Samsung color wheel or fan problem?

I have a 20 month old Samsung HLR5668W that makes an intermittent grinding noise that goes away when I turn off/on the set after a few minutes.

A couple of  weeks ago, except for the left vertical 20% of the screen, the rest became very dark. For the next few days, I turned off/on every time it happened and the picture came back to normal. Then eventually the problem became permanent.  Thinking it was the lamp, I replaced it, but the problem still exists.

Does it sound like the color wheel is bad? The fan perhaps? Something much worse (crossing my fingers)? Please let me know. Thanx in advance.


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32 comments on “Samsung color wheel or fan problem?
  1. Tom,

    While it’s possible that it is a color wheel, i think it’s a long stretch to say that… The color wheel can cause the TV not to turn on…it can cause discoloration…it can cause flickering and fading images…it can also cause a double image effect.

    But what you’re describing, 80% of our screen going black seens to be a optical block problem. I don’t want to get technical here because there is no easy fix for it 🙁

    I would approach Samsung about this problem directly. They have always been reasonable on factory defects and this sure sounds like one…even if your warranty is out a few months (its the warranty two years anyway?).

    Optical Light Engine is going to cost you well over $1,000 new…contact Samsung!

  2. avatar aliirani says:


    I would just peak in there and double check your color wheel, lamp, and fans if I were you…take off the lamp cover, tape down the lamp cover sensor door, and power on the TV with your remote control.

    If the lamp comes on, that’s a good
    Now listen for the apparent fan noise. Your TV should have two fans inside…one close to the lamp, and the other one at the other end of the TV.

    The color wheel is in a tunnel, right where the lamp output is directed. If the noise is coming from in there, you might have a bad color wheel. The bearings migth be bad and it might have chipped off a color or two…it might be stuck! At any rate, that leads to more investigation.

    give these suggestions a try first!

  3. avatar Jack says:

    The dark area is caused by a bad light tunnel.

  4. avatar alfredo says:

    I found a website where they cost less than 400 bucks. But it is not the light engine or color wheel, it everything looks black or most of it or even a little bit, the light tunnel collapsed. You can replace it yourself, there are tutorials on

  5. avatar Horace says:

    I replaced the color wheel in my 46″ dlp monitor.(TV) Now all the dark colors are smuged with dark green colors.

    Any help??????

  6. avatar Phil Dickey says:

    Today my Samsung HLN5065W went black after less than a minute of operation. The red TEMP light showed as it went black. I suspect fan failure. They are available and cheap.
    Is there anything tricky about replacing the fan on this set?

  7. avatar Becky says:

    Help…when I was replacing the color wheel, the white plug in wires
    pulled out….now the new plug in doesn’t seem to want to fit…is there still some of the old white plug stuck in there? What do I do?

  8. avatar fbl says:

    I have a 42″ Samsung DLP 720. I have noticed a white halo effect on dark backgrounds from sports scores. Is it my lamp or color wheel? I have noticed that there is a constant humming noise from my tv.

  9. avatar Giltron says:

    sooo i have a samsung dlp HL-t5076s.. and today everything on the screen turned greenish/yellow. i have no other colors except sometimes blue.. i contacted samsung but they won’t give me any specifics or suggestions other than for me to spend more money for one of their techs to come and check it out.. seeing as that sounds expensive.. could you someone please give me some advise…

    i’m considering drop kicking my tv…

    does anyone know if this problem is due to a failed color wheel or is it just the lamp?

  10. avatar Kevin says:

    I have a samsung HLN50665W…..i keep getting a “check the fan no.3” error flashing across my screen. I took the back off and see that the lamp fan it starting then stalling out. I ordered the part….

    ….and am going to attempt to put this in myself. Every repair service I call wants to charge $50-$100 just to knock on my door and one guy said it would be $300-$400 to fix…..not affordable…..anyways is there anyone…ANYONE…out there who can walk me through getting to the fan itself? I have the back of the tv unscrewed and can see the fan but its buried inside some contrapment bolted down…..PLEASE HELP!!

  11. avatar Jay Lewis says:

    I Have a 46′ Samsung dlp about 4 years old. Turned off by itself today, got the three red lights. When you turn it off there is a fan noise as a fan slows down. I know I need a new lamp, any suggestions on the fan sound. Got good picture, full screen, no heating alarms on screen ect. Working fine for the moment. Appreciate any suggestions.

  12. avatar darnell says:

    help i heard a whining noise from my samsung hln617wx/xaa the it went black and i could still hear the sound after a few mins it shut off and the lamp and temp light went on i replaced the lamp now the picture is fine but the noise is still there any sugestions

  13. avatar Bill Egan says:

    I replaced the lamp to my 46″ dlp about a year ago and it has worked just fine. Now its making a very loud noise that sounds like a fan running but it is not the two fans I see when taking off the back of tv. It seems to be coming from the opposite side of the lamp. Could it be the color wheel?

