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Wie Sie Ihren Samsung DLP Lampenstundenzähler zurücksetzen

Finden Sie heraus wie Sie Ihren Lampenstundenzähler auf Null stellen.

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Vorsicht vor Dritt-Herstellern; nachgemachten DLP Lampen – Fälschungen

Finden Sie heraus wie Sie Fälscher von DLP-Lampen entlarven können und sicherstellen, dass Sie ein OEM Produkt erwerben.

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Black Friday Specials $100 DLP TV Lamps!

I just got word from that they are selling all RCA and Samsung lamps made by Philips for $99.99. That’s unheard of! I just thought that if anyone was looking for a deal, this is the time to buy

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Beware of Third-Party & Generic DLP TV Lamps, Counterfeit, Copy Lamps

Buying a replacement DLP lamp? What you need to know about making an informed and educated decision when buying a replacement TV lamp

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Samsung HLS7178 – Weird Intermittent Startup Noise

Hi everyone, Descrition of problem: The noise from the video is consistent (in duration and sound), and it happens every 6 or 7 times the set is powered up.  If it is one of those times it makes the noise

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Samsung BP96-01073A, BP96-01073A(P120W), BP9601073A Replacement DLP TV Lamp Enclosure

For the best price & service on an original BP96-01073A Samsung replacement lamp, click here The Samsung BP96-01073A Enclosure goes by a few different names: BP96-01073A(P120W), BP96-01073A(P), BP9601073A. Here are a few pictures of the enclosure assembly (complete plastic housing

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Samsung HLS6186W

To purchase a replacement lamp for this TV, click here Samsung introduces you with its new television product HLS61686W, a widescreen DLP television which brings you an ultimate HDTV occurrence in truly 1280 x 720p resolution. You will definitely enjoy

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Samsung HL-R6167W 61″ DLP High Definition Television:

To buy a replacement lamp for this television click here. The Samsung HL-R6167W is a high definition television that uses the DLP technology and has a screen size of 61 inches when measured diagonally. The set uses the Digital Micromirror

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Samsung BP96-01653A DLP Lamp Enclosure: Philips 132W / 120W Lamp

The latest generation of Samsung lamp based Projection DLP TVs utilitize one of two enclosures: either the BP96-01472A or the BP96-01653A Enclosure.  Both enclosures cover the HLS and HLT Series DLP sets. The Samsung BP96-01653A Enclosure is powered by a

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Samsung BP96-00826A Replacement Lamp Enclosure Pictures

The BP96-00826A lamp enclosure was primarily manufactured for the HLR Series and select HLP Series TVs.  There’s widespread misunderstanding about lamp compatiblity and various Lamp Codes because there are two different lamps inside the HLP Series TVs. The BP96-00826A is

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