Samsung TV Owner’s Manual for your DLP Television

Samsung TV Owner’s Manuals


Hello again, this week’s owner’s manuals are for the Samsung DLP TVs. All of the Samsung manuals are available in PDF format.

Stayed tuned for more TV owner’s manual from

You can download or view them here:

  • Samsung HL-T5656W, HL-T6156W, HL-T6756W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-S4266W, HL-S4666W, HL-S5066W, HL-S5666W, HLS6166W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-T5055W, HL-T5655W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-R4266W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-S5087, HL-S5687W, HL-S6187W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-R5688W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-P4667W, HL-P5067W, HL-P5667W, HL-P6167W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-S5086W, HL-S5686W, HL-S6186W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-R4264W, HL-R4264W, HL-R5064W, HL-R5664W, HL-R6164W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-R5078W, HL-R5678W, HL-R6178W, HL-R7178W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-R5668W, HL-R6168W, HL-R6768 Click here.
  • Samsung HL-R4656W, HL-R5056W, HL-R5656W, HL-R6156W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-P4663W, HL-P5063W, HL-P5663W, HL-P6163W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-R4667W, HL-R5067W, HL-R5667W, HL-R6167W, HL-R6767W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-R4262W, HL-R4662W, HL-R5062W, HL-R5662W, HL-R6162W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-R4677W, HL-R5677W Click here.
  • Samsung SP43L2HX, SP50L2HX, SP61L2HX, SP46L5HX, SP56L5HX, Click here.
  • Samsung HL-M4365W, HL-M5065W, HL-M437W, HL-507W, HL-M617W Click here.
  • Samsung HL-T5656W, HL-T6156W, HL-T6756 Click here.
  • Samsung HL-N467W1, HL-N567W1, HL-N4365, HL-N5065W1, HL-N437W1, HL-N507W1, HL-N617W1 Click here.
  • Samsung HL-T5089S, HL-T5689S, HL-T6189S Click here.
  • Samsung HL-T7288W Click here.

The importance of authentic

It’s important that you install an OEM lamp and avoid a generic, compatible lamp.

Knock-off, compatible generic lamps may seem like a bargain in the beginning. They actually cost more in the long run since they can damage the color wheel and ballast mechanisms in your RPTV. They also give off poor light, are prone to messy explosions and actually have a shorter life.

We recommend purchasing from an Authorized Philips dealer such as to insure that you are receiving a genuine Philips brand replacement lamp. Beware of knock-off and counterfeit Philips lamps floating around in the market.

There are also health concerns associated with these lamps. Generic lamps are made with toxic substances that can compromise your family’s health. Read more about the dangers of Krypton-85.

When you purchase an OEM replacement lamps you’re guaranteed the best lamp for your RPTV.


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9 comments on “Samsung TV Owner’s Manual for your DLP Television
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  1. avatar William gonzalez says:

    i have samsung w/spots that look like stars in the sky.HL61A650C1F. looking for the manual for this tv.

  2. avatar Linda says:

    I have a Samsung HL-P5085W and am looking for the manual. Do you have one for this model?

  3. avatar Candi says:

    Looking for a manual for a model # hlt67877sx/xaa. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Candi,
      This number doesn’t match any of our Samsung series. You may be using the registration number for the series. What’s the name of the TV? Do you see any other numbers on the front of the TV?

  4. avatar Nick T. says:

    Hi, looking for the manual for the Samsung HL-R6167W. It is listed, but there is no clickable link for it. Thank you!

  5. avatar Latoya Jones says:

    My samsung tv come on then goes off less then 5 second… New lamp was put in

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Layota,
      Two things can be happening. The lamp was not properly installed. You could try taking it out and putting it back into the TV taking special care to make sure all the connectors are touching. The other to check is that the lamp door is properly secured. If it’s loose the TV won’t turn on. The last thing to check is the new lamp. Where did you buy it from? It may be counterfeit so not properly calibrated to work with the tv. If the price was very low then it’s not an authentic lamp and won’t work with the TV. What is your model number? Send that to me and I will try to find more information.

Join the discussion on Facebook! All your questions, answered! The Screen & Projector Group
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