HL-S6186W, HL-S6186WWX/XAA, HL-S6187W, HL-S6188W, HL-S6188WX/XAA, HL-S6767W, HL-S7178W, HL-T6756W,
HL-S7178, PT-50DL24, PT-61DL34, RP-T50V24D

The list above might be an outdated list. If you model is not listed but it does indeed use this enclosure, please contact us so we can update this list for everyone!

Please note: It is critical that you purchase the original and genuine Samsung parts. If you are looking to purchase just the lamp without the enclosure, make sure that lamp you purchase is manufactured by Philips and the following specifications apply to the part: Philips 132W / 120W e22 LL 1.0 lamp. There are two factories worldwide, one in Belgium and one in China. There is no difference, as long as the lamp is stamped with one or the other as the origin. You can purchase the original and genuine LAMP ONLY from by click here. To purchase this lamp with an enclosure (complete unit) click here: click here for the absolute lowest price anywhere!

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8 comments on “Samsung BP96-01472A P132W Original Replacement 132W Philips Lamp Enclosure
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  1. avatar Andy D says:

    Great pics!
    I just ordered one right now and they said it will get here on tuesday! I’m excited to have my tv back.. One question.. Why are the selling them so cheap?

  2. avatar admin says:

    Hi Andy, is a subsidiary of MI Technologies, Inc., which has a service center / maquiladora in Mexico. Because of the volume of repairs on DLP and Plasma TVs, is able to offer very competitive price on lamps and plasma TV parts. If you’re ever in need of LCD or Plasma TV parts, check out

  3. avatar Danuta says:

    The link to the Samsung lamp vendor isn’t working.


  4. avatar admin says:


    The link seems to be working for me. If you still have trouble, contact tech support at: 619-710-2637 x203


  5. avatar Fabio says:

    Someone have an idea where can i get this lamp in Brazil? Or, if the store mentioned ( send this lamp to Brazil and how is the procedure? Sorry about my english!


  6. avatar Mike says:

    do you think these lamps(lamp enclosures) will be available in the coming years? i noticed samsung has updated to an LED DLP. i only have my tv for about one year now

  7. avatar Wally says:

    The Samsung site troubleshooting guide says to check for dislodged lamp, I noticed.

    Meanwhile, though we use the TV a bit more than the average household, the original lamp lasted only 14 months. This doesn’t make sense for our circumstances, though I did note the suggestion to lower the lamp intensity for longer life. Can’t remember where I read that; somewhere on the www.

    Anyone care to comment on having a year and two months service rather than 3 to 5 years? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  8. avatar Eric says:

    Mine just went out @ 16 Mo, Replaced with Osram lamp. Unsatisfactory, different dispersion pattern , causes hot spot Approx 25% of screen area centered. Advice! Stick with OEM.

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