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Find your projector manual

Looking for a projector manual? Need some help with set-up or replacing your projector lamp? Find your projector manual in our library. Click on your projector logo to find your projector manual. 3M Projector Manuals Acer Projector Manuals Ask Projector

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RPTV Troubleshooting: TV won’t turn on

Having trouble getting a picture with your RPTV? Before paying a service technician, review these rear-projection TV troubleshooting suggestions. 1. Check your connections. A loose power cable can trigger the sensor on the back cover and prevent the DLP set

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Consumer Alert: The dangers of counterfeit projector lamps

The dangers of counterfeit projector lamps are very real Counterfeit projector lamps may seem like quite the bargain. Would you compromise your health and risk your eyesight for the sake of a few dollars? Using counterfeit, knock-off projector or rear-projector

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How To Replace RCA Lamp Enclosure For Your DLP TV

How to replace Samsung lamp enclosure for your DLP TV. Step 1. First of all, unplug the TV from the wall outlet. You have a few thousand volts going through your ballast, be very careful! It’s also a good idea

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Samsung TV Owner’s Manual for your DLP Television

Samsung TV Owner’s Manuals Hello again, this week’s owner’s manuals are for the Samsung DLP TVs. All of the Samsung manuals are available in PDF format. Stayed tuned for more TV owner’s manual from You can download or view

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Sony TV Owner’s Manual for your LCD Projection Television

Sony LCD Projection TV Owner’s Manuals We’ve got a lot of television manuals for you to check out. This set is a compilation of Sony TV manuals we’ve found over the years. All of them are available for download in

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Replacement of the SAMSUNG Color Wheel BP96-00674A

Color Wheel BP96-00674A SAMSUNG Replacement of the SAMSUNG Color Wheel BP96-00674A Color Wheel Replacement No.: BP96-00674A OC-CW 7BC-AA022 BP67-00097A Click below to buy this Color Wheel now: Lowest Prices Anywhere! There are some Samsung DLP-TV production series that use two

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How do I replace the lamp out of my RCA, Samsung, Sony, Zenith, Hitachi, Panasonic, JVC, Philips, or LG TV?

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED Well… instead of writing individual pages for various “How-To” guides, we have created a single page.  We will update this page as more guides are made available.  If you have a request for a specific enclosure,

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Resetting your LG Lamp Counter…

This mini-guide should enable you to view and reset your TV lamp hour counter.  It’s always a good idea to reset this counter when changing lamps. Make sure the TV is on and: 1) Press and hold the Menu button

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Zenith LAMP Replacement “How-To” Guide – 6912V00006C, 6912V00006A, 3110V00139B

Zenith LAMP Replacement “How-To” Guide This guide is presented to show you, the consumer, how easy and trouble free it is to change the consumable lamp inside your Zenith Projection LCD TV. Buying just the lamp (instead of the lamp