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The real cost of counterfeit lamps

What is the real cost of counterfeit lamps? Replacing the DLP lamp is one of the expenses associated with owning a projector or a RPTV. The low prices of counterfeits lamps are tempting. Who doesn’t love a bargain? Remember that

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Create a home theater for the FIFA World Cup

As we head into the final rounds of the FIFA World Cup, there is still time to create your home theater. A 1080p high definition TV projector will give you the clearest picture and sharpest colors to enjoy this international

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Home theater projectors vs flat screen TVs

Which is better a home theater projector or flat screen TV? It turns out size does make a difference when it comes to your home theater. As we move into 3D viewing, the difference between a projector and flat screen

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Using Windows 10 to connect to a projector

Windows 10 has made it easier to connect Windows 10 is the common operating system in many business settings. Sometimes when you’re doing an offsite presentation who may find yourself either using a loaner projector or laptop. Whichever scenario you

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Avoid Black Friday pressure and check out Cyber Monday

Black Friday is not the only day for great deals. There are other options. Too much turkey leaving you unmotivated for Black Friday madness?  No worries. There are still some great deals out there, if you know when and where

Germicidal bulbs for staying healthy

Germicidal bulbs are becoming popular in the work place and at home. Central heating or air conditioning, particularly those with a shared ventilation system, often have problems with spreading bacteria, viruses and fungal contamination. We’ve all heard about sick building

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Projector contrast ratio for the perfect picture

The projector contrast ratio makes all the difference in your view! You’ve picked out the projector model and you’re ready to buy. It’s got all the features you were looking for but there’s one final consideration: projector contrast ratio. After

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Tips for using a whiteboard projector

You’ve got your whiteboard projector set up and ready to go. Here are some tips to make your presentation on the whiteboard projector a success. Avoid small and crooked images Making your audience squint to see photos is not going

Create an outdoor home theater: part two

Enjoy some summer fun with an outdoor home theater! Capture the fun of the drive-in movie by creating your outdoor home theater. Be sure to read Part One of creating your home theater so you’ve got your location and set

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Create an outdoor home theater: part one

Create an outdoor home theater for summer viewing under the stars. If you are feeling nostalgic for the drive-in, you can re-capture the fun of watching by creating your own outdoor home theater. You’ll need to do a few adjustments

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