Looking for HL50A650 Service Menu Settings . . .

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Looking for HL50A650 Service Menu Settings . . .

Postby FarmerBob » Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:49 am

My 2008 HL50A650 started on/off cycling on its own after about 30 seconds of power turned on to it. The only way to stop it was to pull the plug. I called Samsung. They were worthless. They gave me a phone number for their repair service here in Denver. I called and got Chris, he was great. He asked me a couple simple questions and said "Oh it's just the bulb". I said are you sure, the lamp lights and all were operating as they should under normal operation. He said he was. He gave me the URL for ShopJimmy.com that when all said and done with a new full build Phillips bulb replace cartridge it was $118, including a 2 year warranty. Not really worried since it's got the Phillips bulb and my last one lasted for 8 years and 15,523 hours. The on/off cycling was an indicator that the bulb needed replaced even though it still worked. Thank the gods, I was fearing the worst, the Capacitor issue. Got the new bulb in and it was daylight, nearly burned my eyes out. Watched all night after dialing the thing back big time. Plus I had always had the Gamma at -3, probably a big help in the bulb lasted so long.

Then the other day before I fired it up for the night I did a Lamp Timer reset. That's when I saw the 15,523 hrs on it. Once I came out and fired up it for the night and to catch on some killer movies I have been saving, I noticed the picture was too dark and high contrast. When I switched to the TV feed everything brightened back up. Switched to the HDMI input and I could see the OSD in the upper left corner with the input and resolution dim down to match the bad picture that I am now getting. Switch back to TV and it brightens right up. The OSD for settings and whatnot are bright a vibrant. But anything coming in on an HDMI input goes dark, high contrast and heavy color saturation. This was only with HDMI feeds. Now it's the same across the board. I had to have done something while in the service menu. But since I have been in there many times and know my way around, I don't remember messing anything up. So I went back in and did a Factory Reset, no change. I have been able to get the "Movie" setting, that is usually darker and washed out with a touch of sepia, looking halfway decent, but had to jack up setting that last night I really had crank down. The other picture settings are really dark and whacked out.

So my question is there a service guide or User created document that specifies what the setting values should be in the Service Menu so I can verify if I did indeed change something? I did go in and toggle some settings but no luck.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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