HLN617wx/xaa won't power up

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HLN617wx/xaa won't power up

Postby brokensammy » Sat Nov 26, 2011 9:39 pm

The final breath was a frozen pixellated black and white image. Had to pull plug to power it down.
Turning it back on, I get the proper chimes, but nothing else. The color wheel doesn't spin up, the lamp doesn't light. It does this 3 times, then quits and the front three lights flash.

Set is 8 yrs old, color wheel and lamp (both brand name) are 1 yr old. I tried reinstalling old bulb (it was dim but still worked) and get the same results. No wheel squealing or other strange noises.

So is it the ballast or DMD board or something else? It's sort of academic since I've already snagged a black friday deal on a 1080p plasma.

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