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Projector contrast ratio for the perfect picture

The projector contrast ratio makes all the difference in your view! You’ve picked out the projector model and you’re ready to buy. It’s got all the features you were looking for but there’s one final consideration: projector contrast ratio. After

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Tips for using a whiteboard projector

You’ve got your whiteboard projector set up and ready to go. Here are some tips to make your presentation on the whiteboard projector a success. Avoid small and crooked images Making your audience squint to see photos is not going

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Create an outdoor home theater: part two

Enjoy some summer fun with an outdoor home theater! Capture the fun of the drive-in movie by creating your outdoor home theater. Be sure to read Part One of creating your home theater so you’ve got your location and set

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Create an outdoor home theater: part one

Create an outdoor home theater for summer viewing under the stars. If you are feeling nostalgic for the drive-in, you can re-capture the fun of watching by creating your own outdoor home theater. You’ll need to do a few adjustments

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How OEM projector lamps protect your eyesight

Key elements OEM projector lamps use to protect your eyesight Whether used for business, in the classroom, or for home entertainment, your projector is a key element for your multimedia set-up. Not only do you want your projector working at

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How to clean your projector lens properly

  Dust on your projector lens? Here’s how to clean it.   Your projector lens is similar to a camera and should be cleaned the same way. You can get everything you need to clean your projector lens at a

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Tips to make your projector lamp last longer

A few simple maintenance tips can make your projector lamp last longer. Learn how to create a simple maintenance routine that will keep your projector working at its best while prolonging projector lamp life. Here are some top tips to

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Get your laptop connected to your projector

Get connected with our guide Whether it’s a PC or Mac, getting your laptop connected to a projector or a TV depends on getting the right cable. The age of your computer will determine which kind of cable your need.

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Setting up your church lights

Learn more about church lights so you know what you need Once you’ve bought your projector and screen for your church’s multimedia set-up, the church lights are the next important step. Here’s a breakdown of the church lights you can

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Lumens: How much does your projector need?

What are lumens and how much do you need in your projector? When you are buying a projector, one associated specification you’ll see is the lumens value. ANSI Lumens is a measurement for the amount of brightness the projector gives

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