SAMSUNG DLP HLS5086W sound issues

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SAMSUNG DLP HLS5086W sound issues

Postby TKO0921 » Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:17 am

First off the picture quality is adequate, so I don't think I have a color wheel issue.

Some time ago, our speakers began making a crackling/static noise. This issue could be minimized with the volume/sound control.

Next the TV would make occasional popping sounds that also could be minimized with the volume/sound control.

Our latest issue is the TV has begun making a loup beep noise. At first is was a single beep that would occur every few minutes or so and reminded me of a smoke alarm test noise. Today the TV made 4 or 5 beeps in a row so obviously something is getting worse over time. Finally this noise is not affected by the volume control.

Turning the TV off for a few minutes will help as perhaps soemthing cools off, but inevitabely the sound will go back to snap crackle pop and beep noises over time.

I'm hoping someone else has experienceed this or at least knows what the actual problem is???
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