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Category: Sharp

This category is dedicate to Sharp DLP TV discussions…whether product reviews and comparisions, troubleshooting or repair tips and questions, or general information about these TVs…feel free to comment!

Step 1.- Before you start doing anything, unplug the TV from the wall outlet. There are a few thousand volts going through your ballast, be very careful! It’s also a good idea to let the TV cool down for at …

How to replace Sharp / Vizio lamp enclosure for your projection TV Read More »

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Buying a replacement DLP lamp? What you need to know about making an informed and educated decision when buying a replacement TV lamp

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The Sharp RRMCGA535WJSA remote control is also know as the GA535WJSA for short. We’ve been getting a lot of requests for a replacement remote control for Sharp TVs. We recommend the GA535WJSA because of a number of “extra” features it’s …

Sharp RRMCGA535WJSA Flat Panel LCD Remote Control Read More »

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