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Samsung HLP5063 losing picture

We have a 4 year old samsung hlp5063,  about a month ago it started to lose the picture. We have replaced the lamp and then did a reset (on the phone with SamsungUSA).  that worked for about a day.  Now

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Lamparas Para Proyector

Lamparas de Proyeccion   Algunos Proveedores de lamparas y/o bulbos para proyector , le pueden vender la lampara para el reemplazo de su lampara dañada o el portalamparas completo Si Ud. Tiene un cierto grado tecnico o habilidad manual y

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Samsung cant get started

I have a Samsung HLR5667W which I replaced the lamp about 1.5 years ago.  Just recently I got the lamp out lights and no picture.  So I got another lamp, althought the lamp I took out did not look bad. 

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Samsung TV SP43L2HX1X/XSG Lamp needed

Hi, I have a Samsung TV with model code: SP43L2HX1X/XSG and serial No. 31DX100012P the lamp code as shown on a sticker is BP96-00449A(P) but I found another number on the enclosure denotes TYPE: V13H010R01 RATED: 100W, please help me

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HLP6163 flickered with weird colors and loud humming

Yesterday, I noticed that my HLP6163 started flickering a lot with colors totally off. I tried switching video inputs and I kept getting the same thing. So I turned it off, let it sit for about a half hour, and

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Warranty My Lamp!

Some people have been asking about the 90 warranty from the manufacturer when you buy from Warranties and guarantees are to help you the consumer decide on what product is the best, and safest choice. If you’re going to

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Flickering Samsung HLS5688w

My samsung HLS5688w has a slight flickering on screen and I have replaced the lamp, thinking that was the problem but it only worked for a couple of months and it started again. So now I’m wondering if its the

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Samsung hls4676s PROBLEMS

I’ve had my tv for almost two years. About a year ago my son kept turning the tv on and off and after a while the tv shutdown and three lights started blinking. In the manual it’s code for bad

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Replaced the bulb, still turning off

I have a Samsung HLS5088W. It was bought in Nov 2006. I had some trouble with it shutting itself off. We could watch TV for a while and then all of the sudden it would just shut off. Usually it

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Replacing Lamp Fan

I need step-by-step instructions on how to access the lamp fan in my 27-month-old Samsung HLR5067W.  After speaking with Samsung, the loud humming noise I hear when turning on the television is caused by an inoperable fan.  I replaced the

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