Your quick guide to a new ASK C13 projector lamp

ASK C13 projector, ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001

Install a replacement ASK C13 projector lamp

Replacing the ASK C13 projector lamp is quick and easy. Follow our guide to a newASK C13 projector lamp

Go with authentic lamps

It’s important to install the correct ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001 lamp. Educate yourself and learn how to spot a counterfeit lamp. Generic lamps often advertised as “compatible” should be avoided since they are manufactured with inferior parts that can damage the sensitive (and expensive) components in your ASK C13 projector. Knockoff lamps are prone to explosion and have been created using toxic substances such as Krypton-85, which can threaten your health and safety. Using a counterfeit generic lamp will also void any warranty for you have. Spend the few extra dollars for a genuine OEM lamp that guarantees proper components and workmanship to ensure your projector is working at its peak.  You’ll also be getting a lamp with a warranty that you’ll be able to return. Most legitimate resellers of these lamps also offer customer service help should you experience any difficulties when installing the ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001. Go with authentic!

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Replacing the lamp

ASK C13 lamp cover, ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001Step 1: Turn off the ASK C13 projector and disconnect the power cord. Allow the projector to cool down before replacing the ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001. These projectors operate at high temperatures and you run the risk of burning yourself if the projector has not cooled. Loosen the screw holding the lamp cover on the ASK C13. Put the lamp cover to one side.

ASK C13 lamp cage, ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001

Step 2: Unscrew the 3 screws holding the ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001 in the place. Gently lift out the used ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001. Gently insert the new ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001 into the projector.

The ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001 contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle your used lamps!

ASK C13 lamp replacement, ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001

Step 3: Tighten the screws on the new ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001 lamp. Place the lid back on and tighten the screw holding it in place. You’re ready to reset the lamp timer.

Resetting the Lamp Timer

It’s important to reset the lamp timer of the ASK C13 in order to properly track lamp life. Failure to reset the timer may result in the projector not knowing when the lamp is finished and shutting down suddenly.

To reset the lamp timer:

ASK C13lamp reset, ASK Proxima SP-LAMP-001ASK C13 change lamp icon, SK Proxima SP-LAMP-001


  • Open the MENU system.
  • Scroll down to OPTIONS. Press ENTER.
  • Scroll down to SERVICE. Press ENTER.
  • Click on LAMP TIMER RESET.
  • Click on YES.

Green your projector


Looking for an even less expensive only try replacing the bare ASK SP-LAMP-001 bulb instead of the entire lamp housing.

Watch our step-by-step video on replacing only the lamp.

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