Panasonic TY-LA1001 Lamp Replacement Manual

The Panasonic TY-LA1001 is one of the rarest enclosures in the entire DLP market to find. The same applies to the manual, so we are very proud to offer all of our visitors the replacement manual for the TY-LA1001, enjoy.

To view the PDF click here.

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16 comments on “Panasonic TY-LA1001 Lamp Replacement Manual
  1. avatar sasha says:

    I’ve reset my lamp TY-LA1001 and got the message that it was reset, but the lamp light is still on?

  2. avatar Al-B says:

    how do you reset it

  3. avatar T says:

    I am having the same issue. Changed lamp and reset and I got the lamp reset message but the LAMP indicator light is still red and on. Have you found anything out?

  4. avatar suzb80 says:

    I am having the same problem. the lamp is installed and works fine. I successfully reset the lamp and no longer get the message that the lamp needs replacing – however, the red LED light on the front panel of my TV stays lit when the TV is on.

  5. avatar Linda Williams says:

    I changed the lamp but now when I turn on the tv on the power button goes on then turns right off. Can you help me with this?

  6. avatar Rashaun Williams says:

    I am also having this same problem. This is what I was told “most likely it sounds like a ballast issue, the ballast is the board that sends the voltage to the lamp and keeps the lamp on all the time, so after the years can get damaged, the thing is that these lamps have gas on the inside so this mercury vapor gas ignites with the electricity sent by the ballast, so it seems like the ballast it doesnt have the power to ignite the new lamp that is loaded of gas”. Maybe someone else has a little insight.

  7. avatar JC says:

    After reading your questions/comments above, I was worried that my light wouldn’t go off either. Ends up I was right to be worried! With frustration, I did the reset process a second time (volume down and the 0 key together for more than five seconds) and the light went off!! Hope you all have the same outcome I did!!

  8. avatar Jim says:

    Had same problem, just removed the lamp and installed again immediatly

  9. avatar SHIV says:


  10. avatar Kay says:

    You have to hold the ‘VOL-‘ button and ‘0’ button until the red light goes off, even if the message already popped up on the screen.

  11. avatar Cindy says:

    Tahnk you sooo much for clear directions on resetting the lamp timer. The information I was getting was telling me to hold the volume button down and the PIP button down this was not correct for our model. I held the volume button down and the 0 button down and that worked perfectly. Thanks again!

  12. avatar Pedro says:

    Hi my lamp id old i have the signal that the lamp has yo be changed sinse long time but i never do it id it normal that the tv id not bright colors i put contraste everything at Max but Its not bright id it normal ir it has nothing to whith the old lamp that i gatta. Change Thanks Pedro

  13. avatar Pedro says:

    What y try to say is that i got this tv from a friend and the lamp is very old and it has to be change is it normal that the colors aré not
    Bright Well the colors aré Okei but the brightness is not like i thik that it sopose to be thanks for help

  14. avatar Pedro says:

    And if i turn off the tv and i turn it back on it takes long to get back on aré all this problems because the lamp is very old the lamp has never been change thanks

  15. avatar Stan Beran says:

    Hello everyone and hopefully one that has the answer,
    Seems like every comment is the same > again changed lamp > tries to light and goes out immediately
    fan starts .red light stays on even after numerous resets
    So what’s the answer to this ?

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