Care and maintenance of your projector

Sanyo_PLV-Z1X_projectorLearn how maintenance can prolong projector lamp life

How to create a regular maintenance routine that will keep your projector working smoothly and prolong projector lamp life.

Cleaning the lens

A dirty projector lens can damped the quality of your image. Regular cleaning will help keep the picture bright. However, projector lenses are quite sensitive to scratching so approach with caution. The best way to clean your lens is to use a can of compressed air to get rid of any dust on the lens. Then gently wipe using dry microfiber lens cloth, found at any camera store. Keep your touch light and don’t press down too hard. If there is a stubborn streaks, then try using a lens cleaning solution.

Filter Cleaning

Like any electronic device, your 1080p projector is full of circuit board that creates heat. Every projector is cooled by air being pulled inside through a filter. This filter acts as a barrier to dirt and dust. When the filter gets clogged it the projector isn’t able to cool effectively and can overheat. A projector that is constantly running too hot burns through lamps faster. A projector that seriously melts down can have its circuit board and panels cooked. Keep your air filter clean.

Follow your instruction manual to learn how to change the filter in your particular model.

Check airflow

Don’t forget to check your ceiling-mounted projectors. They often get overlooked because they are not  easily accessible. Check to make sure your 108op projector has enough airflow around it. If the filters can get enough air intake, your projector will overheat. Check all the nuts and bolts to see if they need tightening/cleaning.

Change the lamp

Projector lamps tend to gradually get dimmer as they approach end of life. Every 1080p projector has a lamp tracking timer that will count the number of hours left. When it reaches a critical point, warning lights will start to blink and an on-screen message will ask you to replace the projector lamp.

When it’s time to replace the lamp be sure to buy genuine OEM lamps. We all like to save money but generic, “compatible” lamps should be avoided because of their inferior materials and workmanship. The few bucks you save can end up costing you much more in the long run when these counterfeit lamps damage your projector and compromise your health.

Read 7 tips for spotting counterfeits to learn more. Read about simple tips to extend the life of your projector and projector lamp.


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