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Panasonic TY-LA1001 Lamp Replacement Manual

The Panasonic TY-LA1001 is one of the rarest enclosures in the entire DLP market to find. The same applies to the manual, so we are very proud to offer all of our visitors the replacement manual for the TY-LA1001, enjoy.

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Panasonic PT-52DL10 lamp search

I am sick and tired of paying outrageous prices for the replacement lamp (200W) for my DLP television and am in search of an alternative part number that will work in my housing. TV Model: PT-52DL10 (Panasonic) Original Lamp P/N:  TY-LA2000

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How do I reset the lamp hours PT44LCX65

The owner’s manual says to follow the instructions that come with the new lamp.  All I got was how to change the lamp, not how to reset the lamp hours.  HELP!

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Panasonic PT-50DL54J

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to get to the light assembly and is there any screws to remove to get the assembly out? I’am about to replace the lamp. Looks like I’am going for an OSRAM. Is ther many

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Panasonic DLP

Hello Everyone, I have a 56 inch Panasonic DLP (PT56DLX75), that I have changed the lamp, but the display is still too dark. Did a factory reset, reset the lamp counter, cleaned and checked all wiring, still the display not

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Panasonic TY-LA1000 Lampen-Gehäuse Anleitung wie Sie die Lampe austauschen

Lesen und posten Sie Fragen & Antworten hier: Die Anleitungen sind unmittelbar und einfach zu verfolgen. Wenn Sie Probleme haben sollten, die Datei herunterzuladen und/oder die Lampe auszutauschen, stellen Sie Ihre Fragen hier. Soweit wir wissen ist das Gehäuse

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Hello there, we continue this week with the Panasonic manuals set. Stayed tuned for more TV owner’s manual from You can download or view them here: Panasonic  PT-43LC14, PT-50LC14, PT-60LC14 Click here. Panasonic  PT-43LCX64, PT-50LCX64, PT-60LCX64 Click here. Panasonic

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Here’s an example of a DLP Lamp you should NOT buy…a copied Philips E23 100/120 bulb!

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Falsificacion de lampara UHP PHILIPS

  Falsificación de lámpara UHP PHILIPS Cuidado!!! Hay en el mercado Lámparas falsas (Clonadas) de reemplazo, que utilizan la marca PHILIPS. Hace unas semanas escribí un artículo en ingles sobre lámparas, copiadas e ilegales. El cual brevemente se hablo sobre

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Ty LA 1000 lamp

The lamp listed is different than the one in my TV.

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