Most common DLP TV Problems and Solutions

I thought we open up a dialog and try to answer some of the most common questions rear projection TV users are experiencing… whether they have a DLP, LCOS, D-ILA, projection LCD, it’s really all the same technology more or less.

I’ll update this frequently, but please send your questions and answers and let’s compile a list to help everyone out!

Questions like:

  • My TV is making a weird noise, what can be the problem?
  • The front LED lights are blinking on my TV, what is the problem?
  • There is a loud humming noise coming from my TV…
  • TV shuts off automatically. It’s gotten worse over the last couple of weeks…
  • None of the buttons work on the front of my TV or the remote control doesn’t work…
  • I get audio but no video…


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4 comments on “Most common DLP TV Problems and Solutions
  1. avatar Paul says:

    I have a Vizio VX32L HDTV, that does not power up, I have already replace the power supply and know someone tell me that the motherboard need replacement PN 3622 0232 0150. I would just like to replace the damage component vs the complete board, therefore and help with this matter would be helpful.


  2. avatar Hugo says:

    i have a 61” LED DLP tv. and i have noticed that on the right side of the screen it has loss of color. for about an inch of the right side of the tv. top to bottom its dark. and the rest of the t.v is fine. any suggestions and how to fix this problem?

  3. avatar steven says:

    i have a samsung dlp 42″ hls-4266wx/xaa i have white haze around the edge of the tv can someone help me

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Steven,
      This sounds like it may be a problem with a cable connecting to the T-Con board. If it’s not connecting properly or has become loose it may be causing that white haze. I would suggest joining our forum where there are experts who know that me to help you out.

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