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Green lines on Samsung HL-R5087W 50" screen Help

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:44 am
by cesarsanch
First off I wanted to say thankyou for any advice given...

I have a Samsung HL-R5087W 50" that I purchased about 5 yrs ago its been on all day when all of a sudden green lines appeared on the screen, all over the screen. Since Ive had it I made the mistake and payed to get the lamp replaced, 200$+parts later I learned how to replace the lamp by watching, green lines showed up along the bottom of the screen a while back but we just learned to live with those. ...............................As I typed this comment I turned off the television about three times, switched it from the xbox to the hdcable and the green lines went away? Im wondering after doing a little bit of research if its time to replace the lamp again or if its time to replace a board inside if so which board or boards, what site is the most economic to find it and is it difficult to replace?
Much appreciated