7 Tips for extending RPTV projector lamp life

Extend the life of your RPTV projector lamp with these maintenance tips

You don’t have to spend money and keep replacing the RPTV projector lamp. Follow these tips and make your lamp last longer.

  1. Turn off the TV. When you’ve finished watching your shows, turn off the your RPTV. Leaving it on for background noise just reduces lamp life as well as adding to your electricity bill.
  2. Attach a UPS battery. Your RPTV needs two minutes of cool down time with the fan running before it shuts down completely. Avoid plugging it into a cable box, satellite receiver or shared AC Surge Suppressor. Should the electricity suddenly shut or there be a spike in electricity (usually from something being plugged into the surge suppressor) the additional blast of electricity can cause the lamp to blow because it hasn’t had sufficient time to cool off.
  3. Let it flow. Make sure your RPTV is in the best location and there is a small gap between the wall and actual TV to allow air to flow. Overheating will reduced the life of your machine as well as your lamp.
  4. Keep it clean. Clean your air filters every month. If you have pets then you may have to clean them more often. The air filter are an important component for keeping your RPTV from overheating.
  5. Cool it. Extremely warm or humid temperatures are also hard on your RPTV. Keep the room cooler and use a humidifier to keep the air dry.
  6. Reduce the lamp brightness.  Your RPTV comes with the factory-setting of maximum brightness. You don’t need the brightest setting so choose the medium to low settings, sometimes called the ECONO or ECO setting. This is automatically extend the lamp life.
  7. Buy authentic replacement lamps. When it comes time to replace the lamp in your RPTV, be sure to go with a recognized dealer selling authentic RPTV lamps. Generic “compatible” lamps are sold at a cheaper prices but don’t last as long, are prone to exploding and are not properly calibrated to work with the sophisticated components in your RPTV. Avoid generics and go with authentic projector lamps.


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