Replacing the Toshiba 42HM66 TV lamp

Toshiba_42HM66_TVIt’s a breeze to change your Toshiba 42HM66 TV lamp when you follow our instructions.

When the Toshiba 42HM66 TV lamp is reaching end of life you may notice that colors appear flattened and the brightness of has diminished. The quartz glass also gets weaker so if you hear a very loud bang, it means the lamp has exploded and needs to be replaced.

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Your Toshiba 42HM66 uses the Toshiba D42-LMP TV Lamp 

Replacing the lamp

Before replacing the lamp allow the Toshiba 42HM66 TV to cool down for one hour. There is a risk of a serious burn if the TV is not completely cool. Be sure to unplug the TV from the electrical socket.


Step 1

Step 1: The Toshiba 42HM66 TV lamp door is located on the side of the TV.  Loosen the screw and then remove the lamp unit door.

Note: The lamp unit door is provided with an interlock to reduce the risk of electric shock and excessive ultraviolet radiation. Never defeat its purpose or attempt to servicewithout removing the lamp unit door completely. Failure to follow this WARNING may result in death or serious injury.


Step 2

Step 2: Using a slotted screwdriver or a coin, loosen the two screws on the Toshiba D42-LMP lamp.


Step 3

Step 3: Grasp the Toshiba D42-LMP lamp by the handle and gently pull it straight out of the TV. Set the old lamp unit aside.

NOTE: The contains mercury. Please recycle this lamp. Don’t throw it into conventional garbage.


Step 4

Step 4: Carefully insert the new lamp unit straight into the TV until it is fully seated. Avoid touching the actual bulb as this can affect image quality.


Step 5

Step 5: Hand-tighten the screws on the Toshiba D42-LMP lamp Do not use an electric screwdriver


Step 6

Step 6: Reattach the lamp unit door, making sure to insert the hooks on the left side of the lamp unit door inside the
opening in the TV cabinet. Replace the door screw and tighten.

Plug in the power cord and turn on the TV. After the initial warmup period (which may take several seconds for full
picture brightness), the TV should operate normally.

If any there is no picture or a very dark picture or if the TV won’t turn on, repeats the steps again to ensure the lamp has been installed properly and the lamp door has been re-installed correctly.

Extend the life of the Toshiba D42-LMP lamp by following these tips.

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2 comments on “Replacing the Toshiba 42HM66 TV lamp
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  1. avatar Catherine says:

    Hi there, I just tried to install my new bulb but the actual unit won’t fit completely in the tv, it sticks out about half a centimeter so I can screw in the screws, but looking at both bulbs they look identical. Any help would be great. Thanks for your time. 🙂

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Catherine,
      It sounds like you have the wrong lamp. It should fit in exactly. These Toshiba models have wonky numbers so you have to check your model for the exact number. There are so many that are similar. Double check it’s the right model number. The other problem it could be is the actual manufacturer. If you bought this lamp online it could be a counterfeit. If the price was very low then for sure it’s a counterfeit and they always have a lot of problems especially with sizes. If the model number is correct, the send it back to the seller and ask for a refund. Look for the OEM certification to ensure it’s a good lamp. Hope this helps. Sorry for your trouble.

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