Front glass, air gaps, coating in authentic projector lamps

lamps_inside_authentic_projector_lampSave time and money with authentic projector lamps

With guaranteed OEM authentic projector lamps,  you’ll never experience the frustration of down time from a projector ruined by a defective lamp.

Three important things to watch for: glass, air gaps and coatings.

Protect your health

Health and safety is always important. Exposure to high-intensity projector lights can damage eyesight without the proper safeguards. Genuine PHILIPS lamps are manufactured with proper filtering glass, UV coating and special air gaps. Generic lamps don’t offer this safety feature. PHILIPS has spent years researching and developing the sophisticated technology of projector lamps. Here are three things to look for with authentic projector lamps.

Filtering front glass

Filtering front glass authentic projector lamp

High intensity projector lamps emit ultraviolet radiation (UV) and infrared radiation (IR) that are not visible to the human eye. In order to protect your eyesight, authentic projector lamps have a high-performance coating blocking out these rays. Most generics are missing this protective coating exposing you to these harmful rays when you install them into your projector.

Air gaps

Air gaps inb authentic projector lamps

Projector lamps operate using high heat and need built in air gaps to create spot cooling in order to prevent overheating of the lamp. Most generic lamps have uneven air gaps and some have none at all. This changes the cooling air in the projector affecting the performance and making generics prone to exploding.

Material and coating

Material and coating authentic projector lamp

Your projector is a well-balanced machine and any lamp installed must also be balanced. Original manufacturers use the correct glass, filters, metal and plastic while copycat manufacturers don’t have access to these proper materials or coatings. To achieve the same results, they use toxic substitutes that lead to poor performance, a shorter lamp life and health risks. One particularly carcinogenic substitute is Krypton-85. Using toxic elements is the only way for copycat manufacturers to re-produce the technology created by PHILIPS.


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