Change the Dukane ImagePro 7300 projector lamp

Replace the Dukane ImagePro 7300dukane-7300-projector projector lamp

Warning sign

Be sure to replace the lamp when you see the message “Change lamp”  It may also be time to replace the projector lamp if you notice the colors on screen have faded or become distorted.

GO with authentic

It can be confusing finding the best Dukane ImagePro 7300 projector. Counterfeits, despite their bargain price, actually cost more in the long run. They should be avoided for the following reasons:

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Replacing the projector lamp

The Dukane ImagePro 7300 projector uses the Dukane 456-7300.  Before installing a new projector lamp do the following safety steps:

  • Reduce the risk of electrical shock by disconnecting the power cord on the projector.
  • Reduce the risk of severe burns by allowing the projector to cool for at least 45 minutes. It should be cool to the touch.
ImagePro-7300_projector_lamp_Dukane-456-7300_security_lockTurn the projector on its side so that the lamp door is facing you. Using a
flat-blade screwdriver, gently pry the lamp door from the projector by
placing the screwdriver blade into the space between the top of the lamp
door and the projector.
ImagePro 7300_projector_lamp_Dukane 456-7300_remove


Loosen the two captive screws that attach the lamp housing to the
projector. Detach the lamp connector from the projector by depressing the locking
tab on the connector and lightly pulling it free. Be extremely careful when removing the lamp housing.  Carefully remove the lamp housing.

NOTE: The Dukane 456-7300 projector lamp contains mercury and should not be thrown into regular garbage. Recycle your used lamps!

ImagePro 7300_projector_lamp_Dukane 456-7300_disconnect

Install the new Dukane 456-7300 lamp housing and tighten the screws. Re-attach the lamp connector to the projector. The locking tab should engage when the connector is fully plugged in.
Replace the lamp door. Plug in the power cord and toggle the Power switch to turn the projector
back on.

Resetting the lamp timer

It’s important to set the lamp timer so the Dukane ImagePro 7300 projector can accurately track the life span of the Dukane 456-7300.

Reset timer_Image Pro_7300_projector_lamp

To reset the lamp hour timer:
  • Navigate to the Settings
  • Service menu
  • Select Lamp Reset


After replacing the Dukane ImagePro 7330 be sure to clean the lamp filters.

If the dust filter becomes clogged it will cause  high temperatures and premature lamp failure.  To maximize lamp life you should clean the screen every 250 hours.
  • Remove the lamp housing.
  • Examine the dust filter screens on the lamp housing.
  • If necessary, use a vacuum cleaner set on low power to clean the screens. Be careful not to disturb any internal components when cleaning the screens. Replace the lamp housing and lamp door.

Learn more with Top tips for extending DLP projector lamp life.

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