Solutions for projector image problems

Test_your_presentation_for_correct_color_and_projector_imageIf you’re having trouble with your projector image try these suggestions before contacting a service technician.

Problem: No projector image on screen

  • Check all the cables and power connections to make sure they are correctly and securely connected.
  • Check the connector pins are not crooked or broken.
  • Check your projector lamp. If you recently installed a new projector lamp you may have loose connections.
  • Have you removed the lens cap?
  • Is the projector is switched on?
  • Check that the projector’s hide feature is turned off.


trapezoid_effect_projector_correcting_projector_imageProblem: Partial, scrolling or incorrectly displayed projector image

  • Trying using the resync or digital reset button.
  • Correct the keystone effect on you screen. Learn more about keystone and distorted images.
  • If connected to a PC: Verify your resolution is less than or equal to 800 x 600. Follow the steps outlined below to reset the resolution.
  • If you are using a Notebook PC: Switch the PC display to “external display only” or “CRT only” mode.
  • If you are having difficulty in changing resolutions or your monitor freezes, restart both the projector and computer.
  • Check that your aspect ratio is correct for the projector and screen being used.

Solving_Blurry_Image_Projector_imageProblem: Projector image is out of focus

  • Use the Focus Ring on the projector lens to change the projector image.
  • Make sure the projection screen is between the required distances from the projector. Learn more about the importance of correct aspect ratio.

Problem: Outstretched DVD image

  • Many projectors automatically set DVDs to play using a 4:3 full screen default setting.
  • If the image is still outstretched, you will also need to adjust the aspect ratio by referring to the following:
  • Select 4:3 aspect ratio type on your DVD player, especially if you are playing a 16:9 DVD.
  • If your DVD player doesn’t allow you to select aspect ratio, 4:3 aspect ratio from the projector’s screen menu.

1080p_projector_aspect_ratio_projector_image_solutionsProblem: Flickering or unstable projector image

  • Use the tracking option to stabilize the image.
  • Reset the color setting on your computer’s monitor.

 Problem: Reversed projector image

  • Use the projector’s On Screen Display (OSD) to change the projection direction.

Read more about projector images:



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