How to replace the Sony VPL-HW30ES projector lamp

Sony_vpl-hw30es_projector_LMP-H202When it’s time to replace the Sony VPL-HW30ES projector lamp follow this handy guide.

The Sony VPL-HW30ES is a home theater projector that delivers supports 2D and 3D images on screen. When the Sony VPL-HW30ES projector lamp is reaching its end of life, the  Lamp/Cover light will start flashing red and continue to flash in 3 second intervals.

As the the lamp dims and the color balance of the picture goes off,  and the message “Please replace the Lamp/Filter” appears on the screen. Then you must replace the lamp immediately.

Sony VPL-HW30ES projector lamp are critical!

Don’t settle for anything but the best for your Sony VPL-HW30ES projector.  Look for the seal of approval so you can rest assured you are buying an authentic Sony LMP-H202 that will keep your projector running properly. Why avoid generic lamps?

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Replacing the Sony LMP-H202 Lamp and Air Filter

Sony recommends replacing the air filter at the same as replacing the Sony VPL-HW30ES projector lamp.

Replacing the Lamp

Sony_VPL-HW30ES_projector_LMP-H202_turning_overBefore replacing the Sony LMP-H202 let the Sony VPL-HW30ES projector cool at least 30 – 45 minutes. This projector operates under high temperatures and you can get badly burned if the projector has not cooled down.

Unplug the AC power cord.

The lamp cover is on the bottom of the projector so you will need to turn it over. Put down a soft cloth on a flat surface to prevent the projector getting scratched.

Turn the projector over gently. Don’t lean on the projector and make sure the surface is flat and stable.


Using a Philips screwdriver, loosen the screw holding the lamp cover in place. Slide the lamps cover off the Sony VPL-HW30ES projector. Put it to one side.





Loosen the 3 screws on the Sony LMP-H202 lamp using a Phillips screwdriver. Grab the old LMP-H202 by the indented side handles and and pull the lamp straight out.

NOTE: The Sony LMP-H202 contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle this lamp!


Remove the packaging from the new lamp.
Lift up the handle and slowly lower it into the projector.
Push it in securely until it reaches the end.
Tighten the three screws on the lamp.
Be careful not to touch the optical block inside the projector as this can damage the picture.
Also don’t touch the actual bulb in the new lamp as oily fingerprints can burn a black spot on the lamp when it heats up.



Sony_VPL-HW30ES_projector_LMP-H202_Close_lamp_coverSlide the lamp cover back onto the Sony VPL-HW30ES projector.
Close the lamp cover and tighten the screws.

Remember to install the lamp cover properly as the projector will not turn off if the cover is loose or not installed correctly.

Replacing the air filter


Remove the filter holder. The air filter will be inside the holder. Don’t touch the fan inside as this can damage the projector.


Remove the old filter and put it to one side. Attach the new air filter so that is fits into the 10 claws properly on the holder.

Aligning the air filter with the shape of the filter holder will make it easier to install.

Be sure to put the air filter holder back into the projector making sure it aligned up properly. If not, the projector will not  turn back on!


Wipe off any dust from the ventilation intake holes using a soft cloth. Put the projector back in its original position and turn it on. You’ll need to reset the lamp timer and to do this you must turn the Sony VPL-HW30ES projector back on.

Using the remote, scroll down to the Setup Menu. Press Enter.




A Lamp Setting message will appear asking you if the lamp has been replaced.

Click on Yes.



You will see a confirmation message and the Lamp Timer will be automatically reset to zero.

You can see the number of hours left on your lamp by going to the Information Menu.


You can extend the life of the Sony LMP-H202 lamp by always making sure the filter is clean and there is enough airflow around the projector. Learn more with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life.

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2 comments on “How to replace the Sony VPL-HW30ES projector lamp
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  1. avatar Leslie says:

    I replaced the bulb on my VPL-HW30ES. Forgot to unplug it though. The projector came on and made its normal clicks but no light. I put the old bulb in and no light. I unplugged it. Screwed all screws in. Made sure kid screwed on properly. Left alone for 30 minutes. Still no light. Tried to clean dust out. Tried to reset whole projector. Any other ideas? Thanks!

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Leslie,
      When you say you forgot to unplug it, do you mean from the electrical socket? That wouldn’t make a difference, unplugging the projector is more of a precaution so it doesn’t accidentally get turned while the lamp is being replaced. Turning the projector on with no lamp can damage the color week. Another possibility is that you did everything correct during the installation but the new lamp is a counterfeit that hasn’t been calibrated for the projector. Is it an OEM authentic lamp? If not, it doesn’t matter how many times you re-install the lamp. Also, the old bulb is not going to work either since it’s reached end of life and the projector will register and not turn on to protect itself. Final thing was did you reset the lamp timer after changing the lamp. Many people forget to this last key part of changing the lamp and as a result the projector thinks it’s still got a lamp out of time. I would recommend checking out our forum as well for similar problems and joining for more expert help than what I am able to give.

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