Installing a replacement Hitachi CP-X268 projector lamp

Hitachi_xl_cpx268_DT0075_replacement_projector_lampUse our step-by-step guide to change the lamp in your Hitachi CP-X268 projector lamp.

Avoid generics

In order to keep your Hitachi CP-X268 projector working at its best you need to always install an authentic projector lamp. With their inferior parts, counterfeit lamps are prone to  exploding and have a shorter life. Often these lamps use toxic chemicals as substitutes and can’t be calibrated properly so deliver a much poorer image. Keep your projector working and go with an authentic Hitachi CP-X268 projector lamp.

Always look for the seal of approval and watch for telltale signs you are about to purchase a counterfeit lamp:

Spot the copycat fake lamps with 7 Ways to Spot a Counterfeit Lamp.

Find this lamp on Amazon sold by these authorized dealers:

End of Hitachi CP-X268 projector lamp signs

Your Hitachi CP-X268 projector uses the Hitachi DT00751 CPX260 projector lamp and when it reaches end of life, there will be several tell tale signs:

  • Hitachi CP-X268 Lamp Indicator light will start flashing red.
  • Color tone on the screen may also appear weak or washed out.
  • Picture has poor colour quality.
  • You may notice the Hitachi DT00751 starts to go dark after being used for long period of time.

The Hitachi DT00751 CPX260 projector lamp has a finite life and trying to force it beyond its normal lamp life can damage your Hitachi CP-X268.

Installing the Hitachi CP-X268 projector lamp

Before installing a new lamp be sure to turn off the Hitachi CP-X268 and let the projector cool down for at least one hour. This projector operates using high temperatures and there is a risk of you burning yourself if the projector has not cooled.


  • Turn off the projector by pressing the power button.
  • Unplug any power cords.
  • Loosen the Hitachi CP-X268 projector lamp cover screw
  • Slide the lamp cover to the side to remove it.


  • Loosen the screws on the projector lamp. Gently lift up the wire handle and pull out the Hitachi DT00751 CPX260 projector lamp.
  • NOTE: The Hitachi DT00751 projector lamp contains mercury and should be properly recycled. Don’t place it into regular garbage.
  • Take the new DT00751 lamp out of its packaging.
  • Pick up the Hitachi DT00751 projector lamp by the handle and gently insert the projector lamp into the projector making sure not to bang the lamp.
  • Avoid touching the actual bulb as oil from your fingers can leave marks on the bulb that will burn into black spots.
  • Slide the Hitachi CP-X265 projector lamp cover back in place and firmly fasten the lamp cover a screw.
  • Turn the projector on and reset the lamp time.

Resetting the Hitachi CP-X268 projector lamp timer

Reset the lamp time only when you have replaced the lamp so the Hitachi CP-X268 projector can properly track the projector lamp life. Otherwise you run the risk of using the projector lamp beyond its lamp life.


  • Press the MENU button
  • When the EASY MENU has appeared press Enter to choose
  • Scroll down to the ADVANCED MENU option.
  • Scroll down to OPTION menu.
  • Press ENTER.
  • Scroll down to LAMP TIME.
  • A dialog field will appear.
  • Choose RESET on the dialog field.
  • Press ENTER.
  • The lamp time will be reset to 0.
  • Press the MENU button to exit.

Get more hours from your Hitachi DT00751 CPX260 projector lamp by keeping your air filters clean to avoid overheating the projector.

Learn more with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life.

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