Dirty little secrets about projector lamps

MI Technologies offers some advice on projector lamps

MI Technologies runs the largest projector lamp recycling program in the USA so they see a lot of lamps.

They’ve noticed some  disturbing trends as projector bulbs get cheaper and margins deteriorate.

Here’s what to watch for as some lamp distributors get creative to get your money with sometimes an inferior product.

Scenario 1: Switching parts

You order and pay for original branded lamps, for example an OEM Epson. Instead the
manufacturer ships a lamp that’s a mixture of original branded/packaged lamps and more affordable
OEM original lamps in 3rd party housings. There is nothing wrong with a Philips or Osram OEM original bulb in a 3rd party plastic cage except when you are charged a higher price for original parts: screws, plastic cage, connectors.

The Solution: Always check packages whether they vary: Anonymous brown or Epson branded boxes. Don’t just trust the word of the authorized brand reseller

Scenario 2: Generics at OEM prices

Some resellers offer OEM at discounted prices but deliver generics in a fake box with fake stickers on the lamp. Again, there is nothing wrong buying generic lamps, especially if you’re on a budget, but you shouldn’t be paying OEM prices. Chinese generic bulbs with the Philips or Osram trademark are counterfeits sold at inflated prices. The difference between generic and OEM original bulbs is picture quality and faster deteriorating brightness.

Solution: If you suspect you have received counterfeits, check their authenticity. Request a refund and find a more honest manufacturer. You can also send your lamp to MI Technologies for verification and recycling.

Scenario 3: Substitution without notification

Bid documents often request listing the manufacturer of lamp and housing to justify the higher price for all original parts. When lamps get shipped in different boxes end users usually trust that they get what they ordered.

Solution: Many authorized resellers offer a variety of lamp types so always check whether different boxes also contain different types of lamps.

Scenario 4: Inflated prices

Many lamps for older projectors are only available as aftermarket, meaning there is only the OEM original bare bulb available in a 3rd party housing. Don’t pay inflated prices for original bulbs in an original plastic housing from a projector brand. If your model is no longer in production then, these projector lamps are no longer available.

Solution: Find a trusted reseller of replacement lamps who is working with a verified manufacturer to create generic lamps for older projector models. They are out there!

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