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  1. avatar Karen M says:

    Thank You for this site! Without it I would have either spent a small fortune on having someone come out and fix my Samsung or would have ended up just buying a new TV. Finding the right instructions, with video and the place to order the correct lamp was a God send! If I could replace my lamp and get my TV working again, anyone can!!

  2. avatar Aamir says:

    Hi there please advice
    I have a Samsung SPA600B projector with 990 hours on it from new
    This evening around 1 hr into the movie heard a bang then the image went dull like an old movie playing the colour was dull.
    There was a noise coming from the projector and I noticed the colour wheel shadow moving on my screen.
    I turned the projector off, waited around 10 mins and restarted it again to find this noise coming from the unit and the image was dull in colour.
    I turned off the unit I don’t know what’s the problem.

    Please advice what could be wrong. I look forward to your response ASAP

    Thank you


    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Asmir,
      All those problems point to a projector lamp that has reached it’s end of life. One of the first warning signs is a dull picture and a poor quality on screen. At 990 hours you are reaching the end of life. Visit to buy an authentic lamp for this projector. I’ll post a how to guide on how to change the projector lamp and let you know when it’s ready.

  3. avatar Hank Kuehne says:

    how do I remove the Lamp & Housing from a HITACHI 50V720 TV,

  4. avatar Bernard McGuigan says:

    Hello ,
    Wonder if you can help .
    We have an
    “ask proxima” projector that increasingly takes longer ( if at all ) to get connected to our laptop .
    I just went out today and got two new cables :
    1. from projector to plug point
    2. from projector to laptop .
    Still no picture . Wonder if it is the sockets in projector that are not connecting .
    Any thoughts , ideas or hints gratefully accepted.
    Or tel / email of someone who repairs in the Sussex area.
    Many thanks

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Bernard,
      This could be a number of things. It could be the display mode on your laptop. The four most common are: 1) laptop display only, 2) external display only, 3) duplicate the laptop display on the external display, and 4) extend the laptop display onto the external display. You could also remove and re-seat each cable/connector to make sure the connections are secure. Check the projector, the input source selected on the data projector may be using a different input source than the one your computer is connected to. Also make your computer is not on standby mode and it’s not running on battery since this can affect the connection. I would also recommend that you join our forum where there are more experts who can help you determine what is causing this problem.

  5. avatar Nancy says:

    I have a Mitsubishi fd630 projector that does not switch to HDMI. The HDMI is greyed out. I reset everything, now I get a solid blue screen. Help!

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Press the GUIDE and FORMAT buttons on the front panel to reset all A/V Memories to the default settings. If that doesn’t switch the HDMI back on then try:
      On the remote press Menu 2 4 7 0 , hightlight Initialize and press Enter. Wait for it to finish and press the RESET button on the TV.
      That should do the trick.
      Let me know if this worked.

  6. avatar Max Stinchcombe says:

    I have recently moved house and “inherited” an Epson EH-TW 3200. I need to replace the lamp but I understand that I need a special tool to open the cover. Can you help me? And can you give me further instructions on how to make the change please? Thank you, Max

  7. avatar Barbara says:

    Sony TV model KDF-50E2000, serial # 8706086
    Warning sign of “projector lamp nearing failure – replace” shows on startup. Can not find manual. Where is the projector lamp assembly located on the rear of the TV. I would appreciate a video with instructions. Thank-you

  8. avatar Jared Baer says:

    I have an Optoma 1080GT projector. My original bulb blew after over 3000 hours. I bought an OEM replacement and when I reinstalled the new light the light will not turn on at all. The projector turns on and runs as normal just no light. I’ve tried reinstalling the light several times to ensure it’s seated properly and checked wire connections with no successful results any help would be appreciated as I loved this projector!

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Jared,
      First thing to check is if you have reset the lamp timer. It’s the final step to lamp replacement and people often forget to do this. If you don’t reset the lamp timer to zero, the projector will think the old lamp is still in use and shut down to self preserve. If that doesn’t work then it may be actual projector lamp. If it’s not an OEM but rather a generic — or even worse — counterfeit –then it may not have been calibrated properly and never fire properly. Check the lamp timer first and then return the lamp. Hope this helps.

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