Panasonic PT-61LCZ70:

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There are number of features associated with it, which are given bellow:

Astounding color replication: The light emitter in Panasonic LIFI HDTV’s offers full spectrum enlightenment that gives you the exact reproduction of red, emerald green and natural skin color. It shows you lifelike color with full brightness. This HDTV provides twice the number of pixels as 720p provides superior detail ant extraordinary HDTV reproduction.

Brilliant Presentation: Panasonic is bringing you the first consumer television with new technology light source LIFI. This LIFI stands here for Light Fidelity. This is a long life source light, starts up quickly and gives high intensity discharge lamp used in conventional LCD projection television.

Superior performance: Panasonic uses the LIFI lamp which works without creating any noise especially at high brightness level so you will not be disturb while watching television. This is because the LIFI lamp operates at a very low wavelength. The start up time of HDTV is as low as 10 seconds, once it is on there won’t be any flicker or noise.

Modern design to enhance your View: All possible technologies are utilized to bring you a new level of viewing delight. The flat panel design brings you more enhanced colors and the audio delivers you more lifelike sound with its invisible speakers. Its slim design adds lavishing look to your room and instead of large number of connection cable there is need of single cable for all the connections.

To purchase a replacement lamp for this TV, click here

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  1. avatar Tom Lawrence says:

    I need a bulb for my Panasonic PT-61LCZ7b tv. Do you have them and how much?

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