Tips for using a whiteboard projector


You’ve got your whiteboard projector set up and ready to go.

Here are some tips to make your presentation on the whiteboard projector a success.

Avoid small and crooked images

Making your audience squint to see photos is not going to help your presentation. Make your images fill the space of the whiteboard and use the projector’s keystone feature to make them straight on the screen. Having the projector the proper distance from the screen is also important. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your images.

See it from the audience viewpoint

As the presenter you are going to be close to the computer and interactive whiteboard so don’t use that position to judge how it looks. Be sure to check how the picture looks from the back of the room. Practice zooming in and out so everyone in the room has a clear view of the material being presented.

Be prepared technically

Become familiar with the equipment set-up so you can set up quickly or troubleshoot easily. You don’t want your presentation being eaten up by fumbling with cables and connections.

Face your audience

Being able to maintain eye contact with your audience makes your presentation have more connection. Turning your back to face the whiteboard not only severs your connection and makes it harder for the audience to hear you. Flip the direction of the laptop so you can see the entire room and read off the computer. By seeing the participant’s reactions you will know if you are communicating effectively and if they are understanding the material being presented.

Stay off the screen

Replace your finger with a pointing stick or laser beam. When you point directly to the board you create a shadow that actually covers what you are trying to show.

Leave some light

Turning off all the lights for complete darkness can make your audience fall asleep instead of listening to you. Instead just shut off the front lights and leave something in the back to give some light. You’ll be able to actually see the audience members this way and improve your communication.



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