Install a replacement Christie DS+65 projector lamp

Christie_DS+65_projector_Christie_003-000884-01_replacement_projector_lampHow to replace the Christie DS+65 projector lamp

The Christie DS+65 projector is equipped with two lamps. You have the option of using a single projector lamp or both lamps. After 7500 hours, the lamp(s) will need to be changed. Depending on how much you use your projector, lamp life may be reached earlier. When end of life with the Christie DS+65 projector lamp has been reached, the projector lamp indicator will turn red.

Go with authentic

Be sure to invest in an authentic Christie 003-000884-01 replacement lamp in order to keep your Christie DS+65 projector working at its optimum levels. Look for the seal of approval before buying. Counterfeit “compatible” lamps are NOT authentic lamps and can create a number of problems including:

Invest in an authentic projector lamp.

Buy this lamp on Amazon sold by these authorized dealers:

Installing the new projector lamp

NOTE: Christie_DS+65_projector_Christie_003-000884-01_replace_projector_lampCheck the status of each lamp before replacing. Red light indicates end of life while a green status indicated.

Before replacing the projector lamp, follow these safety steps:

  1. Wait until the projector is cool to the touch before removing the lamp. These projector work at a high temperatures and you can get badly burned.
  2. Be sure to unplug the projector before replacing the Christie 003-000884-01 projector lamp. 
  • Release the screw (LAMP 1) or (LAMP 2) depending on which projector lamp that needs to be replaced.
  • Open the projector lamp lid(s).
  • Turn the three locking screws a quarter turn anti-clockwise.
  • Pull the lamp out. Be extremely careful when removing the lamp module. In the unlikely event that the bulb ruptures, small glass fragments may be generated. The lamp module is designed to contain these fragments, but use caution when removing the lamp module.
  • NOTE: The Christie 003-000884-01 projector lamp contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle this lamp.
  • Insert a new projector lamp. Observe the guide pins on either lamp, making sure they line up correctly. Being careful not to touch the actual bulb as the oil from your fingers will burn black marks when the lamp heats up.
  • Turn the locking screws a quarter turn clockwise to secure the new projector lamp.
  • Close the projector lamp lid.
  • Turn the locking screw clockwise.
  • Reset the lamp timer

 Reset the lamp timerChristie_DS+65_projector_Christie_003-000884-01_reset_projector_lamp_timer

Your Christie DS+65 projector comes equipped with a lamp timer that tracks the number of hours left for each lamp. To reset the lamp timer:

  • Scroll down to the LAMP sub menu. Press ENTER.
  • Scroll down to the Reset Lamp Timer option. Press Enter.
  • The secondary line will appear asking you to reset the time. Press YES. The lamp time will be set to zero.

 Tips for longer lamp life

  • Don’t operate the projector continuously without letting it stand for at least one hour turned off every 24 hours.
  • Cleaning the air filter regularly will also prolong the life .
  • Use the Lamp Menu to move to MODE and switch between dual or single projector lamp life. Using only one lamp will prolong usage.
  • Choosing the ECO mode will reduce the brightness and extend projector lamp life.



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