Input needed on HLP5085W that won't start up

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Input needed on HLP5085W that won't start up

Postby rbonjer » Sat Jul 25, 2015 4:07 pm

I have a Samsung HL-P5085W (the "Captain Kirk" pedestal model) that I am trying to get working again. I have gone through everything I can find online for on this model.

Here is what is going on:

1. When I plug the TV in, [u]it immediately tries to start up[/u].

2. The usual 'power on' chime does not play.

3. There is one faint click as the power kicks in (normal), followed by the sound of a fan (also normal).

4. In front, the controls light up and the LED display begins its regular sequence.

5. The color wheel begins to spin and the lamp lights up.

6. The LED display shows a happy face and turns off as usual (no error messages) but [u]the controls remain lit[/u].

7. [u]The screen remains dark[/u] even after the lamp warms up to full power.

8. After 5-6 minutes, the control panel lights go out.

9. About 15 seconds later, [u]a blue screen with a slight grid pattern[/u] appears on the screen.

10. The blue screen remains for about 20 seconds before the TV shuts down on its own and tries to start up again.

I have tried to change the source and enter the menu screen both while the screen is off and while it displays the blue screen (using the control panel and the remote). The remote sensor on front of the TV shows that it is receiving a signal, but the TV does not respond to any commands from the remote or control panel. I tried entering into service mode by pressing Mute, 1, 8, 2, power but there was no response.

I found an online training manual for my model number that lists the following Initialization Process:

[i]1. Standby LED on Analog PCB ON (5V)

2. Power ON signal from Sub Front PCB or IR sensor to Digital PCB.

3. Power ON signal generated by Digital PCB -> Analog PCB -> POWER PCB.

4. All other voltages turn on (3 status LED's on analog board lit).

5. Fans turn on.

6. Fan protection circuit verifies Fan Operation.

7. Digital PCB tells DMD PCB to turn color wheel and lamp on.

8. DMD / digital PCB's check feedback (LampLitz - low. DDP ready - High) signals from lamp and DMD Controller (DDP1011).

9. If OK, Digital PCB tells DMD to remove video mute.[/i]

[b]That leaves me with the following questions.[/b]

1. Why does the unit try to power up as soon as I plug it in, skipping steps 1-3 above?

2. Why is the unit hanging at step 8?

3. Is this a DMD issue or a PCB issue?

4. Can I fix this or is ten years a long enough life for this TV?

Please help. I have pretty good understanding but little experience repairing TVs. I hope it is something I can fix myself since the closest authorized repair center is more than an hour away.

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Re: Input needed on HLP5085W that won't start up

Postby grayfox » Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:41 pm

Hello, thank you for doing some homework before posting!

To answer your questions as best I can..

1. The unit might be experiencing some DMD (motherboard) malfunctions and is stuck on a command, skipping steps 1-3

2. The DMD board, if failing will return a signal to interrupt boot to protect the rest of the TV and also bad use, so it halts hanging at step 8

3. I believe this is a DMD board issue given the detailed troubleshooting you have done, this is exactly what I would have done.

4. Well my Panasonic is 12 yrs and going strong in my rec room: with regular servicing of the cooling elements, original Philips lamps and proper ventilation. You can easily replace the DMD board, there is nothing to cut or solder, just plug and play. there are tons of videos on just search for "samsung DMD"

Tech's tip for this fix: find a seller, preferably on eBay, with a loose return warranty ;)

I hope this helps!
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