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Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement Makes Toshiba Pay For Bad DLP TV Lamps

If you haven’t heard, Toshiba is being forced to give out refunds through a class-action settlement that claims Toshiba knowingly misrepresented the life of their proprietary, direct current, DLP lamps, which we all know to be extremely short compared with

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Damage or Fire Warning on Samsung DLP Television BP96-01653A Lamp

Please read carefully! has identified a potential hazard that may severely damage your Samsung TV with lamp code BP96-01653A! Samsung DLP lamp units, model BP96-01653A may fail due to improper insertion. We discovered this while doing some tests on

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Sony A-1606-034-B Lamp, Sony XL-2100U bulb

ALL the information you need to know about the Sony A-1606-034-B / L-2100U lamp!

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Epson LS57P1/2 & LS47P1/2 3LCD Digital Projection Displays

Epson Livingstation LS57P1, LS57P2, LS47P1, LS47P2 replacement lamp module V13H010R02 / ELSLP1

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Sony F-9308-750-0 lamp, Sony XL-2400U lamp, Sony A-1129-776-A

The Sony F-9308-750-0, XL-2400U, A-1129-776-A replacement lamp resource guide. Product information and buying recommendations here!

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Protected: Volusion’s Winter Crap ’09 Upgrade – Share your experiences!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Panasonic TY-LA1001 Lamp Replacement Manual

The Panasonic TY-LA1001 is one of the rarest enclosures in the entire DLP market to find. The same applies to the manual, so we are very proud to offer all of our visitors the replacement manual for the TY-LA1001, enjoy.

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Why Buy a New Lamp in a New Lamp Housing Unit?

Well, it’s that time again; time to answer questions from readers! Here are some popular questions and answers: Question: Why should I buy a new lamp with new housing versus an new lamp in a recycled housing? Answer: That’s

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New vs Used Lamp Cages

Here’s a question a lot of people have been asking: Do I change just the lamp or the whole enclosure? Well, if you’re thinking about swapping out just the lamp, here are some things you should know: Swapping out the

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Black Friday Tomorrow!

Here it is from Hey guys, I wanted you to post about our specials on Friday. All of our OEM Philips E22h and E23h lamps will be $99.99! This includes lamps for the following brand TVs: Akai, Gateway, Gemstar,

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