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The affordable solution to white dot syndrome on your DLP TV

White dots, white snow or sparkling stars on your DLP TV mean only one thing – a worn out DMD chip. The white dot syndrome seems to happen when the DLP TVs have been in use anywhere from two to five

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Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement Makes Toshiba Pay For Bad DLP TV Lamps

If you haven’t heard, Toshiba is being forced to give out refunds through a class-action settlement that claims Toshiba knowingly misrepresented the life of their proprietary, direct current, DLP lamps, which we all know to be extremely short compared with

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Toshiba Service Manual for DLP Television

This week we are providing the Toshiba Service manual for the DLP’s TV. This manual is normally used for technicians to repair the TV’s specified below. Models: 50HM67, 57HM67, 65HM67, 57HM117/167, and 65HM117/167. You can downloaded or view it here.

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Toshiba Owners Manual for your DLP TV’s.

We all know that there are many things we take for granted, we ignore and probably throw them away until a situation presents itself when we need them and it’s too late. For many of us this applies to the

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