5063 no color wheel startup sound

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5063 no color wheel startup sound

Postby outdrlvr » Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:48 pm

I have an eleven-year-old 5063W which was recently moved to high altitude (I don't know if this has anything to do with my problem, but I thought I would include the fact). It was working fine until one day when I turned it on I heard a crack and the TV refused to start up. It went through the usual three tries, then the dreaded three flashing lights. All sources (including Samsung service) said this indicated a bad bulb. Ordered a replacement Philips bulb, inserted it and same problem. When I turn the TV on (actually the only way I can turn it on now is to plug it in) I hear the clicking, the little melody of startup and some low humming noises (fans?) but no spinning noise. I would assume if the color wheel were broken, I would hear a lot of bad vibrations.

Does the switch to turn on the color wheel ever go bad?

What other possibilities might there be for this problem? I am reluctant to spend much money on this but I also hate to abandon the set if it is easily fixed.

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Re: 5063 no color wheel startup sound

Postby ChubbsTech » Fri Jan 15, 2016 6:31 pm


From what you describe it sounds like either a ballast or colorwheel issue. Both of these when they are starting to fail will sometimes make a certain sound that can help in pinpointing the problem. Some people sometimes mistake the one sound for the other. The color wheel will usually make a humming, whirling type sound more of a mechanical sound to where the ballast makes more of a buzzing type sound more electrical not mechanical. Another thing would be placing your hand on top of the TV when the sound is at its peak and check to see if you feel vibration. If so that would indicate the color wheel more likely is needing replacement. Hope this helps some. Please let us know of any other questions or concerns.

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