6 common problems after installing a new projector lamp

6 problems after installing a new projector lampHere are solutions to the six most common problems that happen after installing a new projector lamp!

Problem #1: My projector won’t turn on after I’ve installed my new lamp.

Solution: Check the power cord, lamp cover and lamp connections.

Before contacting customer service, be sure to first check that the projector power cord is plugged in and properly secured. Check the back lamp cover – if it’s loose the projector won’t turn on.  If this doesn’t solve the problem, then open up the lamp cover and check the lamp connections. If the screws are too loose or too tight, the projector will not turn on.

Problem #2: My projector is getting too hot after replacing the lamp

Solution: Clean your air filters and ventilation holes.

The main reason a projector starts to heat up is because the air filters or ventilation holes are clogged with dust or other debris. DLP projectors operate at high heat and most have one or more fans that blow air around the components to cool them off. A build up of dust prevents proper air circulation and can cause the projector to become very hot and the lamp to explode. When this happens, the projector temperature controls will go off. Always clean your filters after replacing the projector lamp. Use a can of compressed air and blow filters and ventilation holes dust free.

when replacing your projector lamp goes wrongProblem #3: The picture is fine but the onscreen message says to replace the lamp even though it’s new!

Solution: You need to reset the lamp timer.

Your projector has a Lamp Timer or Lamp Hour Counter that automatically tracks lamp usage. It’s been designed to send you warning messages on screen and to trigger the Lamp Indicator when the projector lamp is approaching end of life. Many projectors will turn off automatically when the end of lamp hours has been reached – whether the lamp is new or not. Always reset your lamp timer after replacing the lamp. Check out our lamp replacements guides or your projector manual for instructions.

Problem #4: The picture is much dimmer.

Solution: Re-install the new bulb or replace the generic lamp previously installed.

This problem usually only happens when you have replaced only the bulb and not the entire housing. Check to make sure the bulb has been installed correctly. Purchasing a bare bulb is an economical option but you have to make sure it’s been installed properly. It should be flush with the front of the lamp housing cage and the new bulb should sit exactly in the same placement as the old bulb. If the new bulb is off center or not aligned properly your image will be dim. Removing the bulb and re-installing it more carefully should take care of a dim picture.

Problem #5: Projector turns on for a minute and then shuts off.

Solution: Clean the fans and filters. Replace the generic lamp.

Projectors will turn themselves off automatically if they detect any problems. Cleaning the projector of all dust and dirt will make the components work together in harmony. If dust is not the problem, then it’s the actual lamp. Have you installed a genuine OEM projector lamp? Generic, compatible lamps don’t operate properly in most projectors causing them to out of balance. This will make the projector shut down automatically. The solution for this problem is to replace the generic lamp with a genuine OEM lamp.

Problem #6: The screen color is wrong and the picture is flickering.

Solution: Your colour wheel may need to be replaced.

Usually the color is off with an older, dimmer lamp. However, since the projector lamp only has one color – white – the problem is usually with the internal optics. The color wheel or other optical components may have been damaged while the lamp was being replaced. Also installing generic lamps can damage the sophisticated and sensitive components such as the color wheel and DLP chip. The only solution for this problem is to contact a service rep.


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33 comments on “6 common problems after installing a new projector lamp
  1. avatar Zahid says:

    Really nice help

  2. avatar Xavier says:

    I installed a new lamp and after some one month there was dark spots at the bottom left of the screen then more and more untill it engulfs the entire projection. What is the solution to this?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Xavier,
      It sounds like a lamp failure. Was this a generic lamp or original OEM? It may have broken the colour wheel. I suggest joining our forum to ask advice from our experts.

  3. avatar Eldon Floyd says:

    I just installed a new lamp in my Mitsubishi XD490U, the picture is still not working. There is power but the lamp does not light up. What can I do?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Eldon,
      How is the picture not working? If you have a picture with colour that is off, it may be the colour wheel. If the screen is still dark, it may be the projector not registering the newly installed lamp. Did you reset the lamp timer after installation. Please send us more information and we will try to solve the problem.

  4. avatar john says:

    recieved 59 in projection as present. after 4 months the tv started to go off by itself. i have replaced the lamp,the
    stupid t. keeps going off every 30 minutes to 2 minutes im going bonkers.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi John,
      Did you reset the lamp timer to zero? If it’s wasn’t reset when the lamp was changed that can cause automatic shutdown.

