Samsung HLR5078W red pixel static issue

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Samsung HLR5078W red pixel static issue

Postby dracoirs » Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:53 am

I'm trying to diagnose an issue with my Samsung HLR-5078W TV.

Here is a video of the problem:


I've already replaced the DMD chip hoping that would fix it however it did not. Sad I went through all that and it didn't fix it.

I have discovered that taking the back off and pointing a small fan in the back is helping prevent it. I might just need to replace the fans.

It doesn't seem to start until the set warms up a bit so it could just be that.

I had replaced the fans only two years ago, so I didn't think they would go that soon, that was the first time I replaced them since I got the set 8/6/2005.

I also recently replaced the bulb, first with a cheaper one where the housing didn't fit right and the bulb was soldered. I made this one fit by reaming out the screw hole.

I then got a philips bulb and put it in an old housing and it is much brighter and a better picture.

The set was never turning off as if it was reaching some temperature limit.



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Re: Samsung HLR5078W red pixel static issue

Postby grayfox » Mon Apr 27, 2015 11:26 pm


I think this is going to be an issue with the DMD board, or Digital video board. The chip on either board is old and when warm enough looses connectivity at the soldering point..

This is why the fan kind of works and keeps it from failing a tad longer... my question to further trouble shoot is: does this happen with both analog and digital inputs?

Like HDMI versus coaxial or RCA??

I hope I can be of help!
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