Philips 42PFP5332D/37:

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Philip 42PF5332D is a 42” 720p flat panel plasma HDTV, which experiences you truly astounding high definition image. The picture quality is sharp and apparent enough. It has 1024×768 pixel resolution with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and 7 different viewing modes that gives you totally cinema style experience.

To receive the air high definition broadcast you have to add HD capable antenna, it also requires optional set top box for high definition cable or satellite programming. Here pixel plus 3 HD technology enhances every pixel for razor sharp images with unbelievable details and depth. It provides you high brightness and incredible contrast for an impressive viewing occurrence.

3D comb filter brings you the state of the art detail and color improvement. It has Antiglare screen with wide 160 degree horizontal as well as vertical viewing angles, so you can comfortably seat and watch the television wherever you want at home.

There are 2 built in 15W stereo sound along with the virtual surround sound recreates the real life sound experience while watching cinema. Because of its light weight and Ultra slimness it allows the mounting on wall. Its progressive scanning maximizes the picture quality of progressive scan DVD players and set top boxes with the digital video recorders.

Philip 42PF5332D has 2 HDMI inputs that provide an uncompressed all digital audio or video link for highest quality connection and support copy protected HD broadcast. The most important feature is you can easily transfer your photos from your digital cameras or other USB devices quickly into your television.

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