Samsung BP96-01073A, BP96-01073A(P120W), BP9601073A Replacement DLP TV Lamp Enclosure

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The Samsung BP96-01073A Enclosure goes by a few different names: BP96-01073A(P120W), BP96-01073A(P), BP9601073A. Here are a few pictures of the enclosure assembly (complete plastic housing and bulb inside):

From this viewpoint you can see the lamp has a couple of “half circle” vents, one on either side. These are to dissipate heat better and allow the lamp to run cooler

Here is another angle showing the side vents on the newer generation Philips UHP Lamps

The connector is the standard philips connector that’s been used exclusively in the last 3 years and all enclosure after the BP96-00224D (which had a rectangular connector)

At first glance, the lamp appears to be a ROUND bulb, like the older generation ROUND “E23″ form factor lamps. After a more careful inspection, you can tell that the lamp is indeed a square or rectuangular design, it’s identified as a E22 Lamp.

Notice the vents on the sides and the small form factor (E22). The older ROUND BIG Lamp looks like this:

Notice the old lamp is Round and considerably bigger (3.25″ diameter) versus the small square lamp (2.25” diameter). Despite the size, the smaller form factor is being produced at higher wattages (more luminous).

Now back to the BP96-01073A Enclosure…

There are rare cases where customers have had a Samsung BP96-01073A Enclosure fitted with the older style lamp! This is more prevalent in european and other foreign markets more so than on TVs sold in the US. Regardless, you should be able to easily identify which lamp you have with these pictures. Holding the enclosure at a tilt will exposure the side vents, and looking at the side of the enclosure you should notice a much bigger lamp if you’ve got the older bulb!

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In case you have the larger bulb, sells a kit that will allow you to utilize the new lamp in your current older style enclosure. Purchase the Philips Lamp + Adapter Kit.


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