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  1. avatar Ben Ortiz says:

    Hi I have a samsung dlp model HLR5067WX/XAA The lamp light came
    on and the tv went black. I replaced the lamp and the ballast but still have the problem.
    When I turn on the tv it clicks then the lamp light comes on again. Help

  2. avatar carlos says:

    i have a samsung dlp, iam getting vertical white lines, thanks

  3. avatar Charles says:

    when i turn on tv screen was black sound was on i could not hear fans and lamp were not on

  4. avatar Charles says:

    tv is Mitsubishi 60in. C series

  5. avatar Bob Gutermuth says:

    Re: Hitachi 50V500
    Lamp light came on and no picture. Order replacement lamp with holder and installed it. Everything in tight. Picture came on immediately. but the right top and side edge have blue tint about the same as angle as the lamp. I removed the new lamp; and compared it with the old. The new lamp has a blue tint on the edges of the lamp and the old does not. What gives?? Lamp is UX21511

  6. avatar Philip says:

    I own a 56 inch Vivitek RPTV it has HD capabilities. I replaced the bulb when it went bad and my TV worked fine for almost 6 months. Then a fan went out on the opposite side from where the bulb is mounted. This caused the power source to over-heat and finally to not be able to turn on. I am in need of a power source and fan. I have no idea where to find these parts. If you can direct me to a parts distributor I will then be able to repair probably the best color TV that I have ever owned. I had a tech look it over and it is definitely the power source and fan.

  7. avatar Carolyn says:

    I bought a tv lamp from Aura Mitsubishi and most of the tv programs have green lines around everything. What now?

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