Top tips for extending projector lamp life


Follow these tips to make your projector lamp last longer!

Like any light bulb, a projector lamp have an expected lifetime. The number of hours you get from your projector lamp depends on how often you use the projector as well as the projector brand. Most projectors offer between 1500 and 2000 hours of lamp life. Here are eight tips to extend your DLP projector lamp life.

Watch the dust. Your DLP projector operates best in a relatively dust-free environment. Be sure that your projector is not installed near any open windows exposing it to dust and pollen from the outdoors.

Avoid frequent on and offs. Every time you fire up the DLP projector lamp you create a power surge that puts stress on the connections in the lamp.  Light up your projector when you are read to use it and avoid frequent switching on and off.

Check the heat. An overheated projector puts stress on the projector lamp and can cause it to explode. Make sure there is enough airflow around the projector particularly if it’s been permanently mounted.  The mounting plates should never block the fan vent.

Give it a rest. Don’t operate the projector non-stop. Turn it off and let it stand for at least one hour ever 24 hours. An average use of four to five hours per day will ensure longer projector lamp life.

Let it cool. Your projector has a cooling fan that keeps the projector lamp from overheating. Allow the projector fan to run through it cycle and shut down before turning off the projector. Flicking the off switch before the projector has cooled can cause the projector lamp to crack.

Keep it clean. The air filters on your projector are designed to keep the air flowing around your projector and prevent overheating. Keep them cleaned of dust and debris.  Be sure to clean the air filters every 3 months or more often if there is a lot of dust. Regular maintenance will prolong the DLP projector lamp life.

Go eco. Some projectors have the “Eco mode” or “Lamp Economy Mode” that reduces projector lamp brightness by 20% while extending the lamp life by 50%. Chances are you won’t even the reduction. Most projectors are shipped with the factory setting at maximum brightests so you will have to change the lamp mode manually.

Install authentic lamps.  Generic lamps may seem like a bargain but they offer a much shorter lamp life. Advertised as “compatible” these counterfeit lamps are prone to explosions. Genuine OEM projector lamps offer a much longer lamp life. Beware of knock-off  projector lamps.

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  1. avatar John Wiggins says:

    For incandescent bulbs the time of 15 minutes is used for how long it has to stay off to pay for the cost of turning it off. Do you know the time for overhead lamps?

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