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Get your projector working for you

Learn more about projector maintenance, presentations, news, DLP technology and how to find your perfect model.



Solving projector heat problems

Solve your projector heat problems Stop your projector from overheating. Projector heat problems are common to every type of of projector. Almost all projectors face problems with overheating. Whether yours is using an LCD or a DLP projector lamp, there

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Shopping for projector lamps online

It’s a confusing world out there when shopping online for projector lamps. We break it down for you. If you know what to look for then shopping for projector lamps on Amazon or ebay can land you some real deals.

Dirty little secrets about projector lamps

MI Technologies offers some advice on projector lamps MI Technologies runs the largest projector lamp recycling program in the USA so they see a lot of lamps. They’ve noticed some  disturbing trends as projector bulbs get cheaper and margins deteriorate.

Understanding projector resolution

Shopping for a projector? Understanding resolution is key. Resolution refers to the number of lines displayed on the screen. The higher the resolution, the crisper the quality of the picture. Most projectors come with a fixed resolution that is completely

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Projector safety tips

Review these important projector safety tips Setting up your projector? Follow these important projector safety tips courtesy of Epson America.   Setting up Be sure to place the projector on a stable surface. Avoid any unstable carts or tables. Make

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5 top reasons to purchase a DLP Projector

Why buy a dlp projector? A DLP projector is the best choice on the market offering competitive pricing and superior technology. Enjoy crisp, clear visuals with colors that pop along with easy of use with your DLP purchase. Here are

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Care and maintenance of your projector

Learn how maintenance can prolong projector lamp life How to create a regular maintenance routine that will keep your projector working smoothly and prolong projector lamp life. Cleaning the lens A dirty projector lens can damped the quality of your

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Setting up your home theater projector screen

Projector screen set up is the final step for your home theater It takes some planning to get your projector screen set up to get the perfect location. You’ll first have to consider the location of the projector. Most projectors

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Interactive whiteboard safety tips

Get the most out of your interactive whiteboard An interactive whiteboard is an powerful instructional tool that can help any lesson come alive. These safety tips and precautions will help you get the most out of your interactive whiteboard. Safety

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Ignition and connections in authentic projector lamps

Authentic projector lamps keep your projector working Installing authentic projector lamps means better performance, better lighting and better viewing. Ignition and connections are crucial parts for making sure your newly installed projector lamp is working at its optimum level. Other

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