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Is your classroom using a projector? Check out our resources for schools  and learn how to get your projector working for you. We’ll show you how to safely use projectors, how to protect your students eyesight and the best way to use projectors.

Welcome to our educational community.

boxes_recycled_projector_lampsGet your classroom mercury free and save money

Through our parent company MI Technologies, we’ve  partnered with the University of San Diego Electronics Recycling Center to create a projector lamp recycling program that gives you special discounts and rebates for recycled projector lamps.

The programs offers a store credit of $7 for purchasing an OEM compatible or a $10 credit towards your purchase of an OEM original projector lamp. It’s as simple as filling out our online shipping form.

Let us help you take care of your old lamps and contribute to keeping landfills free from hazardous chemicals and heavy metals.


Build on your knowledge

Our library has been created to help you keep developing your projector skills and learn how to solve problems. We also have a forum where you can join our community of experts who can help you solve any technical issues. If there is a topic you would like to cover contact us and we will be happy to get it into our library.

Why Buy a New Lamp in a New Lamp Housing Unit?

Well, it’s that time again; time to answer questions from readers! Here are some popular questions and answers: Question: Why should I buy a new lamp with new housing versus an new lamp in a recycled housing? Answer: That’s

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Contribution and Contributor Guidelines

We value your contributions! is the leading resource for consumers with DLP, LCD, and Plasma televisions. We have a few guidelines to follow if you want to help contribute: Stay on topic Use correct grammar (We know it’s hard,

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New retrofit Phillips lamp (for BP96-00674A) not as bright or as much color contrast?

Well I installed a DM Lamp kit (replacement for BP96-00674A), a E22 100/120W 1.0 lamp + adapter and the bright ness was significantly reduced and the colors were much more tepid, lack lustre, like an old movie.  WHat is going

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HELP….i obviously need a new babysitter…. anyways….there are dark spots on my screen now…does anyone have any advice as to what i should do??? thanks

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after changing the lamp, the tv won’t turn on or off

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56 samsung dlp

have had some similar issues in as much as having to unplug to get picture back,  now it will turn on for about ten seconds and the screnn will freeze and turn off only to restart and keep doing it

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Samsung DLP hlp5063w light blinking

changed bulb in my samsung dlp light cont to blink after tried unplugging any help or ideas would be appreciated

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Samsung HLS5679WX keeps restarting if source is HDMI

Hi there, I have a Samsung HLS5679WX that keeps restarting if source is HDMI. Initialy, I thought it was my comcast cablebox that causing it, but it is doing the same with the Samsung Blu-Ray Player. Any Idea what is

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Samsung Model HLP5067WX/XAA

I have a Samsung HLP5067WX DLP 50 Inch TV. A couple of days ago I turned the set on and it came on for a couple of seconds then powered off. During the past few weeks there has been a

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Arthur Peloso


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