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HLN507wx Screen went all green, now won't come on

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:59 pm
by chrisfrank
Ok, I have to say I'm about to start hating this TV. :x The screen went completely green, and would not turn off. (Remote wouldn't work, and the power button on the side was already broken.) Had to cut the power. Turned it back on and worked fine for 15 mintues and then we turned it off. Next morning would not turn on with the cable remote. Cut the power, and then turned on with the actual TV remote. Then the cable remote would not work volume. After about 30-45 min TV shut off and green lamp light came on solid, not blinking. Now it won't turn on at all. Cut the power again, now green light is off but won't turn on at all.

TV was bought in 2004. In about 2005 we had a power surge and had lamp and ballast replaced under extended warranty. Later, 2006 or so, had the color wheel replaced and upgraded to the newer version. Almost a year ago the lamp went out and was replaced successfully.

Because the screen had color problem (turning green) my first thought was the color wheel. But after reading about remote issues (I was assuming battery problems, but the remote worked the cable with no problems) I'm now concerned about one of the boards. I'm living in Canada where they didn't even sell this model TV, so I'm not sure about getting it serviced. I guess it would be similar to other models. A technician would know what to do, right? Can a novice replace any of this other stuff? I got the lamp in the housing because I wasn't sure about doing all of that. Or should I just replace the TV and move on?

Re: HLN507wx Screen went all green, now won't come on

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 10:25 pm
by Eddie
A novice can certainly work on the television alone, but it will take some time, and learning on your part. I'm curious as to why it doesn't even turn on anymore though. I wonder if you have a power supply board failure. It's possible that the power surge from a few years ago was the source of your problems with this TV.

I wonder if anyone else has any opinions?

Re: HLN507wx Screen went all green, now won't come on

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:52 am
by chrisfrank
My husband told me the replaced all of that when that happened. I think its a remote issue??? The button on the side is broken broken, and the remote stopped working prior to it going out. I couldn't turn it off or work the volume.

Re: HLN507wx Screen went all green, now won't come on

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:00 pm
by ChubbsTech
Hello chrisfrank.
Let me se if I got this straight, your tv turned completely green, remote and other buttons didn’t work, now the tv wont turn on and there a no led’s turned on.
Now your color wheel was replaced in 2006, that almost 4 years, an average lifespan of one of those, since it’s a mechanical part and not a electronic board. There is a chance that the color wheel got stuck with the green side on the lens thus producing the green screen. How ever that doesn’t explain why the tv wont turn on nothing at all, the power surge might have affected the power supply board, it could be a capacitor, a chip malfunction or an entire board failure.
If it was me I would worry about making the tv turn on again so my focus would be on the power supply board, and as for color wheel, you might want to inspect the color wheel physically, before buying one.
Good luck.