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Choosing a church projector

Adding¬† multimedia can bring your worship to a new level. Here’s how to find the right church projector¬†for your congregation. Make your service soar by adding a church projector to your set up. Multimedia can enhance the worship experience through

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Keep joining us in 2014 as we continue to offer the best guides for replacing your projector lamps, more helpful articles on presentations and design trends, technology and everything to help you get the best experience with

Let’s be thankful for OEM manufacturers and dealers

In this age of counterfeit products and cheap overseas goods, let’s be thankful for OEM manufacturers still producing authentic products. Let’s thank the dealers selling those products. They are committed to providing the best for their customers. Not all projector

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Add some color to your Powerpoint presentation

Make your Powerpoint presentation pop with color Color theory for powerpoint presentation The right color combinations can make your Powerpoint presentation stand out and hold your audience’s attention. Color theory is a complicated topic but if you can understand the

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Why Philips remains the leader in DLP lamps

Keep your projector working at its best by investing in a Philips OEM projector lamp Who makes DLP lamps? There are only handful of genuine lamp manufacturers in the market such as Philips, Ushio, Pheonix, Osram, Matsushita, with Philips being

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Should you invest in a wireless projector?

Should you go with a wireless projector? Read about the pros and cons before making your decision. More and more projectors are going wireless and getting free of any cable connection. A wireless connection to the image source can give

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How to connect your projector to a Mac laptop

It’s the day before your presentation, it’s a good idea to do a test connecting your MAC laptop to your projector. Types of connections The type of connection needed for your laptop depends on your projector.: VGA: Video Graphics Array

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Guide – How to Test Your Samsung Ballast

Step 1: Test for voltage at the test point as shown in this picture below: This guide is being published in order to show the end user how to test (This guide isn’t finished yet)

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Beware of Third-Party & Generic DLP TV Lamps, Counterfeit, Copy Lamps

Buying a replacement DLP lamp? What you need to know about making an informed and educated decision when buying a replacement TV lamp

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Syntax Olevia LCT50HV LAMP – Where can I find one?

Syntax Olevia TV Parts: Replacement TV Lamps, Light Engines, Front Screens, and more are available from our favorite parts distributor:!

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