  5. avatar Dimitris Mathio says:

    Hi there!
    i have a benq w1100.Yesterday as i was watching a movie i pressed the pip button and it stuck completely.
    I took the power cord out and replugged it.since then the projector will not operate.The lamp starts(no image) and after 10 sec you can see the image flashing and then the lamp goes off.
    What can be the problem?
    I am leaving in iraq and there is no service here!
    Please Help!thank you!

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Dimitris,
      How old is the lamp? It sounds like the lamp has failed and needs to be replaced. You need to check the lamp timer and see if there are any warnings showing up. Here is a link to the manual: http://www.projectorcentral.com/pdf/projector_manual_6108.pdf
      It will show you how to find the lamp timer information and the warnings associated with the end of lamp life.
      Hope this helps.

  6. avatar Art says:

    I have a benq w1070. Replaced the lamp and when turning on the power button turns green and after a few seconds the word lamp turns red. No light coming out of the lense. Second bulb I have tried.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Art,
      Did you rest the lamp timer? Unless you reset it back to zero the projector will assume the lamp has reached end of life and still needs a new lamp. The projector will turn itself off automatically to prevent it the old lamp being used. Have you consulted the BenW1070 manual for the exact instructions on how to reset the lamp timer? You can find it here: http://www.manualslib.com/manual/422315/Benq-W1070.html

  7. avatar Ken says:

    My projectors (infocus x10) lamp light went on after I gave it a good cleaning. I bought a new lamp and the light is still on. Looking at the old lamp I can’t see any obvious marks of wear or damage. Looks identical to the new one. Is there any logical explanation for this? I opened it up to see if anything was loose, but everything looks okay.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Ken,
      The lamp may have been damaged when you removed it to clean it. How long was the lamp used for? Whenever you put a new lamp in you have to replace the lamp timer or the projector thinks it’s an old lamp that has reached end of life and keeps shutting off. What brand is yours projector? Infocus has several models. I would recommend you join our forum as well where there are more experts to help you out. Try resetting the lamp timer first.

  8. avatar Todd Princl says:

    I have a Mitsubishi HC4900. It will not let me reset the timer. The hours stay the same. When I press the three buttons at the same time the projector powers up and the status light keeps blinking. My hours stay the same at 3784. What am I doing wrong?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Todd,
      Have you tried this procedure:
      Plug in the power cord and reset the lamp operation time by holding down the arrow keys and POWER buttons on the control panel at the same time about 3 seconds.
      Unless these 3 buttons are pressed at the same time, the lamp operation time isn’t reset. Make sure that the STATUS indicator blinks twice and the lamp operation time is reset successfully. The projector doesn’t turn on if the lamp cover isn’t attached securely. Be sure to reset the lamp operation time whenever you replace the lamp. Do not reset the lamp operation time unless you replace the lamp. Here is a link to the manual http://www.manualslib.com/manual/104639/Mitsubishi-Hc4900.html?page=36
      I hope this helps. I would recommend joining our forum as well where there are experts who can help out more.

  9. avatar Kimberly says:

    I have the olens xpj projector. You can hear the movie playing but the picture isnt showing up. The bulb is producing light and I even tried replacing it with a new bulb that came with it…..after doing that there was a blue vertical bar for a second then it went away and continued to do the same thing the old bulb did. I cant even pull up the menu settings or anything. This is my first projector and I’ve not had any previous experience with them. I dont think mine has a timer that needs reset. Do halogen bulbs have a shelf life? Also, when one goes bad does it still produce light?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Kimberly,
      This sounds like a problem with your diffusior or the integrator lens. You could also check to make sure the lamp is securely screwed into the projector because anything lose may cause the vertical blue bar. What kind of halogen did you buy? If it’s not authentic from a recognized OEM manufacturer, the problem may be with the actual bulb. I would contact that manufacturer and get a technician to look at the projector.

  10. avatar achraf says:

    Hello sir,

    We have changed a board which contains the ports (SDI A/SDI B) and ethernet ports ..etc. well after changing them and after installing a new lamp as well we turned on the projector, then we projected a movie and the problem was that only half of the image is projected in the cinema screen.

    is it because we got missing PCF files or is it something else. thanks

  11. avatar Konrad F. says:

    Hey Shelagh,
    Thanks for your great article! I have a question I recently replaced my lamp in my viewsonic projector. Now the projector works (the projector menu comes out, the light comes out of the projector) but the picture from my wii u, ps4, and cable box won’t come though. Other then the menu on the cable, that comes though but not the actual picture. Any suggestions? I have connected with HDMI and have tried multiple cords for each. Just won’t show picture from devices. Thanks, Konrad

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Konrad,
      Have you checked the setup from the WII? It may have lost the information when you replaced the lamp. Sometimes the projector goes back to factory setup when you replace the lamp and you need to reconfigure. What Viewsonic model is it? I can ask my techies here for more specific information. You can also try joining our forum where there are people there who can figure out what needs to be done. http://www.fixyourdlp.com/forum/ Sorry for the lame advice.

