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Learn more about the dangers of counterfeit DLP Television lamps and Front Projector lamps. Find out why buying your projector lamp from a trusted reseller or distributor can prevent damage to your television or projector. Stay up to date on counterfeit news and developments.


Make sure it’s an original DLP projector lamp

Have doubts about your newly purchased DLP projector lamp? Find out if your DLP projector lamp is genuine or not. “Not all companies work with Philips and it’s become a widespread problem in the global market,” said Gerrit de Beer,

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Checklist for buying genuine OEM Projector Lamps

Use this handy checklist to be sure you’re buying a genuine OEM projector lamp. Learn how to spot counterfeit OEM Projector Lamps Red flag Descriptions Watch for these keywords in the description of the projector lamp. They are often used

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Your eyesight at risk with counterfeit projector lamps!

Don’t put your eyesight at risk No one wants to risk their eyesight to save a buck. You may be putting your eyesight at risk by installing a counterfeit generic lamp into your 1080p projector. Original equipment manufactured (OEM) projector

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Look for the seal of approval when buying projector lamps

Only a few companies sell authentic projector lamps. Make sure you’re buying  from a recognized authorized dealer. The Internet has been flooded with companies selling “generic” projector lamps. Many claim to be compatible with your projector. Only a few companies

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6 common projector problems after installing a new lamp

Here are solutions to the six most common projector problems happening after installing a new projector lamp Sometimes things don’t go as planned after installing a new projector lamp. Here  are the solutions to the six most common projector problems.

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Consumer Alert: The dangers of counterfeit projector lamps

The dangers of counterfeit projector lamps are very real Counterfeit projector lamps may seem like quite the bargain. Would you compromise your health and risk your eyesight for the sake of a few dollars? Using counterfeit, knock-off projector or rear-projector

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7 Tips for spotting counterfeit projector lamps

Spot the seven signs of counterfeit projector lamps With the popularity of the DLP Projectors and Rear Projector TVs, there’s been an explosion of websites counterfeit projector lamps. “We have seen a dramatic rise with counterfeit lamps. Unfortunately they are

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Educate to protect yourself against counterfeits

Educate yourself against counterfeits How do you spot the counterfeits from the genuine products? It’s time to change your projector or rear projector TV lamp. You decide to buy online and your stress level skyrockets when you see the number

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The China Conundrum (Part Two)

So, it is time to replace the lamp on your high definition DLP television set or projector and we found what we think is a smoking deal on a replacement. But before we start boasting we need to make sure

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The China Conundrum (Part One)

So its time to replace the lamp on your high definition DLP television set? You do quick Google search, compare prices on Amazon, and go with the cheapest vendor. You process your credit card and sit back and smile because

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