  14. avatar Jay Lewis says:

    I took mine apart today. I can see the color wheel wobble as it turns off, its in front of bulb (hold in blue swith so you can turn on with cover & bulb removed). It makes that fan type noise as it starts & stops. Contacted Diccount Merchant got great help, ordered parts & got directions. Lamp easy, color wheel gonna take some time.

  15. avatar Jay Lewis says:

    Replaced bulb 15 min. HLP 4663W has silver color wheel, I know now. There are possibly two. D/M great help, steered me in right direction. Make sure what you’ve got.

    • avatar Dana Lucas says:

      Hi Jay,

      I have the same set. It won’t turn on, (3) led’s are blinking and a motorized humming sound power cycles (3) times then shuts off. I replaced the lamp easily, but no luck. Could it be my color wheel ? and did your color wheel self replacement go well ? thx

  16. avatar Mark Ruroede says:

    I have a HLP 4663W. No warning on the screen, red light blinking, turns off by it self, fan noise. Purchased new lamp, toke off pannel to access lamp. How do I remove the lamp?

    • Mark,

      You pull out the entire enclosure. Then you can unscrew the enclosure to open it and remove the lamp from there. There are videos on then you can follow. Just type your lamp part # in the search area.

    • avatar Dana Lucas says:

      Hi Mark,

      I have the same TV set. When my set turned off and the (3) led lights were blinking, and a motorlike humming sound started, I easily replaced the lamp. But the set won’t turn on and the (3) led’s and humming noise is still there. I’m wondering if it’s the color wheel. Did your fix work out for you or did you discover anything further ?

  17. avatar Helene says:

    I have a Samsung HLP6163WX/XAA . Had the 3 lights flashing and set turning off. No noise. Replaced the blub fixture. TV came on with great picture watched 2 hours, shut TV off. 3 hours later put TV back on…picture is now blue and grinding noise coming from TV. Is this a color wheel problem/fan. How much should I expect to pay and is it worth fixing?

  18. avatar Jim says:

    I have a HLN5065WX that powered off by itself, and the Temp light was on. I did a hard power-off reboot and it comes on normally (no odd sounds or grinding noises) with a great picture except now everything is black and white. Since I never heard any odd noises I am thinking it might be something besides the color wheel. Any ideas?

  19. avatar Geno P says:

    Replaced color wheel tv will not power on just the temp light and lamp light are blinking. Checked the blue switch to make sure it is in place.

    Now What? Please help.


  20. avatar Frustrated says:

    I have a problem with my 42″ DLP and I’m hoping someone on here can help. I noticed yesterday that, though everything appears to be working properly, when I switch to component to use the dvd player I have absolutely no picture. Nothing. I have to turn the TV off and then back on, then the picture will be there and looks perfectly normal. Then, when I’m ready to watch TV again and I switch back to HDMI the same thing happens again. No picture, nothing again. Once I turn it off and back on the everything works perfectly. I can’t figure out why it is doing this and I have called Samsung. In January of this year they replaced the entire inside of my tv under warranty because I had the lovely white dot issue across my entire screen. (I only needed the chip, but since it was on backorder at the time they just replaced the entire inside since the chip was already installed in that). I was hoping that even though my TV is no longer under warranty they would still warranty these parts since they are less than a year old and there isn’t a piece in there that was not replaced at that time. They won’t, so can anyone suggest what could be causing this…I need to know if it is even worth fixing . The closest repairman that will work on my tv is over 35 miles from here and will charge an extra trip charge (on top of the service charge) to come out. I’m not going to pay several hundreds of dollars for a part then more for labor and even more for the service charge and trip charge…I would rather put that money on a new (different kind of) TV. If it is a fairly inexpensive fix then I will go ahead with that.

  21. avatar ANIL says:


    • avatar Bob says:

      Disconnect cables and power cord. Set TV flat on carpet with screen faced down. Unscrew a number of screws that hold the black back case to the screen and circuitry. Slowly pull off the black cover making sure you have taken out all the screws. You will see the fan about center and top of the circuitry. You will see the wires from the fan that goes underneath a metal shroud. The shroud needs to be removed–unscrew about 6 screws. Pull the fan wire from its socket underneath the shroud. Unscrew the screws holding the fan to the circuitry board. Replace the new fan by screwing it to the circuitry board, and plugging it into the socket. Replace/screw back the shroud. Replace the back cover to the circuitry board and replace the screws. That’s it, very simple.

  22. avatar tiffrvt says:

    I have a samsung dlp recently stopped working(no picture and lamp and temp light came on) replaced the lamp and still does not work. Could it be the color wheel or ballast? Any suggestions?

  23. avatar tiffrvt says:

    It also makes a whining noise when turned on and lamp light blinks but no picture.

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