  12. avatar Mark Olson says:

    I have a Mitisubishi xl2u and have replaced two separate new lamps, it still won’t start the lamp. initially, the power and lamp leds are green, then the power led turns red and the lamp stays green but starts blinking. after about 10 seconds, it turns off. same on every restart. has done this with two new bulbs. only info i can find says it’s ok, that’s the lamp protection circuit working, but these are new lamps. anyway, fan runs fine. could i have two bad new bulbs? can i test them somehow, or do a voltage test on the bulb connectors inside the unit? thanks in advance

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Mark,
      First thing to check is the lamp timer that is has been reset to zero. The check the connections with the lamp and projector. If they are too loose or too tight this can cause the warning lights to turn on. The other problem may be with the ballast or colour wheel that can also cause these lights to go on. I would suggest also joining our forum at http://www.fixyourdlp.com/forum/ where there are more experts who can help you figure out what the problem may be.

  13. avatar Matt Marvin says:


    I have a Dell 4220 DLP projector and just got a new bulb and put it in and reset the timer and every time I turn it on it works for a minute then the colors start flashing and the projector shuts down then the Amber light bulb warning light comes on. Not sure if the projector bulb i purchased is defective or not. I have cleaned the inside for dust also.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Matt,
      Where did you purchase the lamp? If the price was a real bargain, then the lamp is a counterfeit and the project is reacting to it because it’s not calibrated properly with the lamp. Counterfeits can’t be calibrated because they are lacking the proper technology. If you bought from a recognized dealer, then you may have a defective lamp. Contact them for a replacement.
      Hope this helps.

  14. avatar Cameron Clayton says:

    Hello! I replaced the lamp on my projector, went to turn it on and it started making a fast and pitched ding/clicking sound. The power button blinks and the button that says lamp auto lights up red (btw this is a viewsonic) and the fan runs. It did this when I first installed the lamp, then all of a sudden it worked for a few days, but now it is doing the same thing. Any ideas?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Cameron,
      Did you reset the lamp timer? Also check the connections on the lamp, if they are loose then that can affect the working of the lamp.

  15. avatar Juan Antonio Gonzalez says:

    Hello. I´ve just replace the lamp of my proyector Sony bravia Sxrd VPL hw10. The new is an original, but it doesn´t have a new air filter.

    Trying to clean the old filter, I´ve broke it completely….sight..

    What can I do? I don´t find any place to buy a new one and neither find how to build one. Help me please!!
    Thank you

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Juan,
      Contact Discount Merchants at http://www.discount-merchant.com at 1-800-281-8860 and they can help you find a replacement filter. They are not hard to find for this model. Don’t feel bad. Broken filters are easy to replace and it happens a lot that people break them. Good luck.

  16. Hi. My projector sounds well but suddenly the image quality dropped. It be haves like a very low contrust ratio projection. When i open an image by laptop it clear for a very fractional second but turns to darker. Seems like any sofware adjustment going wrong rather than the lamp or lcd panel.help please.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Hassan,
      It sounds like there is a problem with the laptop screen and the projector image. It may be a problem between the display resolution of the computer and projector. Try adjusting the display resolution to match the data projector. Another thing to check is that the display mode is set to only an external video port. The final thing to check is that the projector lamp has not reached end of life because that will also make the image go dim even after there is that initial display of light. I hope these suggestions help. You can also consider joining our forum for more expert help. http://www.fixyourdlp.com/forum/

  17. avatar Austin Kress says:

    I have a JVC hd-56fn97 and I received this TV for free and they had found it. It didn’t have a lamp in it. So I replaced it and when I did the TV would turn long enough for the lamp to warm up AMD the TV to play for a sec and then the lamp/program light would flash. Any ideas? I read it could be a circuitry issue. Could just blowing the dust off help it? Maybe fix it?

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Austin,
      This may very well be a colour wheel or ballast problem. You could try cleaning the air filters because if they are clogged they will cause the TV to overheat and turn off. It may be a circuitry issue but that would need a technician to determine exactly where the problem may be. I’m not enough of an expert to figure this out so I suggest joining our forum where there is a community of TV experts who can help. http://www.fixyourdlp.com/forum/

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