I’m sorry I do not have the whole model number. We took the TV in for repairs as there was a buzzing noise. The thing that was buzzing was directly above the projection bulb and alittle towards the front. This sound was consistant with the sound my computer has when the fan gets bad. The repair shop said the color wheel was bad and there were other issues that needed repaired. Some “engine” thing. The Tv worked good the picture was fine. I have the same Tv in a 61″ too and they appeared to have the same quality of picture just bigger. The part that was buzzing appeared to be a fan. Does this sound like the problem is the color wheel? why didn’t the video quality go down?

Thanks Scott

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  1. avatar Scott says:

    I have the same problem with my just purchased refurbed RCA
    Model number is hd50lpw162

    I cant stand it.. its horrible

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