HL 61A750 - Red color all over the screen

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HL 61A750 - Red color all over the screen

Postby kruiser02 » Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:46 pm

I am very hopeful that someone will be able to point me to what could be wrong before I spend $$ on the service call for my out of warranty HL61A750.

I bought this Samsung DLP LED set in January 2009 from crutchfield, and everything was hunky-dory till a month ago. We came back from a 4 day vacation during which TV was plugged in, and when turned it on, everything had RED color swimming over it. I stayed that way for 10 minutes and then picture returned to normal.
Every time I switched on the TV, till the components could get "warm enough" I guess, there would be red shadows all over screen.

Now the situation is that the RED color does not go away even if the TV is ON for 2-3 hrs. Needless to say, this is happening for all inputs - cable, component AV, HDMI. I tried resetting it to Factory settings, no improvement

I went to service menu and amazingly, the picture was perfect as soon as I entered service menu! All test patterns good, all colors sharp, no distortions, no shadows, no RED color all over! As soon as I exit service menu, the RED color is again omni-present.

I have searched all over internet, but could not figure out the probable cause. Can anyone please help me know what could have gone wrong?

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